Braised Korean Leeks, Lotus Root, Heirloom Carrots and Soft Egg

Braised Korean Leeks, Lotus Root, Heirloom Carrots and Soft Egg
Braised Korean Leeks, Lotus Root, Heirloom Carrots and Soft Egg


One Bunch of Korean Leeks

A few Pats Butter

Maybe two Cups of Vegetable Stock

Lotus Root

Some White Vinegar

Fresh Crushed Sea Salt or Kosher Salt

A few Eggs

One Heirloom Carrot

2 Cloves Garlic

1 Thai Chili

A couple Tablespoons of Extra Virgin Olive Oil

I like Korean Leeks because they taste more like green garlic and  less dirty than regular leeks.

Korean Leeks
Korean Leeks

You need to remove the Green Tops and Roots. Save the Green Tops and use like green garlic that’s a little tough.


Braise the Korean Leeks for about 10 minutes on medium heat with either butter or oil and let them brown.



Cover the Korean Leeks with Vegetable Stock, cover with foil and turn the heat to low and let it go about a half hour till soft.


Lotus Root is back in season so I picked up one.

Lotus Root
Lotus Root

Last time I made the Lotus Root I made it into tasty chips but this time I thought I’d cook it more traditional that means boiling a few minutes in water with vinegar. First I pealed the Lotus Root and then sliced it somewhat thin.



The Lotus root goes into boiling water with a little salt and a couple splashes of vinegar. The vinegar removes any bitterness the lotus root might have.  Just Boil it a few minutes.


Remove the lotus root and set aside. Since you still have boiling water you can drop in a few eggs and let them go 5-5 1/2 minutes pull out and carefully peal and you will have easy soft cooked eggs.


Next you heat up some oil in a pan and then add your minced garlic and one small minced hot pepper till soft.


Add your Lotus Root and your carrots. They only need a few minutes. Then add your Green Tops from the Korean Leeks and cook that maybe a minute more. Add Fresh Crushed Sea Salt and Black Pepper.  Serve on top of braised Korean Leeks and add your soft cooked Egg and season the egg.

Braised Korean Leeks, Lotus Root, Heirloom Carrots and Soft Egg
Braised Korean Leeks, Lotus Root, Heirloom Carrots and Soft Egg
Forking Good!
Forking Good!

Dragon Fruit

Dragon Fruit
Dragon Fruit

Dragon Fruit is stunning to look at.


But doesn’t have a big personality when it comes to taste.


It’s very mild and similar to a Kiwi kind of taste and texture with just a hint of sweetness. They are very low in calories and have quite a bit of nutrition.

Dragon Fruit grow on Cactus Plants that originated from Mexico.  These days Dragon Fruit are grown in many parts of the world.

Forking Truth
Forking Truth




WTFork is Jujube Fruit?


I came across Jujube Fruit at the Asian Market so I wanted to try some.


They are like forking small very dry but very sweet tiny apples.


It’s like you mixed a very sweet apple with styrofoam and made a very tiny apple.

Jujube Fruit
Jujube Fruit

I read that the Jujube is also has other names such as, Chinese Date, Red Date and Korean Date.

You eat the Jujube as a snack like regular fruit. You might find the fruit candied and dried, smoked, as a syrup, a juice…………….



Or if your lucky some sort of alcohol.

Forking Truth
Forking Truth

Lithuanian Lay’s Creamy Forest Mushroom Potato Chips


I was Forking wandering threw the Asian and International Market and in the Polish Aisle were these bags of Lay’s Creamy Forest Mushroom Potato Chips so I had to forking try them.

Nearly all of the other flavored Lay’s Potato Chips that I tried were forking disgusting (particularly the Mango Salsa)  or disappointing (like the FORKING WASABI GINGER) (( that I submitted for the Lay’s 2014 do me a flavor contest, but my submission wasn’t forking picked))…  For some unknown reason I was possessed to try these Creamy Forest Mushroom Chips.

These flavored chips are unlike any other I tried. The aroma is odd and you question yourself if you want to eat them. For a split second when you taste them your not sure what your tasting but then they suddenly turn very “natural tasting”. They taste just like creamy very fresh mushroomy soup.  They taste like mostly natural mushrooms with a little seasoned cream sauce but way more mushroom taste than sauce. The after taste just get more mushroomy and the finish is a very tasty natural potato taste.

I’m not sure if I want to buy them again but these were the forking best of the flavored Lay’s Chips I have tried.

I haven’t found the European Lay’s Do us a flavor contenders but the one running are-

Chop Shop Chicken Curry

Pulled Pork in Sticky BBQ Sauce

Sizzling Steak Fajita

Cheesy Beans on Toast

Hot Dog with Tomato Ketchup

and if those weren’t bad enough….get ready to forking GAG!


Ranch Raccoon


The European Lay’s Contest Winner is to be announced October 17th 2014

Forking Truth
Forking Truth



Lentil and Quinoa stuffed Grape Leaves

Lentil and Quinoa stuffed Grapeleaves
Lentil and Quinoa stuffed Grape Leaves

This is one of those super easy recipes you can throw together quick and not really measure. The Quinoa and Lentil Mixture comes out very much like cooked ground beef.  You can flavor it a multitude of ways but it also good plain with a dipping sauce of your choice.



