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WTFork is Red Velvet Cake?


I wasn’t forking sure what Red Velvet Flavor is suppose to be? Every-time I tried it I didn’t care for it because it was like not so good tasting bloody looking chocolate with a not so good tasting icing. Not good enough to be chocolate and not yummy enough frosting to eat….to me.  I do know most people forking like Red Velvet. Maybe I just haven’t had a good Red Velvet yet?

I did a little FORKING research. (and no I would NEVER eat a red velvet pop-tart)

NO FORKING BODY KNOWS the exact forking history of the Red Velvet Cake.

Some people believe somebody from the New York Waldorf Astoria invented it in the 1920s.

The definition of a Red Velvet Cake is a Reddish Buttermilk Coca Layer Cake topped with cooked Roux Icing or a Cream Cheese Icing. The Reddish Color is either from Beet Root or Food Coloring.

Forking Truth

Forking Truth


Red Spinach

Red Spinach

Red Spinach

I never forking saw Red Spinach before. I read that Red Spinach is also called Chinese Spinach and also Spleen Amaranth. Red Spinach is originally native to South America.

Today I saw it at my local Trader Joe’s.


It doesn’t taste too much different raw. Just slightly sweeter. Cooked taste more sweet less vegetable.

Cooked Red Spinach

Cooked Red Spinach

Red Spinach is attractive in salads.


A pickled egg, beets and some red runner beans would be forking nice to add to this salad.

Hope I see Red Spinach again!

Forking Truth

Forking Truth

More WEIRD Food at the Super Market

Maple Bacon Cookie Mix

Maple Bacon Cookie Mix

Might be a Good Idea? I wonder if forking real bacon is even in the forking mix? I see artificially flavored on the package.

Maple Bacon Frosting

Maple Bacon Frosting

Guess you NEED forking artificial flavored Maple Bacon Frosting for your FORKING artificially flavored Maple Bacon Cookies!

Candy Apple M & Ms

Candy Apple M & Ms

I was hoping these would be good and picked them up. Sadly they left me disappointed.  The Candy Apple M & Ms just taste like something was wrong with them. They are so bad they had to go in the trash.

Cracker Jack'D

Cracker Jack’D

A bunch of Strange flavors of Cracker Jack’D are out there and they don’t even contain a prize.

It’s like your Cracker Jack got forking Hy-Jacked.

I was going to try one until I read how calorie dense it was.


It says the bag is three servings but honestly it’s very small with not much Cracker Jack’D inside. The bag is smaller than a box of regular Cracker Jack and has a forking 450 calories and 230 of them are forking fat. I’ll leave to Cracker Jack’ds to other people. I got better things to do with 230 calories of fat.

Luck's Canned Fat Free Fried Apples

Luck’s Canned Fat Free Fried Apples


How the Fork can a fried apple be fat free?

Now that’s FORKED up!

This is Forked Up!

This is Forked Up!

The Forking Truth is that there is a LOT of weird food at the Super Market.

Forking Truth

Forking Truth





EZ 3 Hour Roasted Chicken Confit Style Onions

EZ 3 Hour Chicken Confit Style Onions

EZ 3 Hour Chicken Confit Style Onions

Just toss them in your oven and forget about them. The Onions will come out developed with deep flavors and a delicious melty texture. Great for grilled meats, sandwiches and casseroles.

Ingredients Oven set at 350 degrees

3 Large Sweet Onions (cut in halves and sliced thin)

6-8 Bay leaves

about 1/4 C. saved Chicken Fat (Mine is always orange because I always use paprika when seasoning chicken. It is also kept frozen so it looks solid)

1 teaspoon Black Peppercorns

Big Splash of Leftover Wine (for this one I used Rose but any would be fine) (about a 1/4 Cup or so)

Big Drizzle of Extra Virgin Olive Oil (about 1/4 Cup)


Line your baking pan with bayleaves, chicken fat, peppercorns, and wine.


Lay your onions on top



Drizzle the tops of onion with your Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

Roast for 3 hours at 350 degrees


If you see any pieces that are too burnt remove.

Now remove onions from pan and leave peppercorns and bay leaves behind.


EZ 3 Hour Chicken Confit Style Onions

EZ 3 Hour Chicken Confit Style Onions

Your EZ 3 Hour Chicken Confit Style Onions will be a crowd Pleaser.

Forking Good!

Forking Good!



Mayonnaise and Aioli

Calorically dense food

Calorically dense food

There isn’t a forking lot of difference between Mayonnaise and Aioli. This is what they are.

Mayonnaise is an emulsion of neutral oil, egg yolk, lemon juice or vinegar. Adding the addition of mustard to Mayonnaise turns the sauce into Remoulade.

Aioli was invented in France. Aioli is hand made by pounding garlic cloves into a paste and then whipping egg yolk, lemon juice, and olive oil into the mixture.

