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Nagoya Sushi Peoria AZ – Worth a Fork!


When it comes to sushi I have to admit I am spoiled…….I truly was……….Back east I lived not too far from a certain China Town.  My introduction to sushi came from no other than the original Iron Chef Masaharu Morimoto himself………he was a working chef at that time and worked the sushi bar himself day and night…….Sorry….I really was Spoiled….I GOT USED TO THE BEST! ….. Small tight sushi…each one was stunning and each one looked like a tiny painting……. I haven’t had sushi since that was the same. ………… (wish I took food photos back then)

It was culture shock food wise and other wise when I moved to Metro Phoenix…Wow…so much lousy bread (from supermarkets), inedible ricotta sold at most supermarkets, inedible American Cheese, so much expired food, no fish cakes, no roaster chickens, limited variety of mushrooms, far less dairy items, no India relish…No Hot Cherry peppers, canned things taste more canned, soda taste poisonous here……  ….Why The Fork isn’t  Cooper Sharp Cheese sold here?…and God did I have to loose sushi too?…..and there are a lot of other things …I’ll stop  rambling……..for now.

Not all but the majority of sushi I tried in the North-West metro Phoenix was mostly unappetizing to me.

The above sushi came from a place in Glendale AZ. It was HORRIBLE and not fresh tasting either. It still lives here today and most people think its great!…(review-wise on a certain review site) .But The Forking Truth is that it was HORRIBLE!

This sushi was from another Glendale AZ Restaurant

Sushi from a Glendale restaurant

Often I’d get served BIG GIANT thick bands of loose not so tasty unseasoned rice with big globs of fish that were hard to chew or tasted fishy…….IT WASN”T THE SAME at all….. I note that I am only talking about casual not fancy local sushi restaurants in the North-West Valley. HORRIBLE….maybe most people are happy with the large amounts of lousy fish and rice………that are questionably edible……

I happy to say I enjoyed sushi again when I tried the Sushi Catcher on Bell Road when it was owned by KC and his Lovely Wife Sue.

It was not at all like Morimoto’s…..NOBODY’S IS…..hear it again….NOBODY’s is……….NOBODY’s is………….NOT ANYTHING like Morimoto’s……. but the sushi that  this little casual place served was flavorful, clean tasting, easy to chew,  and not fishy) and didn’t have those super fat globs of bad rice…instead their rice was thinner (like it should be) and good tasting. This was the only CASUAL sushi I enjoyed most since Morimoto’s.

I’ve been to higher end sushi restaurants that I also enjoy (I really do) that are REALLY GREAT but it’s so good to have a local casual sushi restaurant that’s good.

KC and Sue sold the Sushi Catcher a few years back and recently have opened Nagoya Sushi in Peoria AZ   a few months back. Remember we are talking casual sushi……you won’t get table side tofu here……I’ve been there a few times and these some of the things we tried there.

Clean tasting sushi, Nigiri style correctly seasoned under the fish like better sushi places do. Little spicy tuna rolls…..Not all mayonnaise up like most places do…..really delicious and also spicy. More flavorful than any other spicy tuna roll I had before and it’s only around $4.00….a steal at such a tasty treat!

They call this screaming “O” roll. It’s really Tuna Tataki. Lightly seared and pounded tuna with radish strings, sprouts and greens….. The Forking Truth is that at many sushi places I can’t eat the tuna………because it doesn’t taste good to me…….too fishy……….but at Nagoya I enjoy tuna here.

A rainbow Roll of Yellowtail, Tuna and Salmon…….Spicy Tuna Roll, (delicious) a few Nigiri Style Sushi…..

Spicy Garlic Fish Roll and other sushi……

Takoyaki…..Octopus Balls…Interesting Japanese Style Fried tasty Doughnuts with  a little octopus adorned with a little spicy creamy sauce and shaved bonito flakes. Doughnuts are so tasty and seem light……Very tasty treat! that you don’t find at many places……

Hoedeopbap – Korean Style Sashimi salad, spicy sauce and rice that you mix up before eating.

