New Different and WIERD Food Out There July 2016




There is ALWAYS something New, Different or WEIRD out there. I never know what I’ll see when I hit the stores. Here is some WOWBUTTER. If you look at the label you can read it says it’s safe to bring to school. It’s forking sad that children aren’t allowed to bring peanut butter and jelly sandwiches to school anymore and have to bring a fake peanut butter like product. This jar of WOWBUTTER is really forking soybean butter. I love peanut butter. I also really enjoyed it as a child. I don’t think any children I went to school with had peanut allergies back then. I don’t know why children are allergic to peanuts these days…


Thomas English Muffins in Blueberry are new! Says that on the package! That’s a good flavor for a muffin. Why didn’t they think of that before? I also noticed Banana Bread Flavored Limited Edition Muffins below.


Frozen Fried Ice Cream…Isn’t the point of Fried Ice Cream to taste it just fried? You don’t want it fried and frozen again. This one is forked up. Sorry Koger not well thought out.


Key Lime is everywhere these days. Key Lime is getting up there with Sriracha flavored things. Here are Key Lime Ice Cream Sandwiches. I might forking buy these some day. They look scrumptious.


More Key Lime that promise to be cooler than ever?????


Hummus ingredients to add to beans


Triscuit Crackers are now forking Sriracha Flavored


I never thought I would ever come across Vegetarian Squid Balls


I also never dreamed I’d ever come across Mexican Pastrami……Oy…Carumba


Eggplant, spinach, carrot and lemon Puree..?WTFork do you do with that…Squirt it on your plate? Gee if I give them out on Halloween I might come into harms way.


More forking vegetable puree. This one is Pureed Zucchini, tomato, roasted red peppers. Maybe this is food for toothless people or unfortunate people that were involved in car accidents. I just don’t forking know.


Never seen striped bell peppers before. They are so beautiful.


If Oreo can’t come up with a new flavor they just put an old flavor in a new shape.

WTFork is this thing below?????


Forking Cotton Candy Blue Balls in a Jar?

Sweet and Crunchy BLUE BALLS in a jar?

WTFork is that?

That's Forked up!

That’s Forked up!

Well that’s some some of the New Weird and Different Foods I saw out there. I never know WTFork I’ll see next.

 The Forking Truth

The Forking Truth

Caribbean Cuisine in Glendale AZ is Worth a FORK!


You can get a taste of the Caribbean at Caribbean Cuisine in Glendale AZ. I do note this is a very small NO FRILLS, mostly take-out restaurant with with only four tables.


You are on Caribbean time when you dine here. Music from the Islands fills the air along with the aroma of slow cooked stewed foods. The food is prepared like the way it’s made at a Caribbean Home and that means it’s served in a Caribbean Minute thats English for when it’s done you’ll get it, possibly 20-30 minutes depending on what you order.

According to Caribbean Food is influenced by Chinese, Indian, Dutch, French, Spanish, British and Amerindian Foods.


We ordered from the friendly cashier who is also the cook and waited a Caribbean Minute.

I received the Escovitch.


It’s a whole fish that might have been poached then marinated with herbs,spices and vinegar and then  fried. Strips of marinated peppers including a Scotch Bonnet cover the whole fish. This is spicy but tasty and interesting. It’s not too strong with heat or vinegar it’s just right. The plate is served with stewed cabbage that sucks up the flavors from the marinated peppers. They give a very generous portion of rice and beans that are topped with sweet fried plantains.

My husband had the Oxtail.


The Oxtail has been slow roasted and is very succulent and very beefy. I didn’t try the potato but my husband said it was amazing how it was slow cooked with the beef and absorbed all the beefy goodness. This plate is also served with rice and beans with stewed cabbage and plantains.

Other dishes I tried from here were……..


Curry Chicken


Jerk Chicken


Stewed Red Snapper.

All the food was delicious! Portions are large and Prices are very low.

Caribbean Cuisine in Glendale AZ is Definitely Worth a Fork.

