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WTFork is That?…………………(The Blue Foot Mushroom)


I came across these Blue Foot Mushrooms at Whole Foods. So I picked up a few because I never tried them before. I FORKING KNOW most people just brush them off but on these I used a very damp paper towel to clean them because I don’t like the taste of dirt.

This small amount of mushrooms coast about $6.00.

These mushrooms feel more dense than your average mushroom.

I thought I better read about them before I prepare them.

I read on that the Blue Foot Mushroom needs to be thoroughly cooked because it contains some of the same chemistry as from psychedelic mushrooms.

On they suggested slicing the mushroom in half or thirds and placing them on a parchment lined baking sheet. Then brush the mushrooms with oil and cover lightly with foil and place in a 425 oven for 20 minutes and turn over and maybe another 20 minutes.

I cut my mushrooms smaller because I wanted them in smaller pieces. So mine only needed 20 minutes.

The mushrooms came out crispy and soft at the same time. This is an excellent easy way to cook those tougher kind of mushrooms.

I taste a piece of mushroom.


They are very earthy but they lack that dirt taste.

They also taste very FLORAL with a bit of a nutty grain taste.

Blue Foot mushrooms are very unique and don’t taste like any other mushroom.

WTFork is That?

The Blue Foot Mushroom

Special Thanks to with your informative directions on how to cook the Blue Foot Mushroom.

The Forking Truth



WTFork is Sourleaf?


I came across Sourleaf at the Asian Market. I don’t care for sour things so I didn’t feel the need to purchase this but I did wonder WTFork is Sourleaf?

I looked up Sourleaf and on Wikipedia it reads that Sourleaf is a foul tasting plant and it’s leaves are used like chewing tobacco. The leaves contain a mild narcotic and can numb pain. The leaves also cause a pink foam in the mouth and it’s said that your teeth can turn BLOOD RED.

I’m not Forking trying it to find out….

That’s a little bit of The Forking Truth about Sourleaf.

The Forking Truth

International Desserts in Metro Phoenix Arizona


Spurgos Vaskes (Lithuanian Donuts) from Sonata's Restaurant Scottsdale AZ

Spurgos Vaskes (Lithuanian Donuts) from Sonata’s Restaurant Scottsdale AZ

Phoenix Arizona offers quite a lot of international cuisine. Here are just a few of some international desserts I tried this year.

Sonata’s Restaurant in Scottsdale Arizona serves Lithuanian and Eastern Europeans Foods. They have their own Lithuanian Donuts on the menu called Spurgos Vaskes.

They are small round deep fried donuts that are made with Lithuanian Cheese Curd that’s similar to Quark Cheese. Instead of rising from yeast like an American Donut these rise from baking powder.


Sonata’s serves the Spurgos Vaskes with Organic Hazelnut Chocolate Spread, Strawberry Preserves and a Heavy Pastry Cream.

We now have Thai Style Ice Cream Rolls at Arrowhead Towne Center (The Mall) in Glendale AZ from the new Indian Restaurant named Maya. (Maya is more of an Ice Cream Roll restaurant that serves a short 3 item menu of Authentic Indian Cuisine.)


The Ice Cream Gets Made before your eyes on a sheet that instantly freezes the cream. Things get hand chopped and mixed on the sheet, then the ice cream gets “rolled off.” You pick the base, the add ins, sauce and toppings.








My husband had an all Chocolate Thai Style Ice Cream Creation.


We also have Kwality Ice Cream in Phoenix AZ that specializes in egg-free Indian Flavors of Ice Cream.



Last time I tried a single note flavor of Leechie Fruit and my husband had Butterscotch. This time I went for the explosive favor of Mitha Paan.

fullsizeoutput_31bf fullsizeoutput_31c1

Wow lots of flavors…..This one you got to be prepared for….Betel Leaf, Rose Petals, Cloves, Cardamon, Coconut, Fennel and Candied Fruit! You are sure not going to find this at Baskin Robbins!


The Great Australian Bakery in Old Town Scottsdale AZ Serves all kinds of hand pies, rolls, pasties and several Australian Desserts. Some of the desserts TGAB offers are, Vanilla Slices (like Napoleons), Lamingtons (spongy tender cake covered in chocolate icing and dusted with coconut, some are filled with cream and jam), matchsticks (raspberry jam and cream sandwiched in puff pastry topped with icing sugar and Anzac Biscuits or Anzac Biscuit Ice Cream Sandwich.


The Anzac Biscuit is sweet hard and chewy and (according to Wikipedia) is an eggless biscuit made from rolled oats, flour, sugar, butter, golden syrup, baking soda, boiling water and optionally desiccated coconut.   The name of the biscuit Anzac is the combination of Australia and New Zealand made into one name that combines the two countries who have fought together in WW1. I read that Housewives would make these sturdy biscuits and ship them to soldiers at war for nourishment. There is a holiday called Anzac Day April 25 (like America’s Memorial Day) Anzac Biscuits are eaten to remember the soldiers of war.

