Yellow Tomato and Orange Gazpacho Recipe


I got these beautiful sweet yellow tomatoes from the farmers market so I wanted to make gazpacho with them. I dropped the tomatoes in boiling water for a few minutes so I could peal them and discovered how sweet and fruity they taste. If I closed my eyes and ate them I would never guess they were tomatoes and got inspired to add orange to the bring out the fruit notes.

Ingredients Makes about 6 cups – about 6 servings

2 lbs. 6 oz. yellow tomatoes

1/2 cup of cucumber (chopped small)

1 large orange (segments with membrane skin and seeds removed and then chopped) and use about-

2 tablespoons of orange  zest.

1/2 red bell pepper – stem and seeds removed and fine chopped

1/4 cup chopped scallions

1 jalapeno chopped fine (you may need slightly more or less depending on the heat, size of your pepper and your taste)

3 garlic cloves minced

2 Tablespoons extra virgin olive oil

2 Tablespoons white vinegar

2 Tablespoons fresh squeezed lime juice

1/4 teaspoon aleppo pepper

1/2 teaspoon cumin

2 teaspoons kosher salt – 1 teaspoon kosher salt + 1 teaspoon kosher salt to add to a pot of water

1/4 teaspoon black pepper

2 Tablespoons fresh cilantro

2 Tablespoons fresh basil


Put a pot of water on the stove to boil and add a little salt. Cut light x cuts on bottom of tomatoes and drop in boiling water.


Remove tomatoes after a minute or two. Let tomatoes cool and peal them and remove the tomatoes button where it was once attracted to a stem.


Lightly chop the tomatoes and blend them. Add the rest of the ingredients and adjust seasonings if necessary. Serve Chilled.



It's Forking Good and that's The Forking Truth!

It’s Forking Good and that’s The Forking Truth!



Different Stuff I saw at the Asian Market


Fresh Ume are Japanese Plums. From what I read fresh ume are difficult to come by and most people eat them dried and I did see them pickled too.

The Bac Ha is the fleshy stem from the elephant ear or taro plant. The bac ha can’t be eaten raw because it releases calcium oxalate but when cooked the spongy texture is excellent in soups and soaks up soup like bread.


The Gaya Melon comes in different colors. The one shown is said to have banana and pear overtones to it.


I read that the flavor of the chikoo is brown sugar, malty and sort of rootbeer. I did also read that the texture is grainy like an old pear and the fruit has an astringent effect in your mouth.


I’m sorry now I didn’t purchase the garlic stems. The flavor is suppose to be a mild garlic and people can eat this vegetable as a side dish.


The Guvar Bean is a legume. The pods can be prepared as a vegetable side dish or put in a salad. The leaves of this plant can be eaten like spinach and the seeds from the plant are used to make guar gum.


Orange Caramel filled Chocolate from Russia.


Old Squash….


That’s only some of the stuff I saw at the Asian Market. I don’t know what I’ll Forking see next!

The Forking Truth

The Forking Truth

Easy Old Fashioned kind of way to prepare THE FORKING BEST Roasted Whole Legs of Chicken


I normally prepare chicken a sort of old fashioned kind of way and my dogs usually wait by the oven anticipating their favorite moist flavorful forking chicken ever.

I pack a pan or two or more with quartered oranges, apples, onions, some celery, carrots and lots of cloves of garlic and sometimes herbs.

Took photo before the onions I almost forgot....was wondering why the forking pan looked empty...

Took photo before the onions I almost forgot….was wondering why the forking pan looked empty…

Had a bunch of leg quarters and I first season them on the undersides with kosher salt, granulated garlic, black pepper and paprika. Then I turn them over and do the same to the skin side up part.







Then I apply a light spray of canola or olive oil to hold the spices on.

Light Spray of Oil

Light Spray of Oil

The oven is set at 350 degrees and I cover the pan (or pans) with foil.


I don’t know if your oven works the same as mine but I find the time in the oven varies depending on and especially on how many pans I have in the oven. With all the fruit and vegetables in the pan I find that the chicken usually will take anywhere from 2-4 1/2 hours this way. If I have one pan usually 2-2 1/2. If I have two pans usually 2 1/2- 3 hours.

Not always but when I see this face and a pool of slobber on the floor the chicken is usually done.

the "GIVE me CHICKEN" face

the “GIVE me CHICKEN” face

I find the chicken always comes out moist, succulent, and very flavorful this way but the skin is sacrificed. All the goodness from the skin and surrounding chicken stuff just melts into the chicken. I also don’t use the liquid or fat from this kind of batch because it is too salty. I don’t use anything from the pan except for the pulled chicken.