NO..Your not going to drive across town to dine here...but if your in the area if they serve what I had most of the food is very tasty and fresh.

No Frills Atmosphere and no public restroom but very good food with a pleasant cashier who is your cook. No your not going to drive across town to dine here but this place is recommended if your in the neighborhood.

For more information on Caribbean Cuisine in Glendale AZ please visit

 The Forking Truth

The Forking Truth


Jalapeno Cheddar Baked Mashed Potato Fries Recipe

Jalapeno Cheddar Baked Potato Fingers

Jalapeno Cheddar Baked Mashed Potato Fries

These Forking Delicious Baked Potato Fries come out a little crisp on the outside and fluffy and flavorful on the inside. Part of the secret in all the flavor is infusing the boiling potatoes with onion, garlic and a jalapeño.

Ingredients for about 8 servings

2 lbs Idaho Potatoes (about 5 medium sized potatoes)

5 red jalapeno peppers (one gets cut in half and boiled with potatoes the other 4 peppers get stem & seeds removed and chop them fine) (you can use green peppers I just thought red looked more appetizing)

1/2 onion peeled

1 garlic clove

1 Tablespoon salt (kosher or sea salt)

water to cover potatoes well

5 oz extra sharp aged cheddar cheese -shredded

2 oz unsalted butter

i XL egg – beaten

salt – fresh ground to taste

pepper – fresh ground to taste


Peel your potatoes, cut them in halves and add to your sauce pot that is already halfway filled with cold water. Make sure your potatoes are well covered with water. Add your onion, garlic and 1 Tablespoon salt to your sauce pot. Place pot on medium high heat. Boil for about 15 minutes or until the potatoes are fork tender. Drain the potatoes and throw out the onion, garlic and pepper that was used to flavor the potatoes.

Put the potatoes back into your pot you just used and mash them with the butter. Now add the cheese and continue mashing. Add the jalapeño mix and and taste to decide on salt and pepper. (at this point the potatoes will taste spicier and less cheesy than after baked) Lastly add the beaten egg.

Get a disposable pastry bag and your sheet pan(s) lined with parchment paper.

Cut the end off your pastry bag and slide in your #6 star tip.

Fill the bag half way with potato mixture and twist the end to hold in the potato mixture.

Set oven to 350 degrees F.


Squeeze out potato mixture in about thumb sizes with a shaky hand so you get the ruffled edges on your potato fries.


When you fill your pan place it in the oven for 20-23 minutes till the ruffled ends are brownish. Sprinkle with fresh ground salt and pepper if desired.


These are delicious as is.

I caught my husband eating the potato mixture in-between batches and came out with 42 fries. Not sure how many more this might have made. He said it was really good that way too and had to eat it. He also ate the plate of them I photoed and then came back to eat more because I didn’t give him enough.

Yup, these are another crowd pleaser. Mine didn’t come out too spicy and were just nicely flavored. I don’t think they need a dip but if I did serve a dip with them it would be a thin guacamole kind of cream.

Jalapeno Cheddar Baked Potato Fingers

Jalapeno Cheddar Baked Mashed Potato Fries

Did it again these are FORKING GOOD!

 The Forking Truth

The Forking Truth





People in Metro Phoenix AZ are too Forking LAZY to Return Shopping Carts


It doesn’t surprise me that People in Metro Phoenix AZ are too Forking Lazy to Return Shopping Carts. Travel and Leisure Magazine listed PHOENIX AZ as the second RUDIST City in the U.S. I see examples of this almost every day. Besides people who don’t return shopping carts I notice car drivers don’t slow when they see pedestrians instead they speed up. Not all but some bicyclist use the sidewalks also not slowing or stopping for pedestrians instead of using bike lanes like they should. Everyday I have to jump off a sidewalk when I’m with my dog. NOT ALL!…. but many people in Phoenix really are rude! I don’t know why but I think it’s the heat that makes people different here. You also sure don’t hear the beautiful warbling of birds here like you hear back east maybe because even the birds are cranky and just squawk. I guess people are the same. People in Arizona are rude and maybe cranky too.