Forking Truth

Forking Truth


2nd Stop The Search for LOX in Metro Phoenix PT.2 (Better)

Hand Carved Belly Lox from Abe's Deli Scottsdale AZ

Hand Carved Belly Lox from Abe’s Deli Scottsdale AZ (Now Closed for Business)

My Search for Lox began when Miller’s Deli Closed.  The Miller’s Deli Grill basically was an slim downed version of Abe’s Deli (same owner that closed Abe’s and opened the smaller Miller’s)

At both Abe’s and Miller’s I could get hand carved Lox and a tasty pastrami

Miller's Deli Grill Scottsdale AZ

Miller’s Deli Grill Scottsdale AZ (now Closed for Business)

or a traditional potato knish.

Miller's Deli Grill Scottsdale AZ (now Closed for Business)

Miller’s Deli Grill Scottsdale AZ (now Closed for Business)

The hand cut lox  either belly or nova  that Abe’s or Miller’s served was always far superior to factory cut lox. Pastrami should have some fat like good BBQ so it can melt in your mouth with a lot of flavor. Everybody knows that fat equals flavor. That’s part of why many people like bacon or pepperoni.  Nobody raves about fat free BBQ, fat free bacon or fat free pepperoni and pastrami is the same. Good pastrami means about 3 weeks of brining  brisket with pickling spices and garlic and then it’s carefully smoked.

One month ago today I wrote about my first stop for lox. It was dreadful with terrible food that was very miss handled. (You just have to read that one)

I recently made a second search for lox and did much better but it wasn’t the one yet.

The 2nd stop didn’t offer Belly Lox but only has Nova. To me it didn’t seem hand cut but I do note it was very fresh and better tasting than what I can purchase at the upscale AJ’s Supermarket.

Nova Lox Cream Cheese on a Bagel from Goldman's Deli Scottsdale AZ

Nova Lox Cream Cheese on a Bagel from Goldman’s Deli Scottsdale AZ

The pastrami was very carefully prepared and was very moist, very fresh and succulent. It seemed very mild with spices  and I’m not sure if it was smoked because it sort of reminded me of corned beef like what I remember tasting from the East Coast.

Goldman's Deli Scottsdale AZ

Goldman’s Deli Scottsdale AZ

I liked that it was on real rye bread. I can’t find anything bad about it but I just prefer my pastrami more full flavored.

I wasn’t able to try a potato knish because they were out of them the day I was in.

I also do need to note this Deli is Chicago Style and should differ than the East Coast Style I’m familiar with.

The search for Spock I mean Lox will  be continued.

Forking Truth

Forking Truth


WTFork is White Turmeric

White Turmeric

White Turmeric

I wasn’t forking sure what to do with White Turmeric so I looked to the internet for suggestions. I read that white turmeric is not the same as regular Turmeric and should used like a vegetable. Some people say they just eat it raw with a little lemon juice. So I forking tasted it raw. It sort of was crunchy and wet and very gingery. I thought maybe roasting the White Turmeric might be interesting so I did.


After I roasted the White Turmeric they changed a little and became a little potato like but wetter. They still tasted like ginger and I decided they were too strong to eat as is and I made a dipping sauce out of the white turmeric because for me the White Turmeric didn’t work out as a vegetable.


I rough chopped the white turmeric and added some white miso, mirin, rice vinegar, an elephant garlic clove, and a tiny bit of sesame oil.



It came out tasty as a light refreshing dip with the vegetables.



The White Turmeric is like the Elephant Garlic. The Turmeric wants to be ginger but isn’t and the Elephant Garlic wants to be garlic but isn’t.  Both the White Turmeric and the Elephant Garlic are easier to eat raw than Ginger and Garlic.

Forking Truth

Forking Truth

WTFork is Lox

Hand Carved Belly Lox from Abe's Deli Scottsdale AZ

Hand Carved Belly Lox from Abe’s Deli Scottsdale AZ (Now Closed for Business)

Lox is a Brined Salmon

Belly Lox is a fattier salmon that’s smoother in texture to Nova Lox. Belly Lox is not smoked Salmon it’s salmon that’s cured in salt.

Nova Lox Cream Cheese on a Bagel from Goldman's Deli Scottsdale AZ

Nova Lox Cream Cheese on a Bagel from Goldman’s Deli Scottsdale AZ

Nova Lox is done with a milder brine and then cold smoked.

Scottish Style is a mixture of salt, sugar, spices, applied to the fish, then washed off and then cold smoked.

House Made Gravlax from Beaver's Choice Mesa AZ

House Made Gravlax from Beaver’s Choice Mesa AZ

Gravlax is a traditional Nordic way of preparing salmon. The salmon is coated with dill, sugar, salt, dill and juniper berries and is cold cured. The Gravlax is then served with a sweet mustard sauce.