I find it’s better NOT TO USE A THERMOMETER. You need to use your eyes and nose to smell the chicken. (or my dog’s nose)

The leg isn’t done until it’s fall apart tender and the skin starts melting off the bone.


You don’t want that hard connective tissues between the leg and thigh. You want most of that stuff to melt so you can easily separate the leg from the thigh. If you think you don’t like dark meat chicken…you are wrong, you just never had it cooked all the way.



Take the chicken out of the pans. Some legs will just fall off the thigh. Let the chicken rest a while till it cool enough to handle, about an hour.

Remove and discard the skin, pull of the meat, portion and freeze the extras.

The meat is so moist I find you can freeze it and reheat it and it’s still moister and more flavorful than most chicken you will eat out anywhere.

If your Dog(s) isn’t waiting by the oven for your chicken, something is wrong with your chicken.

The Forking Truth

The Forking Truth

WTFork is Taro Root and some stuff You Should Know about it

A peeled Taro Root

A peeled Taro Root

The Taro Root is a staple food for people around the world. The leaves as well as the root are edible but only when cooked. Some people feel they need to soak the root over night to release oxalate. All you have to do is fully cook the root.  Some people suggest adding some baking soda to however you cook the root to release the calcium oxalate or you can forking gout and or forking kidney stones from the taro root. If you consume some sort of dairy with taro root the dairy will block absorption of oxalate. So it’s a good idea to have a glass of milk, a milk shake or some sort of cheese when you eat taro root.

Taro is a staple food around the world and even though it sounds forking harmful to ones body it is not considered a high risk food when cooked. I also read several recipes for taro root and I do note in none of the recipes I read did anyone soak the taro root or in any of them did they add baking soda. It seems like most people around the world just forking cook them and don’t know or forking worry about the calcium oxalate.

Most Americans know the taro root plant as the elephant ear plant for their large glossy foliage in their gardens.

The taro root is believed to be one of the earliest cultivated vegetables and has three times the fiber of a potato and is an excellent source of potassium.

Sliced up taro root.


I fried it and made it into chips and made a simple dip of just whipped cream cheese, a little non-fat Greek Yogurt and flavored the dip with Sriracha.


That’s a little WTFork about Taro Root and some stuff you should know about it. (and it was forking yummy!)

The Forking Truth

The Forking Truth

I got most of this information from and Wikipedia.


Too Forking Hot in Phoenix AZ to Purchase Lindt Chocolate Truffles


I’ve had lots of Lindt Truffles before. A few of the malls that I used to shop at had Lindt Chocolate Stores. The outlet mall had a Forking large Lindt Outlet Store where you could purchase large bags of slightly irregular Chocolates for almost nothing and they always gave you a free chocolate with or without a forking purchase. Them were the days well that was back east were you could buy these chocolates all year long without them forking melting.

I was pretty excited to see this the flavor Milk Chocolate Sea Salt featured. So I purchase a bag and a few days later I decided to forking  eat one.



I noticed the chocolate didn’t have that perfect chocolate plug and looked wet. So I carefully took a bite.



It still taste good with a great melty smooth milk chocolate flavor and a few lumps of crunchy sea salt.

But it’s FORKING MELTED! Instead of that creamy smooth filling the truffles are suppose to have.

I didn’t expose the chocolates to much heat. Only from my forking grocery cart on the way to my car they were exposed to heat and at this time it isn’t even forking hot yet for Phoenix.  It’s already too Forking Hot in Phoenix Arizona to purchase Lindt Chocolate Truffles.

The Forking Truth

The Forking Truth


WTFork is a Clafoutis Part 3

Clafoutis Type of Dessert From Bottega in Yountville CA

Clafoutis Type of Dessert From Bottega in Yountville CA

I had my first Clafoutis at Chef Michael Chiarello’s Restaurant in Yountville CA and ever since I became fascinated with this unique dessert of French origin that seemed light, rich at the same time, airy and accented with delicious fruit. The Clafoutis is basically a custardy, pancake like batter with fruit. The only fruits used for clafoutis are cherries, black berries, plums, prunes, apples and possibly cranberries. I found conflicting information about cranberries so I’m not sure about forking cranberries. When you use another fruit than the ones listed the name of this dessert changes to a flaugnarde.

Then I found Micheal Chiarello’s recipe for an apple Clafoutis so I made one.

Apple Clafoutis

Apple Clafoutis

The batter tasted and had pretty much the same texture as the one from the restaurant. This dessert is very good. But I still have an interest in learning different recipes for clafoutis. The Michael Chiarello Clafoutis were the lightest and airiest of the clafoutis so far.

I also studied several other recipes for clafoutis and I found they were all very different.

So I decided to try Chef Raymond Blanc’s recipe for clafoutis because he is French but is also one of Britain’s most respected chefs. He also owns a two star Michelin Restaurant/Hotel.