My least favorite thing about shopping is parking. Where can I park where someone won’t plant a forking shopping cart by my car? Every forking time I go grocery shopping or to a store I see someone too lazy to return a shopping cart. I understand that for the elderly or handicapped it might be too straining to return a cart but that is only a small percentage of people….UNLESS I’m at Trader Joes…yikes it’s chalk full of Sun City Seniors….but honestly I haven’t noticed much of a cart return problem at Trader Joe’s….Just every where else…ummm.


This forking “CART-HOLE” …. my term for people too lazy to return shopping carts…… is only steps away from a cart return and still left the forking cart by my car. (the white signs in photo are cart returns)


Here is were a BUNCH of people got the same forking idea to avoid the cart return that is only a few spots down.


The laziness of Cart-Holes in metro Phoenix AZ is polarizing. I’d be ashamed to leave a shopping cart like that. What happened to do on to others as you would like to have done to you?

I guess Cart-Holes are everywhere. I do recall before I moved here back east in Pennsylvania Not all but most of our local supermarkets had this little device attached to the carts where you needed a quarter to use a shopping cart and that paid for the lock to release so you could use the cart. You only got your quarter back if you returned your cart to the cart return by locking the cart in place thus- releasing your coin.


I often wonder why we don’t have the same sort of system here in Phoenix where it’s really needed.


Even at Pet Food Markets people are CART-Holes!

Phoenix is different. Cart-Holes is almost all you see.


Look here! TWO Forking carts on either side of the cart return. I can’t believe those people are to lazy or uncaring to return the carts when they are that FORKING CLOSE.

The one thing worst than a cart-hole is a Forking cart-hole that leaves their forking trash in the cart. They are forking cart-holes that leave their forking trash in the cart besides not putting the forking cart back.


I Forking hate Cart-Holes!


Here’s a Cluster-FORK of CART-HOLES! ……..What a sight.


Look how forking close this cart is to the cart return. What a forking lazy CART-HOLE!


The Salut to Cart-Holes.

People in Metro Phoenix AZ are too Forking Lazy to Return Shopping Carts.

 The Forking Truth

The Forking Truth

Flat Bread (Epicurious) Recipe and Blue Cheese Butter Recipe

Flat Bread with Blue Cheese Butter and Pistou

Flat Bread with Blue Cheese Butter and Pistou

Eddie’s House Restaurant in Scottsdale AZ serves up complimentary Blue Cheese Butter topped with Pistou with a bread basket that includes flat breads. It’s very indulgent and delicious! I used an Epicurious Recipe for the flat bread. It was very easy and quick to prepare. The blue cheese butter and pistol are also easy to prepare. You can whip this up for a crowd and they will be impressed.

Ingredients for Flat Breads about 6 servings

1 3/4 cup flour

1 teaspoon baking powder

3/4 teaspoon salt

1/2 cup water

1/3 cup extra virgin olive oil + extra for brushing breads

flake salt

Optional seasonings like sesame seeds, poppy seeds, zar’tar, rosemary, onion flakes, garlic flakes can also be delicious on flat bread.


Set your oven to 450 degrees F

In a medium size bowl add all your dry ingredients and make a well in the center. In the well add your water and oil and mix well.

Divide the dough into three balls.

Put your dough ball on top of  parchment paper that fits your baking sheet and top the dough with plastic wrap and roll thin with a rolling pin.



Now remove the plastic wrap and brush with oil. Top with flaked sea salt and what ever other herb or spices you want.


In about 10 minutes in your 450 degree F oven your flat bread should look like this.


Let cool and break up to serve.

Flat Bread with Blue Cheese Butter and Pistou

Flat Bread with Blue Cheese Butter and Pistou

You might want to serve with blue cheese butter.

Ingredients for about 6 servings

4 oz unsalted butter – room temperature

4 oz blue cheese – room temperature

2 oz whipped cream cheese


Mix well and serve.