At the moment Nagoya Sushi is the best I know of for sushi in the West Side or Peoria area….It’s not a high end sushi place like a Morimoto’s when he was the chef……but what they serve is very much above what most neighborhood sushi restaurants serve ( at the moment on the west side).

At the time of this review KC is the only chef preparing sushi……he loves his work so much he wants to make sure your sushi is correct but this might cause a delay in receiving your food in a timely matter when they get busy.

Nagoya Sushi is Worth a Fork!

Worth a Fork!

No website.

Everything is subject to change and your experience may…or may not differ.

The Forking Truth






My Last Meal at Christopher’s & Crush at Biltmore Fashion Park Phoenix AZ


Christopher’s and Crush Lounge Phoenix AZ

Christopher’s & Crush Lounge is a Contemporary and Classic French Restaurant located in the Biltmore Fashion Park in Phoenix…….. that is until near the end of this month January 2018. The lease is up at the Biltmore Fashion Park but it’s not a good-bye…….The Chef Christopher will be the Executive Chef at near-by Geordie’s at Wrigley Mansion and will later this year is expected to open a new Christopher’s as well…..Incase you didn’t know the Chef and owner Christopher Gross is a MULTI AWARD WINNING CHEF. Not only is he a James Beard award wining chef he is famous for an appearance on the PBS Television TV Show Julia Child and presented her with his famous Chocolate Mousse Tower. The Chef has also been known for cooking for a few past Presidents and much more!

The Famous Chocolate Mousse Tower

The atmosphere is a mix of contemporary and classic. Heavy silverware, crisp linen and crystal clear polished wine glasses grace the tables. Service is very professional and formal. It might seem old fashioned to some…..but old fashioned is sort of refreshing and special now and then.

From this part of the restaurant I’ve always been greeted by Chef Christopher himself at dinner time and while he was working always asked how things were and thanked us for coming….no matter how busy he was……

I enjoyed every past dinner and incredible wine dinners I’ve been to here. I’ve never dined here for lunch so I did that today!

Just like at dinner they started us off with the best French Baguette I tasted anywhere. The bread is shattering crisp and has a great structure like no other. The butter is also special….as it sure doesn’t taste like Costco butter……it’s a whole lot better! This butter is delicious…

I tried a Signature Plate that was written in Big Lettering without a description. Christopher’s House Smoked Salmon.

It’s a wonderfully detailed plate! It looks almost too pretty to eat. The main of the plate was buttery carefully smoked salmon that was masterfully sliced razor thin. The salmon was buttery, not too smokey and sliced so perfect that it melted in my mouth.

The fish rested over this very crisp thin crepe that contained a sort of magical fancy baby mixed green lemony salad. It seemed like the salad was gift wrapped. This salad seemed unlike any salad I had before…It seemed marinated but also crisp…different. Off to the right side of the plate is an edible spoon (I think it was made with squid ink?)……that contained a dot of creme fraiche how cute! (but not enough I needed a another dot more) Off to the side were rich crisp round toasts. This plate was something special…..Now this is dining out!

My husband tried the Wood Oven Bacon and Taleggio Pizza.

The pizza was good and the cheese used (taleggio) is an above average cheese that cost more and has more flavor than most cheese most pizza places use but pizza is not as special like the House Smoked Salmon Plate. Don’t get me wrong it’s still very good……

From the first time I dined at Christopher’s I found out that dessert is a must!!! Your meal is not complete until you have dessert at Christopher’s…..Among the very best you can get!!!!!!

Today the Lemon Tart was calling my name.

The dessert is detailed beautiful and very delicious! The lemon flavor in the tart is absolutely perfection. Not too sweet or too tart but powerfully lemon-ee with a light richness in a thin crust. The plate was also adorned with a rich custardy cream, berry sauce, the freshest sweetest mixed berries and a scoop of a mixed berry frosty confection in a tasty thin crust. This was a delicious elegant ending….

Last time was the Famous Chocolate Tower….(you need to see it again)

The Famous Chocolate Mousse Tower

Certainly Worth a Fork!

Worth a Fork!