This Clafoutis also was richer and also custardy but had a slightly sugar sanded surface that added another texture to it. In Chef Blanc’s recipe he recommends not to add anything else. The clafoutis is done at this point and should be served warm. This is the only warm one I had so far.

I recently tried the sour cherry clafoutis from Bink’s Midtown in Phoenix AZ.

Sour Cherry Clafoutis from Bink's Midtown Phoenix AZ

Sour Cherry Clafoutis from Bink’s Midtown Phoenix AZ

The Bink’s Midtown clafoutis was the most custardy of all the clafoutis I tried. Instead of being like a custardy pancake batter this clafoutis was more like dense flan. (but not in a bad way)  The Bink’s Clafoutis was also very layered with many flavors and textures.

So this is WTFork I found out about the Clafoutis so far Part 3

The Forking Truth

The Forking Truth



Korean Style Fried Chicken from Bink’s Midtown was The BEST FORKING Fried Chicken I ever Tried!

Bink's Midtown Phoenix AZ Korean Style Fried Chicken

Bink’s Midtown Phoenix AZ Korean Style Fried Chicken

To me fried chicken can be tasty. It’s usually moist and usually had a tasty crusty coating. Sometimes it might be greasy and sometimes the skin is mushy and gross. It might be tasty at best and usually isn’t my favorite food.

I recently tried Korean Style Fried Chicken from Bink’s Midtown in Phoenix AZ and it was truly FORKING AMAZING and completely unlike any fried chicken I had before.

The skin was crispy thin and crackly. It was not greasy one bit and was spicy, sweet, vinegary with other flavors that seemed very balanced. The interior was also very flavorful, juicy and delicious.

This was the FORKING Best Fried Chicken I ever had.

The Forking Truth

The Forking Truth



The Forking Search for Natural Flavored Spearmint Leaves Candy for my Dog


A childhood favorite candy of mine was spearmint leaves. They are leaf shaped gel like candies with a refreshing spearmint flavor. They are lightly coated in crunchy sugar and the gel candy doesn’t seem too sweet, it’s minty refreshing. I remember they were my candy of choice for when I went out to the movies. Each leaf could last a very long time and they seemed the most satisfying out of the candy choices to eat during a movie for me because they didn’t give you that sugar sickness feeling like the chocolate coated mints do when you ate a bunch of them. You could also eat them real slow because they didn’t forking melt.The spearmint leaves came in a white box with pretty spearmint leaves on it and if I remember correctly the spearmint leaves were made by the leaf candy company but many other companies today still make spearmint leaves. They just aren’t all naturally flavored these forking days.

Then one day fourteen years ago we brought home this forking adorable puppy from the S.P.C.A.


This special puppy one day chewed threw my purse to get to my mint gum and I found him siting there just chewing my gum. (of course I forking removed the gum from his mouth)


A short time latter I kissed him goodbye as I was leaving to go to work and faster than lightening he stole a mint from my mouth with out me feeling a thing with his quick tongue. Another time after that as I was getting a mint from the cabinet the puppy would bark at me for a mint. After that after breakfast almost every day he’d walk over to the cabinet and bark at the cabinet until someone would give him a mint.

He is grown up and OLD now but is still a dog that is addicted to mints. Often he sits with me while I brush my forking teeth with minty tooth paste.

Addicted to MINTS!

Addicted to MINTS!

You can only give a very small amount of only certain mints to a large dog safely. So I’d only pinch off a small amount of spearmint leaves for my dog. (just so you know most mints and gums today have chemicals in them that are LETHAL and FATAL to dogs) Spearmint leaves are mostly natural. They are only made with corn syrup, cornstarch, artificial coloring and  natural spearmint oil.  (unless you buy the forking ones from Walgreen’s that are made with artificial flavors).

When I moved to Arizona I found out that it was very difficult to purchase spearmint leaves here. Back east every supermarket and candy store all sold spearmint leaves.

Fry’s, Safeway and Walmart all don’t sell spearmint leaves in my area. Years back I also looked for the spearmint leaves at Albertson’s, Bashas, AJ’s and also Target and haven’t found them at those places either.

Walgreen’s does sell the lower end spearmint leaves but they are the ones with artificial flavor that don’t taste so good.

For a while the only place I could find natural spearmint leaves were at Sprouts.


The Sprouts in my location currently is either out of them or forking stopped selling them to I had to order spearmint leaves on the internet for my dog. If I suddenly stopped giving my 14 year old dog a mint I don’t know what the fork would happen….I think it would be like trying to Forking fry water…….It’s something that can’t be done…..after all you know my dog is really a human trapped in a dog’s body ……So I let my fingers do the forking walking on the internet and I found the mints there so I had to purchase the spearmint leaves that forking way.