For the Pistou – You might want to read the more detailed Pistou Recipe I published last week but it’s very easy and I made a big batch to use with other things. Extra Pistou can be frozen in an ice cube tray for latter uses.

12 oz. basil leaves – cleaned and rough chopped

1 cup extra virgin olive oil

6 garlic cloves smashed

1 Tablespoon salt – kosher or sea salt

1/2 teaspoon black pepper

Just blend till smooth. I note you might want to use more oil. I try to use as little oil as I can so my batch is slightly thick.

Flat Bread with Blue Cheese Butter and Pistou

Flat Bread with Blue Cheese Butter and Pistou

It’s just delicious and is another crowd pleaser.

 The Forking Truth

The Forking Truth


Fruit, Nut and Cheese Salads I had in Metro Phoenix

Farm & Craft Scottsdale AZ Strawberry and Goat Cheese Salad $13.00

Farm & Craft Scottsdale AZ Strawberry and Goat Cheese Salad $13.00

When I go out for lunch often I’ll order some sort of salad and often the salad has nut, some sort of cheese and fruit. Usually but not always a protein like chicken is an add on. I recently had lunch at the newly opened Farm & Craft in Scottsdale AZ. The ingredients that my salad was made of were all organic, local and what seemed like farm fresh. My salad was made of organic fresh spinach, goat cheese that tasted fresh made, very good strawberries that tasted fresh picked, plain walnuts and balsamic vinaigrette. This was a good salad and was very dieter friendly. I have to guess but I think the amount of chicken was about two ounces but with the goat cheese and walnuts it was just enough food. Chicken was a four dollar add on so this salad was $13.00.

For more information on Farm & Craft of Scottsdale AZ please visit

Cucina Tagliani Glendale AZ Strawberry and Goat Cheese Salad that includes Chicken

Cucina Tagliani Glendale AZ Strawberry and Goat Cheese Salad that includes Chicken

For $10.59 Cucina Tagliani in Glendale AZ will give you a big salad with farm fresh sweet strawberries lots of chicken fresh tasting spinach that may or may not be organic and creamy goat cheese, toasted almonds with a house made white wine vinaigrette. They also give you a basket of garlic toast too. This is a very good value and among the better entree salads in this neighborhood.

For more information on Cucina Tagliani in Glendale AZ please visit

Strawberry and Gorgonzola Salad from Humble Pie Phoenix AZ $10.99 at lunch time that includes a Pizza

Strawberry and Gorgonzola Salad from Humble Pie Phoenix AZ $10.99 at lunch time that includes a Pizza


Humble Pie that I tried in Phoenix AZ offers Organic Greens, with those very sweet farm fresh tasting Strawberries, Gorgonzola Cheese and Balsamic Vinaigrette for ONLY $10.99 that includes a FRESH MADE PIZZA with hand pulled cheese. This is one of the best deals in town for sure.

For more information on Humble Pie please visit

Kale Quinoa Cranberries, Toasted Almonds, Seasonal Fruit, Goat Cheese with added Chicken $16.00 from Amuse Bouche of Surprise AZ

Kale Quinoa Cranberries, Toasted Almonds, Seasonal Fruit, Goat Cheese with added Chicken $16.00 from Amuse Bouche of Surprise AZ

Amuse Bouche offers a Kale and Quinoa Salad with Toasted Almonds, Seasonal Fruit and Goat Cheese. I added the additional Chicken to my salad and the price came to $16.00. I do also note a fresh baked roll was made for me served with butter. This was the most expensive of the Fruit, Nut and Cheese Salads but it was also Forking Delicious!

I think the super sweet low acid pineapple was magical against the creamy mild goat cheese and the honey lime vinaigrette was memorable. Kale has some bite but the cranberries balance it out. A great play of flavors and textures also a generous amount of chicken. This salad is among the best entree salads I ever had.