YOU KNOW THINGS HERE ARE CHANGING! Next Month they are moving to the Wigley Mansion. I know things will change but am hoping the experience will be just as good there…….

The Forking Truth

My trip to The Cabin Whiskey & Grill in Peoria AZ


The Cabin Whiskey & Grill is located in Peoria AZ a little past P83 Sports Complex and before WestGate Complex. It also is among a few places for your last stop for food if you want to eat before you go to the World Wildlife Zoo. The Cabin offers a variety of mostly American Foods with some international twists at reasonable pricing. The atmosphere is rustic with many trophies (dead animals). It’s worn looking and woody like a cabin…..either at a ski resort or the woods…’s also loud with what some people would consider party music and there is a very large bar and an outdoor patio. It doesn’t feel like Phoenix here at all……I see Deers, Antlers and Bears Oh My!……and a metal pig butt.


We start with by sharing the Fried Mac ‘N” Cheese Balls served with House Made BBQ Ranch Dressing.

These Fried Mac ‘N’ Cheese Balls do seem oil free and have a nice thin crisp crust and are filled with creamy macaroni and cheese. Texture wise these are the best Fried Macaroni and Cheese I ever tried anywhere but I do need to note that they also were very bland…….I never add salt to food in a restaurant…..Usually I find the food too salty for me often and my husband complains that I am too sensitive but I found myself adding salt to these balls so they were really under seasoned.  With only a minimal amount of parmesan and or  seasoning these balls could have been  amazeballs! ……Maybe it’s just a slightly off batch? ….The house made BBQ ranch sauce is very flavorful for me the sauce is too strong for the balls but it taste good.

I ordered the Korean Street Tacos. They are described as Corn Tortillas stuffed with pan seared marinated flat iron steak, ginger-lime slaw with cucumbers and cilantro.

These are Street Sized Tacos on a single shelled warmed up Corn Tortillas. I take a bite. The meat is very tender and very good but lacks Korean Flavors (soy, vinegar, ginger, sesame oil, hot pepper). The slaw is fresh and very lime-ee and lacks cilantro. I use some hot chile helps but it also wets the thin single layer shell and the shell then disintegrates………..any who

My husband tries the Buffalo Chicken Sandwich.

It’s Cute how they branded the soft bun with a ‘C” for Cabin!

The Chicken is VERY lightly breaded. It juicy and doesn’t even seem fried. The Buffalo Sauce it was tossed in has a nice tang and a nice kick to it…………the fries are coated and were seasoned nicely and arrived hot. Good sandwich!

Service was average.

That was my trip to The Cabin Whiskey and Grill in Peoria AZ.

I note EVERY FORKING THING is subject to change and your experience may or may not differ.

The Forking Truth

Helio Basin Brewing Phoenix AZ is Worth A Fork


Helio Basin Brewing  is located in Phoenix not too far from the Phoenix airport and the Phoenix Zoo. They specialize in serving 6 varieties of handcrafted beers and elevated Arizonian Influenced bar food. They are very well received by magazine articles as being a top brewery in the county and the chef has created award wining food at various food events.

We enter…to my surprise it doesn’t smell like beer when I walked in and looks like a typical brewery.

I see many kegs and brewing and a Fermentation Cellar with great big giant vats.

The wall behind me are garage doors that someone just opened.

The menus are an interesting read and there are many detailed creations I never saw anywhere else before…..There are also some unusual game meat offerings like wild boar, elk and rabbit sausage…….

The Trout Tacos are calling my name so that’s what I ordered.

I received three street sized tacos on house made spent grain (by-product from beer making) tortillas. The tacos are filled with smoked rainbow trout, deviled egg mousse, pickled fresno peppers, capers and pretty frilly little greens. I take a bite. The tacos have a nice texture and nutty flavor. I like the tortillas very much! The smoked trout is firm textured, rich and it indeed is SMOKEY. The pickled fresno peppers are punchy and are an excellent pairing with the trout. They go very well together. To be Forking honest (like I always am) I can’t taste the deviled egg mousse over the smoked trout and fresnos because my mouth is still smoking…the eggs are just something creamy that’s in there. The pickled vegetables on the side were also very good….softer than I was expecting and very acidic but not harsh, very good…..different!