Lentils about 1/3 of a medium strainer (rinsed)

Quinoa about 1/3 of a medium strainer (always rinse quinoa even if it’s pre-rinsed)

A carrot

a pealed Whole Onion

about 3 cloves of garlic minced


one small hot pepper minced (I used Chile de Arbol)

about a teaspoon of thyme

about a teaspoon Kosher Salt

about 1/2 teaspoon Ground Black Pepper

Brined Grape Leaves



Add your Quinoa, Lentils, Onion, Carrot, Chile de Arbol, Garlic, Salt & Pepper to your sauce pot add water to look maybe double of what you have in pot and Bring to Boil and then turn down to simmer and cover. Let the pot simmer 20-25 minutes till the lentils are soft.  Discard the Onion and Carrot.


Taste and adjust seasonings and when cool enough to handle make into small log shapes and place in the vein side up Grape Leaf.






Serve as desired.


Freeze leftovers.

Forking Good!
Forking Good!

Scream Halla or is it Challah?

On mindless forking TV Shows I sometimes watch I hear many people almost screaming “Halla”.  I know Challah Bread taste good are they screaming for Challah? It’s almost like a forking greeting. “Halla” “halla”…..

Every time I hear that “Halla” I think of Challah Bread that braided egg bread made from white flour, eggs, water, sugar, yeast and salt. If I was a forking manufacturer of bread I might name my bread “Halla Bread”.  Is that a million dollar idea$ ?

To try to understand the meaning of Halla I looked it up on the Urban Dictionary and to my surprise this is what I forking found.


Halla has forking nothing to do with bread and only Douche Bags use this greeting.

Guess I won’t name my bread Halla.

So I made an egg bread.


I just winged it making it similar to the way I make pizza dough but I added eggs and a little honey and brushed it with an egg.  It’s not braided so it’s not a Challah.

Next time you hear someone screaming “Halla” just forking stuff some bread in his face.

Forking Truth
Forking Truth



Spaghetti Squash with Harissa Vinaigrette

Spaghetti Squash with Harissa Vinaigrette
Spaghetti Squash with Harissa Vinaigrette

Ever since I tasted the Spaghetti Squash with Harissa from the FnB Restaurant in Scottsdale AZ I just have to make my spaghetti squash in a similar way.


You just put your spaghetti squash(s) in a covered pan with a little over a half inch of water in the pan and roast it in a 375 degree oven. Depending on the size of your squash it will take about an hour up to an hour and a half.  I like the squash strands to be firm so the squash is still almost hard when I remove it from the oven but also is fork tender.


You open up your squash and scoop out the stringy seeds. Then you scoop out the spaghetti squash strands.




Now you top it with your Harissa Vinaigrette that you might want to warm up to go on your warm squash.

Harissa Vinaigrette

2  Roasted Red Peppers (skin and seeds removed and pepper chopped up)


1/2 teaspoon ground Cumin

1 teaspoon Caraway Seeds

2 Tablespoons Extra Virgin Olive Oil

3 Cloves Garlic minced

3 Hot Chiles (I used Thai Chiles)

2 Tablespoons Tomato Paste

Fresh Juice from one Meyer Lemon

2 Tablespoons Red Wine Vinegar

Fresh Ground Sea Salt and Black Pepper


Blend it up. It makes about 8 ounces. It is spicy and flavorful about a number 7 on the Thai scale out of 10. If you want it milder use one or two chiles and garlic cloves.


I added some Heirloom Tomatoes and a small amount of cilantro.

Forking Good!
Forking Good!



WTFork is That? A Purple Sweet Potato

Purple Sweet Poato
Purple Sweet Potato

Many people have never seen or eaten Purple Sweet Potatoes and Purple Yams. (Yams are the ones with rougher skin)


You can Roast them and make them into oven baked Fries with just a sprinkle of oil and pop them in a 350-375 oven for about a half hour and then just sprinkle them with fresh crushed sea salt and black pepper. Other people make this potato into desserts just like you can do with pumpkin. Sometimes they also show up as a mashed dish.


I like them them as steak fries.


I think Purple Potatoes are kind of cute.

Forking Truth
Forking Truth

Forking Thoughts on Chips Ahoy Cookies


Chips Ahoy was a forking 1956 Disney Film featuring Donald Duck and co-staring Chip and Dale. I don’t know if they have anything to do with the Nabisco Cookie but thought that was interesting.

According to Wikipedia Nabisco Chips Ahoy Cookies debuted in 1963 and are the second best selling packaged cookies in the United States just after Forking Oreos. Also according to old comic strips that used to be on the package Chips Ahoy Cookies have 16 Chocolate Chips in each Cookie.

When I was a kid I only remember one flavor of Chips Ahoy Cookies, and didn’t eat them and still don’t but my sister did.


Today the flavor that I forking remember is called “Original” That bag of cookies wasn’t forking called “Original” was I was a kid it was just the only normal forking flavor they made.


But since that cookie sells so well they need to make another FORKING DOZEN kinds of this cookie.




Chewy Reeses






Chewy Oreo Cream Filled (WTFork?)


Chewy Birthday Frosting filled (WTFork Fork!)


Chewy Gooey (looks like a day for Ammonium A.D.) Just look at that word gooey doesn’t it look like something a dog can forking squirt out?


Chewy Brownie filled (this one looks constipated)


Chewy Root Beer Float (someone must have been on weed to think of this flavor)


Chewy Mocha Chunk (Mocha is my least favorite flavor…)


Dulce de Leche (doesn’t look as forking awful as the previous ones)


Chewy Mint Chocolate Chip (?)

According to Wikipedia Nabisco produced a Chips Ahoy in Jell-o Chips Ahoy Pudding . (WTFork!)


This ship is Forking Wrecked!

Forking Truth
Forking Truth