For more information on Amuse Bouche in Surprise AZ please visit

These were some of the Fruit, Nut and Cheese Salads I had in Metro Phoenix AZ

 The Forking Truth

The Forking Truth


El Alboroto Mariscos Y Cheavelas Restaurant Peoria AZ – Is Worth a Fork!



El Alboroto Mariscos Y Chavelas Restaurant is easy to pass by because the pervious shuttered restaurant’s  sign haven’t been replaced. This restaurant is located in an older strip mall in not the prettiest part of Peoria AZ. This by no means is a fancy place and you are only here to have some of the best freshest Mexican Style Seafood in the Metro Phoenix Area.

As I entered I wasn’t sure if they were serving food because the entrance was dark and is filled with stacked tables, chairs and a deserted hostess stand and an empty bar. A few steps away I noticed the dining room and walked that way.


The dining room is sort of mis-matched and unusual in shape. Tables and booths are older and a little beat up. Mexican Music is slightly too loud. The menu is mostly shrimp, octopus and fish. If your not into shrimp octopus or fish your in the wrong place.



They started us off with crisp corn tortillas, lots of limes and a fresh made salsa that was rich with tomato taste and slightly sweet. Many bottled Mexican Sauces are on all the tables.


Soon complimentary fish tacos arrive. I don’t know if they give everyone fish tacos or maybe the chef just felt generous today.


The fish tacos are battered mild tasting fish with fresh crispy cabbage and some pico de gallo and a creamy seasoned fresh sauce. The taco was very tasty and did remind me of the fish tacos I tried in Mexico.

My entree was called Pescado Empapelado – Wrapped Fish.


The fish was wrapped with foil and cooked with peppers, onions, a jalapeño and seasoning in their own juices. This sea bass fish was really fresh tasting and prepared to perfection. This was the best Mexican fish dish I tried in Metro Phoenix so far. It also was almost identical to a fish dish I had from a Seafood Restaurant in Mexico but maybe better! The rice was tasty and the salad garnish was topped with a creamy ripe sliced  avocado and HOT Steamy corn tortillas came wrapped in foil.

My husband had the Camaron A La Diabla – Spicy Shrimp.


This dish was spicy but not too spicy and flavorful with shrimp that were prepared well.

We were very happy we found a very good Mexican Seafood restaurant.

The service was efficient and the owner Jose was nice and friendly!

NO..Your not going to drive across town to dine here...but if your in the area if they serve what I had most of the food is very tasty and fresh.

I feel that most people won’t drive across town to dine here because of the atmosphere. I do note that this restaurant is newly opened  but has someone strong in the kitchen that knows what they are doing. The food really was very good at the time of my visit and is certainly just as good but possibly better than the well known Mexican Seafood Restaurants I’ve been to around Phoenix.

This restaurant doesn’t have a web site but you can find El Alboroto Mariscos Y Chavelas on FaceBook.

 The Forking Truth

The Forking Truth





Rye Bread Recipe


Rye Bread

Rye Bread

After trying Adam Leonti’s (from the Brooklyn Bread Lab) recipe for Boule Bread, I felt I used  his basics to create a wonderful rye bread. Using his Boule Recipe I made a great bread that’s very developed in flavor and texture by taking about a day to prepare the dough. I know that rye flour doesn’t have enough gluten in it to become bread so I used two thirds bread flour. Rye bread isn’t like sour dough but has a slight sour with slight sweet and is accented with caraway seeds. Rye bread is essential bread of choice for pastrami, corned beef, rueben sandwiches and patty melts. Rye bread also goes very well with Swiss Cheese.

Ingredients for about 20 servings

4 1/4 cup bread flour (plus extra for the dough ball to rest in)

2 1/4 cup dark rye flour

1/4 cup dark brown sugar

2 1/2 Tablespoons kosher salt

1 Tablespoon yeast

1/4 cup caraway seeds

3 cups water (use liquid measuring cup)

1/2 cup oil (use liquid measuring cup)

1/4 cup semolina flour (to rest the un-baked loaves on)


Get out your stand mixer and put all the dry ingredients in the bowl and then slowly add the wet and mix with a spoon before you start up your mixer so the ingredients don’t fly all over. Now put your dough hook on and start out on low and slowly work up to medium high for around ten minutes or until the dough seems very much like elastic.