My husband said the Sonoran Sausage was EXCELLENT!

There’s a lot going on here. Listen again……..There’s a LOT going on here……….This sandwich is painstakingly detailed………Spicy house made brat, smoked bacon, duck-fat beans, stewed nopales (cactus), pickled fresnos and onions, piccolo de gallo, ancient mustard (not sure but I think it’s an almond, pine nut, dark seed mustard) jalapeño pesto, cotija cheese, crema on bolillo bun.

Helio Basin Brewing – Craft Beer and Chef Crafted  Arizonian Influenced Fine Bar Food.

I’d say that’s Worth a Fork!

Worth a Fork!

Every FORKING THING is subject to change and YOUR experience MAY or May NOT differ.

The Forking Truth

The Bourbon Cellar – Gourmet Burgers in North Scottsdale – Worth a Fork


The Bourbon Cellar by day offers BIG (8 0z.) house ground burgers of many varieties. How about PRIME Filet, Bison, Elk, Venison, Cajun Turkey or Veggie on an Apple Cider Egg Bun and topped with a mouth watering Wasabi Deviled Egg THAT’S Embellished with a Bourbon Soaked Cherry!!!!!!! Bourbon Cellar also offers a few unique drool sounding Sandwiches like their version of a Philly Steak……It’s thinly sliced ribeye that’s soaked in Bourbon…sounds delish to me… By night this small restaurant is a Steak House that also offers a good selection of seafood…..

……..I only had one visit so far so I can’t vouch for much but I can tell you the in-house-ground PRIME Filet Burger was very moist and very flavorful. Sorry for my bad photo here….I couldn’t get any better at my seat.

I start with the Wasabi Deviled Egg. Ummmmmm Mighty Tasty, spicy and smooth with that little pop of the bourbon soaked cherry…(happy now). For me this is too big (8oz.) of a burger to eat in one sitting so I cut it in half. I discover that they somehow compacted a FULL Salad over my burger  explodes mixed greens. At the time I suddenly remembered my childhood neighbor’s kid’s toy. The one that looks like a can of peanuts that you open and a snake pops out. The greens flew out like that or really more like confetti but the snake in a can popped in my head when the lettuce flew everywhere.  I also added on the Bourbon Pickles and avocado.  Somehow I get it together so I can eat it.

It’s just Forking Delicious! Very Juicy and very flavorful. I like the Bourbon Pickles on the burger but these pickles are so different that I don’t care for them outside of the sandwich……but on the sandwich these pickles add something delicious that I like….. I don’t have any sauce on my sandwich and it still mighty flavorful and DOESN’T NEED ANY SAUCE!  My burger also came with a side. I picked the cole slaw….It was fresh and crispy and not drippy. Good cole slaw.

My husband also had the Filet Burger but his was topped with pepper jack cheese, sautéed onions and the Bourbon Pickles. He liked that his burger was also very flavorful and juicy but he was disappointed that they didn’t prepare his burger medium rare as he requested. Instead it came out medium/ well like mine.  I asked for medium so for me it was still great!

2 days latter I ate the other half. WOW it’s still Forking delicious, juicy and so flavorful. Today my only issue is I notice more that the pickles are so big…..for me it would be better if the pickles were cut thinner…and that roll is really yummy too. This burger had everything going on and Bourbon……so good! I do note – It’s not perfect because of the exploding lettuce and if you add the bourbon pickles because they are really big  and maybe they don’t know how to cook a burger less than medium well?????? I don’t know……But I also don’t care because… it’s so Forking Delicious I can still say it already that it might be one of the most delicious Sandwiches I ate in 2018.

In House Ground Prime Filet Burger on Apple Cider Egg Bun and Topped with Wasabi Deviled Eggs embellished with Bourbon Soaked Cherry!

That one dish is Worth a Fork!

Worth a Fork!

The Forking Truth is that everything is subject to change and your experience may or may not differ.

The Forking Truth


Doda’s Pizza Glendale AZ – Almost taste like East Coast Pizza – Worth a Fork!