The cookies are chewy and delicious with filled with vanilla ice cream. You can’t tell by looking at my photo but this is an extremely large cookie sandwich. It’s enough to feed FOUR people. My husband and me could only make it threw half and had to call it quits. It was delicious but the serving is for sharing with a family.

One location of Snoh Ice Shavery is in Phoenix AZ. They serve a frozen Chinese-Taiwanese kind of dessert. It’s light and fluffy like real snow. It’s described as shaved ice mixed with ice cream. Here you pick a favor, a topping or two and a sauce. The delicate ice is mild with flavor and the added sauce and fruit give this light dessert some substance.


These were only a few of the International Desserts you can try in Metro Phoenix AZ.

 The Forking Truth

The Forking Truth



WTFork is Tomato Pie?




All my life I thought Tomato Pie was something similar to the picture above. It’s fluffy thick pizza-like crust topped with a thick tomato sauce.

These kind of pies aren’t popular in Arizona but some people make them.

I remember I use to enjoy the Tomato Pie from Cafe Riviera in Bensalem PA located in Neshaminy Mall. I was searching for pictures of their tomato pie that I used to enjoy and found out some sad and disturbing news.




According to The Midweek Wire after being in business for over 36 years Cafe Riviera’s lease was lost. Neshaminy mall offered Cafe Riviera another spot in the mall but the owners didn’t agree on that spot in time to get it and Cafe Riviera shuttered February 14th 2016. This restaurant was a favorite for many and for over 36 years and was loved so much that over 10,000 people petitioned the mall with hopes to let Cafe Riviera to keep their spot.

Sadly I couldn’t find one picture of Cafe Riviera’s Tomato Pie on-line anywhere.

Well anyway thanks for listening to the ramble and getting back to tomato pies ………….Cafe Riviera’s Tomato Pie looked similar to the photo below.

Joe's Tomato Pie Philadelphia PA

Joe’s Tomato Pie Philadelphia PA

It never occurred to me that a Tomato Pie would be made ……..

with forking…..



When I first read about this pie I thought it was a joke. Then I looked it up and to my surprise I found out that Southern Style Tomato Pie is more popular than Jesus. There are hundreds of recipes on-line for this kind of Tomato Pie….

Maybe you never heard of this kind of Tomato Pie either?

It looks something like this pie from FoodNetwork by Paula Deen.


Unknown until today for me…I found out that Tomato Pie is very popular in Southern US.

It’s a flaky pie crust that’s stuffed with fresh tomatoes, sweet onions, herbs like basil and is topped with a mixture of shredded cheese like cheddar or a blend with cheddar and MAYONNAISE.

Those are WTFork Tomato Pies Are

 The Forking Truth

The Forking Truth

Update- You can still find Cafe Riviera on FaceBook. They are currently looking to re-open somewhere. The same owners also own Pizza Zeppoli in Neshaminy Mall Food Court.  I wasn’t able to find a photo on-line of Pizza Zeppoli’s Tomato Pie either. Their Tomato Pies really were good. I guess the people just have to eat and forking don’t stop to photo.

To Neshaminy Mall…..

What you did to Cafe Rivera is FORKED UP!

What you did to Cafe Riviera is FORKED UP!




Just some of what I saw at the local Asian Markets


I have three Asian Markets within a half hour radius from where I live. I usually go the the closest one because I always see lots of interesting vegetables there and unusual international items. The produce section is very seasonal and the selection differs some every time I’m here.

This market sells a variety of Korean Goods, Asian Goods, Indian Goods, Mexican Goods, Middle Eastern Goods and European Goods.

Green Almonds were in season at the time and they were at this market.

Green Almonds

Green Almonds


Variety of Squash.


Tarro Root is on the far right. It’s hard to handle and is better to purchase cut up. Behind it is burdock. I came across the long green vegetable on the left before and don’t remember the name but I remember I didn’t want to buy it for some reason. Don’t know what the long vegetable in the box is.


They sell serving ware.


Cabbage peelers


A gadget for mashed fresh garlic, wasabi or ginger that works very well I love using this one.


This market offers a variety of smoked fish and packaged fish.



Asian Ice-creams



Meat section


Onion Juice?


Balloon Flower & Pear Juice


A variety of leaves to cook with



Solar Salt ?


Seaweed Salt


BIG TUBS of Hot Pepper Paste


LOTS of Korean ground pepper


A variety of dried fish


Lots of Chicken Feet in the Poultry Department


Israeli Couscous and other items


Arabic Spices


Arabic Honey


New Zealand Honey


Greek Honey


Some sort of Chocolate Candy with a chance to WIN a Trip to DUBAI


Bulgarian Feta


Arabic Nabulsi Cheese


Fukujin Zuke


Lots of Kimchi


Packaged sliced jelly fish


Sour Rye Meal Soup


Lot of Rice


Chhole Masala? ….sounds funny to me


Canned Mushrooms that look like they are smiling!


Someone cooking up Taiwanese Pancakes.


I tried a Red Bean filled pancake. The pancake taste like a normal American Pancake but with a crispness on the outsides and the filling is just fresh cooked beans. An interesting fresh taste of Taiwan for only .75 cents.