That was my forking search for spearmint leaves around Phoenix Arizona.

The Forking Truth

The Forking Truth

Weird, New & Different Forking Foods Out There


Blue Cheese Sea Salt would be great on home baked bread, crackers or a steak. I should have forking picked this up!

I’ve found some sort of broccoli snack before from Trader Joe’s but these Broccoli Chips are  different and are also made with cheese.


I’m not sure WTFork this forking flavor soda is.


Spicy Ginger soda does sound tasty to me. I don’t forking know if this soda is actually tasty.


Cheez-It makes something called forking Crunchd.


I thought bacon and cheese was an odd flavor for tomato sauce but it’s forking new.


Kurt Warner Tomato Sauce? $10. forking bucks a jar!


Real wasabi….ah..heimm…51% real wasabi wouldn’t sell as well but would be more truthful.



This Prego Heart Smart sauce doesn’t look cheesy with Ricotta and Parmesan.



I will drink a margarita but i’m not going to eat a forking gelatin margarita.



Ditto to the forking strawberry daiquiri.



Forking Hot Dog Flavored Chips.



Yogurt stuffed grain bars don’t sound forking appetizing to me. How about you?



Larry the Cable Guy Tater Chips in various varieties.

IMG_8263 IMG_8264 IMG_8265 IMG_8266

IMG_8268 IMG_8269

Nothing on this list makes me want to forking barf as much as Birthday Frosting filled Chips Ahoy.


On that note it’s an Ahoy to you!

and I just don’t know what I’ll forking see next!

The Forking Truth

The Forking Truth

You can have a Great Forking Dinner out and not so good Desserts at the same place

It sounds forking weird but you can go out to dinner and have this really forking great meal so good that you also actually look forward to having dessert too and you just kind of forking assume that dessert will be great if everything else is great. All the appetizers and dinners we had at this place were forking appetizing and delicious. It was restaurant week and we were getting appetizers, dinners and forking dessert too!

Gazpacho from Urban Vine Phoenix AZ

Gazpacho from Urban Vine Phoenix AZ

Bruschetta from Urban Vine Phoenix AZ

Bruschetta from Urban Vine Phoenix AZ

Pulled Pork under Bacon Wrapped Meatloaf from Urban Vine Phoenix AZ

Pulled Pork under Bacon Wrapped Meatloaf from Urban Vine Phoenix AZ

Basil Salmon from Urban Vine Phoenix AZ

Basil Salmon from Urban Vine Phoenix AZ

The dinners were also forking amazing. Cooked to perfection and seasoned just so.

Next desserts arrive and it seemed as if somebody other than a pastry chef prepared them. The desserts do taste home made but not so good to me. (your opinion may forking differ) I didn’t think it was possible that the amazing perfectly prepared dinner I had could have made the same chef that made the desserts I tried from this restaurant.

Most chefs do work very hard and are always working. Many chefs also work very long hours because so much work goes into preparing all the foods they prepare. Sometimes they do have someone else make the desserts for them like a pastry chef or another cook in the kitchen sometimes makes the desserts.

I tried the Meyer Lemon Pots de Creme. I had many pots de creme before and I also prepare them myself once or twice a year. They are a very sophisticated kind of pudding but are made with higher quality ingredients than pudding.  Instead of using  starchy  thickeners like the way you make pudding  the Pots de Creme are thickened with egg yolks that you carefully cook in milk and cream. Pots de Creme should be dense and rich with a smooth velvety mouth feel. They are usually topped with whipped cream and are normally served in a mug.

The Meyer Lemon Pots de Creme I tried from the restaurant had fresh mint wrapped strawberries that tasted good and sat on top of a tart cream. However the Meyer Lemon Pots de Creme tasted like lemon curd that went kind of  wrong. It was thick, lumpy, maybe pasty, and lacked lemon flavor to me. It was also somewhat eggy tasting and tasted more eggy than lemony.

Meyer Lemon Pots de Creme from Urban Vine Phoenix AZ

Meyer Lemon Pots de Creme from Urban Vine Phoenix AZ

So then I tried the Nutella Tart.

Nutella Tart Urban Vine Phoenix AZ

Nutella Tart Urban Vine Phoenix AZ

The filling would have been GOOD if it wasn’t so forking sweet. The thick crust was tough and also was sweet.  A buttery salted delicate crust would taste better to me.  The banana however was delicious and I liked the crunchy caramelized sugar on it.

I note that was just my forking opinion and your forking opinion may differ and it’s possible that  I tried the “practice batch.”

You can get a really great dinner out but that doesn’t mean the dessert will be great to you too.

The Forking Truth

The Forking Truth