Doda’s Pizza recently opened by the Petsmart on Bell Road in Glendale AZ. This is a small, very casual, family owned Pizza Restaurant.

The Spinach Pizza with Mozzarella, Ricotta and Sauce sounded interesting to us but you really need a plain slice to tell how the pizza is so we tried one plain slice.

and a Spinach Pizza.

I bite into the plain slice and WOW!….This is the first pizza I tried in over ten years that reminds me of east coast style pizza……It’s not oily like really good authentic New York Pizza but the Mozzarella Cheese has flavor to it like from the typical east coast pizza parlor. The sauce is a little thick like it should be with the correct amount of sweetness and the pizza taste seasoned like east coast pizzas. The dough is close to east coast style. It’s thin with a nice crisp bottom and it’s flavorful. The chew isn’t exact but it’s close. These pizzas actually taste like pizza. This pizza reminds me of pizza from a pizza shop that was walking distance from my childhood house. Actually most pizzas that I tried from east coast places had this kind of taste. All of the pizzas I found near me in my my little corner of Metro Phoenix don’t taste anything close to this. The spinach pizza was really a meal. It was made with fresh spinach, had delicious mozzarella cheese, that flavorful sauce on great crust. I do note the ricotta used on our spinach pizza sure WASN’T east coast ricotta but with all the good things going on do make up for the ricotta.

Doda’s Pizza offers many varieties, sizes of pizza and two thickness of crusts. They also offer sandwiches, calzones, pastas, lunch specials and more.

I don’t think you’d drive across town to come here but if you happen to be near here and are in the mood for casual east coast style pizza Doda’s might hit the spot!

The Forking Truth

My Trip to The Bluewater Grill in Phoenix AZ


The Bluewater Grill in Phoenix AZ is one of a Family of Seafood Restaurants located in Resort Communities usually by water. According to the Bluewater Grill Website they serve sustainable    caught Seafood and Harpooned Swordfish caught from their own Harpoon boats.

It looks like they might prepare crab boils on the patio at times?

Inside is a small fish market.

Inside doesn’t look like Phoenix at all…….It’s very Old Fashioned with worn looking floors so it gives the illusion that the restaurant has been here for many decades. The old fashioned looking chairs also sport a fun to “catch” fish motif.

Our server seemed very professional also welcoming and took our order.

Soon a very large loaf of bread and chilled butter arrives.

WOW…The bread is extra sour just like from San Francisco.

Next our meals arrive.

I tried the Canadian Walleye with Sautéed Spinach and Red Quinoa Salad. I give them credit for removing the skin…as most places don’t remove the skin on walleye…and credit for the nice lemon half……….But it seemed someone brand new to removing fish skin handled my fish and it came to me in several pieces. The fish tasted OK…..It wasn’t undercooked but maybe just a hair overcooked and just warm. The lemon caper sauce was a bit lip puckering…  The Spinach was really great. It seemed really fresh and was hot and tasted buttery. I really liked the spinach! The Red Quinoa Salad was different. It was made with almonds, a few things I blocked out that could have been either cabbage or maybe chard stems. I thought I pulled out a piece of a beet??? I also came across some bitter tasting black colored greens in it …………. This salad was very strange tasting to me.

Here’s a close up.

Well any who…..

My husband tried the San Francisco Cioppino.

The Blue Watergrill variation of Cioppino included very thick marinara sauce, clams, mussels, crab, shrimp, scallops, fish and seasoned toast. The server suggested getting the linguini for an additional charge. I was told the Shrimp in the dish were excellent, most was ok but the scallops  and clams were very over cooked.

1/2 a Fork….HIT and Miss

Everything is subject to change and your experience may or may not differ….

Slight update 1-2-18 I already was contacted by the manager of The Bluewater Grill. The manager thanked me for my review and said he will be seeing that Bluewater recipes are followed. He hopes that I return again.

The Forking Truth

The Tasting at Barrio Cafe Grand Reserva Phoenix AZ – Worth a Fork!