Hand sliced lox taste better than pre sliced lox for many of the same reasons that fresh sliced cheese and deli meats that better than pre sliced. Air coats the fish and changes the flavor. The fish isn’t as fresh tasting. The fish below was very affected by air but not the cute doggie looking at it.

Nova Lox Bagel from JJ's Delicatessen Scottsdale AZ

Nova Lox platter from JJ’s Delicatessen Scottsdale AZ

Forking Truth

Forking Truth

French Apple Cake Cook’s Illustrated Recipe

French Apple Cake Cook's Illustrated Recipe

French Apple Cake Cook’s Illustrated Recipe

There is a bunch of buzz, reviews and Blogs about this French Apple Cake Recipe so here I forking go with mine.

This recipe is forking described as “Neither a Cake”, “Nor a Custard”, “Nor a Clafouti” “But a bit of Culinary Magic That’s all Three”.

A dessert that’s a rich custardy apple filling beneath a light cake light topping. Sounds forking scrumptious doesn’t it?

I thought it was easy to make with mostly easy ingredients. The recipe was unlike any cake I’ve made before so I thought it was worth a try.

I followed the recipe with the exception of one tablespoon of Calvados.


1 1/2 Lbs. Granny Apples (cleaned up and cut in small slices)

1 T. Calvados (I left out because I wasn’t forking going to buy a bottle of booze for 1 forking T.)

1 t. lemon juice. I went a little heavy because I thought I needed to make up for liquid of the Calvados. (and fresh lemon taste good on apples so wtfork)

1 c. +2T. Flour

1 c.+1T sugar

2t. Baking Powder

1/2 t. salt

1 egg+2yolks

1 c.vegetable oil


1 t. vanilla extract

10x sugar For dusting

Adjust oven to 325 degree, grease your springform pan and use your middle oven rack.

Microwave your apples till slightly translucent. They recommend three minutes but I found two was perfect. Toss apples with lemon juice and Calvados.

Whisk1 c. flour, 1 c. sugar, baking powder and salt together.

in another bowl whisk egg, oil, milk, and vanilla and then add to dry mixture and combine well.

Transfer one cup of batter to another bowl. Add your two T. of Flour and mix well to your one cup batter bowl.


To the big bowl of batter add the two yolks and mix well. Fold in your apple mixture. Fill your springform pan with this mixture and spread smooth.

Top with your cup of batter and lastly with the T. of sugar.


Place in your oven and it should be done in about 1 1/4 hours but needs to cool and set before you can forking eat it. (2-3 hours)



It’s NOT BAD but can use some more time in the test kitchen. For me it just needs a  little tweaking because it’s slightly too oily. If I made it again I’d cut the fat and sub butter for some of the oil.  I note I didn’t have the 1 Tablespoon of Calvados it might have needed but other reviewers also found the flavor too delicate.

The recipe is a blank canvas, there is so much you can do with it.  I think ether almond flavoring with some sliced almonds on top with a little cinnamon or less cake with a layer of cheese filling would be delicious with this recipe. Maybe in-addition to Calvados raisins soaked in rum or brandy would flavor it up. I think making this cake with bananas might be more delicious with some cinnamon, butter  and dark rum. With the changes it would no longer be a French Apple Cake.

I did like the crisp crunchy top from the small amount of sugar. I also liked the appearance of this cake. The cake had an interesting light layer on top as promised. The apples were perfectly cooked and a cake that held together nicely. People who prefer a more delicately flavored dessert  and those who aren’t found of sweets will really go for this cake.  I think it’s a recipe you can work with to create your own.

Forking Truth

Forking Truth



In 1941 CheeriOats were introduced and became what we all know as Cherrios and are made by General Mills.

Some time in 1976 General Mills said a Forking Cherrio to just selling regular forking Cheerios so today you have maybe TEN flavors to pick from.

Fruity Cheerios (for when your thinking about that cute Birdie Sam, The Fruit Loop Bird)


Multi Grain Cheerios Peanut Butter (unless you have a peanut allergy)


Multi Grain Cheerios Dark Chocolate Crunch (because we hear Dark Chocolate is healthy)


Frosted Cheerios (because original Cheerios are just too forking healthy)


Apple Cinnamon Cheerios (an apple a day keeps the doctor away)


Honey Nut Cheerios Medley Crunch (sometimes you feel like a nut)


Honey Nut Cheerios (without the forking medley or forking crunch but hey there is a free car inside)


Cheerios Protein (????)


Multi Grain Cheerios (For when you don’t really feel like eating forking Cheerios)


In 2009 Cheerios had to pull their Forking Advertising of saying things like “You can lower your Cholesterol 4% in 6 Weeks” because the FDA said that kind of advertising made Cheerios to be an unapproved DRUG due to labeling.

2014 – Cheerios are no longer made with genetically modified ingredients.

Cheerios meets the Criteria to be certified for the American Heart Association.

Forking Truth

Forking Truth