Now get a large bowl and get your ball of dough and cover it with flour and then wrap the bowl with plastic wrap. Leave the bowl sit out for FOUR hours.


After four hours it will look like this.


Now punch it down and make it into another ball. Cover it again with plastic wrap and place it in the refrigerator for TWELVE hours.

After twelve hours punch the dough down again.

Get out a board and make two loaves.

Put semolina flour under the loaves and make three swallow slashes on the loaves.


Leave the loaves in your oven (not turned on unless you have a proof setting) till they rise and warm up.

Then after 2-3 hours the loaves should look something like this.


You need a well seasoned heated baking stone. If your baking stone isn’t well seasoned or oiled your baking stone will shatter. I preheated my oven for an hour at 475 degrees F and a few minutes before I put the loaf in then I turn it up to 500 degrees F I do this because the suggested heat for my stone is only 425 degrees so I know I am taking a chance pushing it.

Now that your oven and stone are good and hot turn the oven to 500 degrees F to one rack bake. I do note that you are taking a chance of your baking stone shattering. I keep my stone well oiled. I recommend the newer stones made of metal.

Carefully slide one loaf on to the stone and in about 15 minutes it will be done.


The exterior will be very dark like this and you will know that it’s done when you knock on it and it sounds like it is hollow.

Now you will want to repeat with your remaining loaf.


You wind up with two pretty nice flavorful loaves of rye bread. The semolina flour underneath adds a nice crunch and a slight nutty flavor to the bottom of the crust.

Rye Bread

Rye Bread

Forking Good Rye Bread

 The Forking Truth

The Forking Truth


2016 Best $10.00 or under Food I had in the Metro Phoenix AZ area this Year

Banh Mi Bistro $8.00 _The Chicken and Rice Plate -Phoenix AZ

Banh Mi Bistro Vietnamese Eatery $8.00 _The Chicken and Rice Plate -Phoenix AZ

There’s BUNCHES of very good and great deals for you to dine on in the Metro Phoenix area where the meals can run $10.00 or less. I’m picking a few of my favorites in no particular order that I enjoyed this year. I also must note that prices are subject to change and on the prices I don’t remember I went to the websites and hoped the prices are up to date.

Everything on the Banh Mi Bistro – Vietnamese (Pho-Free) Eatery is under $10.00 and just about everything is wonderfully delicious! For me the biggest value is the Chicken and Rice plate that is served with Jasmin Rice, an egg roll and salad garnish with house vinaigrette. This has to be among the tastiest $8.00 meals you can get anywhere. The chicken is so moist and flavorful with exotic Asian flavorings. The salad looks simple but is light and refreshing.

For more information on Banh Mi Bistro Vietnamese Eatery please visit

A Taste of Buffalo - Glendale AZ - Beef on Weck Sandwich that includes- pickle, horseradish, au jus and a side order $10.00

A Taste of Buffalo – Glendale AZ – Beef on Weck Sandwich that includes- pickle, horseradish, au jus and a side order $10.00

At A Taste of Buffalo in Glendale AZ offers a signature sandwich that is seldom served outside of Buffalo NY. The Sandwich is the Premium Roast Beef on a hard Kummel Weck Roll that is a kaiser roll topped with corse salt and caraway seeds. The hearty sandwich is served with hot horseradish, au jus, a pickle and a generous side like house made potato salad or house made chips. $10.00.