James Beard Nominated Chef Silvana Salcido Esparza opened and runs the Barrio Cafe Grand Reserva. This TINY at the most 8 small table restaurant that serves fine chef crafted Mexican Food that is very unique.  The food is prepared with hard to find imported Mexican ingredients. These ingredients are very seasonal so the flavors will change with the season….The restaurant offers a menu that includes the dishes that the chef is famous for such as her famous chunky Guacamole topped with Pomegranate seeds, Cochinita Pibil (marinated slow roasted pork) and Chiles en Nogada (poblano pepper stuffed with fruits nuts (sometimes chicken) and topped with a cream sauce). The Menu at Barrio Cafe Gran Reserva also contains new favorites. They offer a five course tasting menu with meat or a similar vegan style menu with optional Mexican Wine pairings…..You sure aren’t going to find anything like this anywhere else!

Like the food the atmosphere is very unique. It starts on the outside….The parking lot and all around the restaurant are all whimsical and is decorated up like nothing you ever seen before.

Inside are beautiful hand painted paintings of Mexican Folklore by Mexican Artist.

Remember I told you that this is a Tiny Restaurant…This is the WHOLE DINING ROOM. I am in the bar looking in. It looks like a vestibule.

We did the tasting menu….It differed slightly from last time mostly due to the seasonal ingredients.

They started us off with a spicy Mexican trail mix of tortilla chips, seeds, nuts and spicy hot chile dust.

Next was a melon amuse bouche.

Here’s the tiny bar.

Here’s the Vegan Spicy, Sweet and Tangy Fruit and Vegetable Salad that wakes you up!

This is the small tight area where everything comes out of the kitchen and bar.

The next course contains Hoja Santa Leaf….a key ingredient to certain Mexican dishes. I know of a very delicious Mexican Peanut Chicken dish where the Hoja Santa Leaf is essential. Here the leaf is paired with sweet grilled pineapple and a 14 chile oil with menonita cheese. Umm Tasty.

Here’s a peek where some of the magic happens.

Next course was Halibut with salsa and pervano white beans.

I guess I accidentally confused the bartender that took my order and got the vegan plate that came with cactus instead of fish. My husband asked to correct things with the bartender while I said I’d keep it….All of a sudden the Chef comes out and she insist that she will have halibut out for me in a minute….WOW wasn’t that great!

I have to say the Halibut was really great. It had a delicious char and was so moist and fresh. It was a 100 times BETTER than the fish I recently had at a fish Restaurant in Phoenix. I personally don’t care for the texture of cactus pads because they are similar to okra but they did have a really great flavor. The SALSA was super awesome. This salsa should be sold at supermarkets. Incredibly delicious as well as the fresh made beans. Very Very good. The beans had a nice sweet creaminess about them.

Everything was great but I thought this course was the most complex and special.

Everything…each component on the plate can tell a story. Each is full of many flavors but they all go together. There is a mole squash (or duck) taco that is full of flavors and is on a house made nixtamalized tortilla. The carrot was candied, green beans are layered with flavors, there is smoked sweet potato with pecans, an interesting chayote also known as pear squash, a potato. This was a really stellar plate.

We ended with Yams with Guavas and Chocolate Mousse. It was a sweet ending to a lovely meal. The whole staff was very welcoming to us and made light conversation with us. Philip also made an extra effort to welcome us and thanked us for dining and he wasn’t even our waiter.

Worth a Fork!

Worth a Fork! You would travel across town to dine here!

Everything is subject to change and your experience may or may not differ.

The Forking Truth



Newly Opened Chennai Cafe Glendale AZ – South Indian Food



Chennai Cafe recently opened in Glendale AZ on Bell Rd in the Walmart Shopping Strip by 59th Ave. This is a South Indian Restaurant that offers a Buffet at lunch time and a menu for dinner. I thought for my first visit I’d try the buffet. Service was typical for a buffet. There was no interaction with servers but they did clear plates. They gave us a pitcher of water and pretty metal cups with a tray were already on the table. I don’t think this establishment offers any other beverages but I could be wrong about that. I didn’t see any other beverages in sight and they had an empty Cocoa Cola refrigerator that just looked like it should contain beverages.