That was just some of what I saw at my local Asian Markets.

 The Forking Truth

The Forking Truth



Forking Difference Between Cobbler, Crumble and Crisp

Southern Inspired Blueberry Cobbler

Southern Inspired Blueberry Cobbler

All the dishes Cobbler, Crumble and Crisp are all similar but there are some differences.

Cobbler is a dish consisting of fruit or savory filling poured into a large baking dish covered with batter, biscuit or dumpling before being baked.

The Crumble might be known as a Brown Betty and is of British Origin. It can be sweet or savory. The Crumble is CRUMBLY and is a mixture of usually butter, flour and sugar. Savory crumbles are made with cheese. Just think about crumb tops.

A Crisp really is a crumble but is usually made with oats and some sort of nuts.

A lesser known dessert that is related is a Pandowdy that is a deep dish spiced apple dessert covered with a rich crust.

That is the Forking Difference between a Cobbler, a crumble and a Crisp.

The Forking Truth

The Forking Truth



WTFork is Marmite?


Marmite is a salted yeast based paste that’s edible, savory and pungent. It’s made from brewery by-products and happens to be vegetarian. The main ingredients in Marmite are yeast extract, salt, vegetable extract, thiamine, spice extracts, riboflavin, folic acid and celery extract. Marmite is a very healthy food and is naturally rich in vitamins, especially b complex but additional vitamins are added.

Some of the ways to eat Marmite are to spread it thin on a cracker.

Spread it thin on buttered toast.

Spread it thin on bread with cheese.

Use it as a vegetarian base for soups.

Make a “Chippie Sandwich” Marmite & Potato Chips.

Marmite is added to rice congee (rice porridge ) in Malaysia.

Marmite is can also be used in cocktails.

According to Marmite can be stored at room temperature and won’t decompose for years.


I decided to try it. The Marmite isn’t as paste-like as I imagined. It’s more like a thick syrup.

I spread some very thin on toast crust with butter and melt some munster cheese on it for my first try..



I can taste something is there and it isn’t terrible. It just something unknown in the background.

I decide maybe I can be more bold and try how it really taste.


I try some straight on a small piece of crust.


WTFork is it?

I think I taste a combination of soap, hand lotion, burnt something, coffee grinds and some other kind of funk mixed it.

It doesn’t taste like food to me.


I’m not sure that I can try it again……my stomach is turning now. I think the after taste is bitter hand lotion.

For some people Marmite might be for weight loss. It’s hard to eat after trying it.

Millions of people forking enjoy Marmite…….so..I’m thinking. Either they have very unusual taste or…….


Maybe Marmite is one of those foods that you have to eat a certain way like Hawaiian poi made from taro root. Poi taste awful eaten straight but when you add it to roasted meat it compliments the meat.

Well I didn’t always like broccoli either but with the right cooking technique or sauce it can be delicious. Maybe something or someone can make Marmite delicious? I don’t know.


That’s a little WTFork about Marmite.

 The Forking Truth

The Forking Truth



WTFork is that?…….The Green Fuzzy Almond

Green Almonds

Green Almonds

Green almonds are only available for about eight weeks in the spring and are considered to be a delicacy and or a treat.. Green Almonds are actually just young almonds and have a fuzzy texture like the peach or apricot that the fruit is related to.

The Green Almond is popular in the Mediterranean and the Mid-East where it is eaten while raw whole and salted. The Green Almond can be shaved raw on a salad or served cooked. For some people the Green Almond is an acquired taste.

I decide to try my first Green Almond. I decide I’ll try just the kernel or nut part first.

I run a knife threw it the same way as a peach or avocado.


I peal out the seed part.


It’s like an undeveloped watermelon seed but puffier.

I try it and it doesn’t have much of a taste but it burst like liquid in the mouth with a very slight bitterness.

This is how it looks when you cut it open.


I tried another one and add a little salt and then it taste slightly better.

I try the outside raw with a little salt since most people eat it.

Raw the fuzzy outside is too bitter for me.

Perhaps it’s better cooked?

I don’t go nuts for the Fuzzy Green Almond but now I know WTFork a Fuzzy Green Almond is.

 The Forking Truth

The Forking Truth

WYFork is a Butterkin Squash?


The butterkin Squash taste sweet and buttery. It can be baked,roasted, or steamed. One cup is only 60 calories with ZERO fat.

The Butterkin was developed by Hybrid Seeds in New Zealand for sweet butter flavor and texture. Butterkins on  the average weigh 2-4 pounds.


The Butterkin Squash is forking worth a try if you come across it.

 The Forking Truth

The Forking Truth

WTFork is That……A Purple Daikon Radish

Purple Daikon Radish

Purple Daikon Radish

I never seen this kind of radish before. It’s very large about the same size as an extra large russet potato.

Inside the radish is a pretty design.


I taste it.

It’s spicy and sweeter than most radishes with a nice crunch. This radish has much more flavor than a regular daikon radish. This radish might be the most delicious radish I ever tried!

I like this radish. Hope I find it again!

 The Forking Truth

The Forking Truth