For more information on A Taste of Buffalo please visit

Huitlacoche Machete - $7.99 -Azteca Estilo DF Phoenix AZ

Huitlacoche Machete – $7.99 -Azteca Estilo DF Phoenix AZ

For only $7.99 I think you can feed two people with one of the Machetes that Azteca Estilo DF in Phoenix offers. I enjoyed the Hutlacoche Machete. It’s a folded giant corn tortilla that was packed with melty mild white cheese and what’s called the Mexican Truffle, also called corn smut and Hutlacoche. Corn Smut is considered a delicacy. It’s mushroomy it’s woodsy and was kind of special and delicious!

For more information on  Azteca Estilo DF you can find them on FaceBook.

Rocket Burger Phoenix AZ

Rocket Burger Phoenix AZ

Rocket burger is well know for their massive world of sodas and of certainly for their many sizes and varieties of their hand packed angus burgers. This year I got to know the Breaded Cod Sandwich with house made sauce with lettuce and cheese. It was a very tasty massive sandwich on an above average fluffy and eggy roll for only $6.49.

For more information on Rocket Burger in Phoenix AZ please visit

Cheezheads Peoria AZ - Cheese Steak - $9.99

Cheezheads Peoria AZ – Cheese Steak – $9.99

Cheeseheadz of Peoria AZ is a Wisconsin themed Pizza and Sandwich eatery. They serve up thinly sliced tender, flavorful Ribeye steak on their house baked rolls with peppers and onions for $9.99. I didn’t actually have the cheese with my cheese steak but it was just as delicious. I used this picture that my husband ate because the sandwich comes with cheese.

For more information on CheeseHeadz of Peoria AZ please visit

Leo's Island BBQ - Peoria AZ - The Chicken and Short Ribs Combo - $8.89

Leo’s Island BBQ – Peoria AZ – The Chicken and Short Ribs Combo – $8.89

Leo’s Island BBQ specializes in the Hawaiian Plate Lunch. At the time of this publication all the plate lunches are less than $10.00. A Hawaiian Plate Lunch is typically lots of meat, lots of rice and creamy macaroni salad served in Styrofoam. The Chicken and short rib combo is one of the examples of what Leo’s Island BBQ serves for under $10.00. It’s a bunch of steamed cabbage and broccoli under the meat. You get a normal person’s lunch portion of Katsu or breaded chicken, a portion of BBQ chicken, short ribs, a double scoop of rice and creamy macaroni salad. They also offer Hawaiian favorites like the Grilled Spam Moco with Grilled Spam, Gravy and Eggs and the slow roasted Kalua Pork. The food is always fresh and served hot. They offer about thirty different variations of the Hawaiian Plate lunch to pick from.

For more information on Leo’s Island BBQ in Peoria AZ please visit

La 15 Y Salsas - Phoenix AZ - Combo De Chile Relleno $9.00

La 15 Y Salsas – Phoenix AZ – Combo De Chile Relleno $9.00

It was hard to pick between the two dishes I recently tried because both were very good but I went with the Combo De Chile Relleno ($9.00) because it was more textures and more layers of flavors than the also exstreamly good chicken enchiladas topped with a blanket of dark mole called enmoladas. This creation is tender moist flavorful chicken with raisins and nuts in a battered chile that’s topped with spicy tomato sauce, served with seasoned rice, beans and hot steamy tortillas. La 15 Y Salsas is one of the best restaurants in the Metro Phoenix Area for Oaxaca Mexican Food.

For more information on La 15 Y Salsas in Phoenix AZ please visit them on

New Asian Kitchen - Cantonese Chow Mein $8.95 Phoenix AZ

New Asian Kitchen – Cantonese Chow Mein $8.95 Phoenix AZ

My favorite Take Out Chinese Food comes from New Asian Kitchen in Phoenix AZ. A new favorite dish that they prepare is the Cantonese Chow Mein ($8.95). If you like take out Chinese Food you will love this dish that layered in interesting flavors and textures. Their vegetables are always fresh and crisp. The meats are always moist and tender. They even offer the hard to come by and impressive Dry Sautéed Beef Chow Fun a more difficult dish to prepare. No other Take Out Chinese compares to New Asian Kitchen for several miles around.