Desserts were first on the buffet and they had a lot of them followed by vegetarian soup.

Next was more than ten pans of vegetarian food and the last 5 or 6 pans contained mostly chicken on the bone dishes and one mutton dish.

When i passed the desserts it was difficult to tell what the names of the dishes were because someone wrote with marker on the pans and it sort of steamed off. I tried a good amount of the offerings.

This was the first time I ever saw the Naan Bread on a buffet. Usually they just bring it to you fresh from the kitchen. For being on a buffet the naan bread was still in good shape. Most of the Chicken dishes were moist and flavorful and on the bone. We both favored the vegetarian biryani over the chicken biryani. It had much more flavor. I also tried some eggplant, some okra and a few other things. All good….

Then I tried a sampling of most of the desserts.

I thought the most delicious of the desserts was the Gulab Jamun (the soaked doughnut). That would be the only dessert I would try next time.

When we were finished…….

No-one presented us with a check so we walked up to the register and waited till someone would take payment.

It really is very cool that this New South Indian Restaurant opened in Glendale!

Today it was an amazing value…..for so much tasty food……I don’t like posting prices because I do expect the price to change….but it was only $21.00 for two people. I also am fearful about posting anything about buffets because buffets do tend to differ by the hour.

EVERY FORKING THING is subject to change and your experience may or may not differ.

The Forking Truth



Sicilian Butcher in Phoenix AZ seems to be Worth a Fork


The Sicilian Butcher is a very unique newly opened Sicilian Restaurant located in Phoenix. The specialty of the house are the Craft Meatballs in about 9 varieties that you mostly customize with a choice of sauce and a house made pasta or polenta, risotto, bread or salad. They also offer Charcuterie Boards, Pane Cunzatu (Sicilian Style Bruschetta Boards), Schiacciata (flatbreads), Salads, Panini and more!

The atmosphere is clean, airy and whimsical. My photos don’t do justice. There are so many details to see, such as a see through meat case and Butcher Hook light fixtures. They some of the playful reminders to remind you of where you are. Patio dining is also offered.

I thought for my first visit I had to try one of the Meatball offering with one of the House made pastas.

Went for the Sicilian Ahi Tuna made with raisins, pine nuts, pecorino cheese, lemon and herb bread crumbs in arrabiatta sauce.

Oddly my first meatball was already cut in half but arrived looking like it was together.

This meatball seemed to differ from my other two meatballs. It seemed dryer, dense and didn’t have as good as a flavor as meatball #2 and #3.

Number #2 and #3 had more raisins, were moist and were much better tasting….I don’t know why?????? Was it because the last two meatballs had more raisins they seemed much better or if it was because they sat in the sauce longer?????? Or perhaps it was a combination of the two…? ???? Don’t know….. (If only the meatball could talk)

Well any who two of the Sicilian Tuna Meatballs were good but the sauce and pasta were VERY GOOD! The Arrabiatta Sauce was very flavorful and MUCH more spicy than I was expecting. That sauce sure isn’t for the masses. That’s a one spicy sauce! The Paccheri Pasta were wide open tubes.  When you ate them they were like mini lasagnas in your mouth. I liked the way they held sauce and cheese. It was like putting a little gift in your mouth.

My husband had the Sausage Meatballs (pork, veal provolone, fennel, wine braised green onions, garlic and Calabrian Chili) also in Arrabiatta Sauce. But with Mafalde Pasta (long ribbons). He loved it!

I wasn’t able to finish my meal but I did want to try dessert.

We took out a hard to come by Sicilian Cassata for later.

It was a well crafted melt in your mouth sponge cake with all kinds of surprises. There was citrus, a little marzipan, ricotta, imported cherries and it was all yum!

Our server Christie was awesome! She was friendly, efficient and knowledgeable on the menu. She checked on us often. Gave and offered us things like extra ice, cheese, crushed peppers without us asking for them. She was on top of everything!

Sicilian Butcher is newly opened …..maybe not 100% perfect but seems to already be Worth a Fork!

Worth a Fork!

Everything is subject to change and your experience may or may not differ.

The Forking Truth