For more information on New Asian Kitchen please visit

Hummus Xpress - Tempe AZ- The most expensive item called The Plate $9.95

Hummus Xpress – Tempe AZ- The most expensive item called The Plate $9.95

Hummus Xpress is a casual Middle Eastern Style Fast Food behind a hot and cold salad bar kind of place. Meals range in price from $6.45 for a pita sandwich, bowl $7.95, salad, $8.65 to The Plate. $9.95. I don’t get to eat here often because Tempe AZ is pretty far for me so I always get the largest size that is the plate. The plate is under $10.00 (at this time) and often I get two meals out of it. I always have many choices to pick from but what I typically would fill my plate with starts with seasoned rice, Aleppo Brisket, Lebanese Falafels, Moroccan carrots, eggplant, Two kinds of hummus like lemon ginger and usually plain, or beet, Tabbouleh, fresh made pickled beets, pickles, a few other toppers, Shrug Sauce and a fresh made whole wheat flat bread. The food is so healthy that you never feel weighted down and everything is delicious. The owner is a formally trained chef and all the food is delicious!

For more information on Hummus Xpress please visit

An honorable Mention goes to the little Taiwanese Food Stand in the Lee Lee Market in Peoria AZ.

Taiwanese Pancake Stand

Taiwanese Pancake Stand

I was very impressed with the 75cent Taiwanese Pancake I tasted made fresh and hot to order. I picked the one filled with beans. The pancake was hot and airy with crispy ends and the beans seemed like they were fresh made. It wasn’t sweet like I was expecting. It was a surprise!


Depending on your appetite you only need one or two of them to feel full. For more information on Lee Lee Supermarket please visit

These were some of the best of what I remember having in 2016 of $10.00 or less in the Metro Phoenix Area.

 The Forking Truth

The Forking Truth







Traditional Style Provencal Pistou Sauce Recipe

Pistou Sauce

Pistou Sauce

Pistou is similar to Pesto sauce but lacks pine nuts.

Cold Provencal Pistou sauce is made from Basil, Garlic, Olive Oil, Salt and Pepper.

Newer less traditional Pistou recipes include a cheese like Gruyere.

Pistou means “pounded” and according to Chef Wolfert for true Pistou  the leaves are to be hand torn and Pistou is only made using a mortar and pestle.

Feel free to use a mortar and pestle. I’ll be a little rogue and use my stick blender.

If you happen to have a restaurant supply store near you I recommend to purchase your herbs there because I got a pound of basil for what my local supermarket charges for only four ounces. (supermarkets charge about a dollar an ounce)

If you have leftover Pistou sauce you can freeze it in an ice cube tray so you can pop out a cube when you want it.

I do note my Pistou is slightly thick because I try to use to least amount of oil as possible. Depending on your need you can thin the sauce by adding more olive oil.

While it is traditional to stir Pistou into a soup there are countess other uses. Add it to hard boiled eggs or an egg salad. Pistou in a tuna salad.  Pistol make a fabulous chicken salad. Pistou spread on a grilled cheese sandwich or a poultry sandwich. On a flat bread. In dressing, a dip or Pistou tossed with pasta. A local restaurant called Eddie’s House in Scottsdale AZ serves you complimentary bread and flat breads with blue cheese butter that is topped with Pistou and that’s forking delicious! You might want to give that a try! In the picture below I made flat breads, my version of blue cheese butter and poured Pistou sauce over the blue cheese butter the same way that Eddie’s House serves it.


Ingredients for about 18 ounces I’d say that’s about 12 servings

12 oz cleaned basil

1 cup extra virgin olive oil

6 garlic cloves – smashed

1 Tablespoon salt – kosher or sea salt

1/2 teaspoon black pepper


Give your basil a rough chop – or hand tear it if you prefer

Blend till smooth – or use a mortar and pestle if you prefer

Pistou Sauce

Pistou Sauce

Pistou is just delicious! The Pastabilities are endless.

 The Forking Truth

The Forking Truth