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Forking Dangerous levels of ARSENIC You might be Consuming


White wine, beer, rice, brussels sprouts, dark meat fish, and unfiltered tap water all have possibly dangerous levels of arsenic. Possibly dangerous levels of arsenic are considered low levels because it’s the forking HIGH levels that kill you!

We don’t know all the effects of arsenic yet. We also don’t know exactly how the arsenic gets in these things we consume. We know that plants absorb arsenic. We also know that arsenic is found in soil, water, fertilizer, pesticide, pressure treated wood, and clay soil.

A study showed that people who drank one and a half beers a day or one glass of white wine a day had THIRTY Forking percent more arsenic in their bodies than from people who didn’t drink alcohol.

Arsenic is also found in apple juice, grape juice, and rice cereals.

References-Men’s Journal &

Forking Truth

Forking Truth

Lighter and Healthier Cabbage Rolls Version #1- 93%Beef and Kamut



There are many forking ways to make cabbage rolls. I thought today I’d make them very reasonably light and healthy. I used 93% lean beef and instead of rice I used kamut. I used next to no oil at all and no butter. Whole wheat panko was also used instead of bread crumbs. Instead of sautéing the onions I left them raw so the liquid would come out in the lean meat to help keep it moist and add flavor to the beef instead of just being onions that taste good.

Cabbage rolls are suppose to be a little sweet and sour and for a little sweet I used Hot and sweet cherry peppers in the meat and for a little sweet and sour in the sauce my secret ingredient was date syrup that’s also sweet and a little sour. My recipe isn’t traditional but it is close to the way that I think cabbage rolls should taste like.

Set your oven to 350 degrees. This recipe makes 25 cabbage rolls with 4 oz. portion of meat filling  (you can freeze them for an instant meal)


2 Cabbage Heads- (one at a time Microwave with a little water in a covered bowl for about 9 minutes while you work on your meat filling)

3.5 lbs of 93% lean ground beef

4 whole eggs beaten

2 Cups of raw chopped onion (fine chop)

1 shredded carrot

2 cups cooked kamut

10 hot and sweet jarred cherry peppers (fine chopped)


1 cup whole wheat panko


2 teaspoons thyme

1/2 teaspoon paprika

1 Tablespoon kosher salt

1/2 teaspoon black pepper

1/4 teaspoon cayenne

3 cups vegetable broth

For the sauce….

2-28oz. cans tomatoes (I used whole pears pealed and blended but crushed would be fine)

4 cups more vegetable broth

about 3/4 cup date syrup


Combine beef, eggs, onion, carrot, kamut, cherry peppers, panko, thyme, paprika, salt, black and cayenne peppers.



Your cabbage heads are cool enough for you to handle now.


Insert a knife by the core and cut the core out so you can pull off leaves as you need them. I used about 3/4 of each cabbage and found the center leaves just too small. I kept them for a latter use as a vegetable or for soup.

Now measure out 4 oz. of your meat mixture. You will need a lightly sprayed baking pan to roast  your cabbage rolls.


Place the meat mixture about two thirds down and near the thick stem of leaf.



Roll up the bottom.


Roll up the sides.


Roll up till your finished like a burrito. Keep going and loading up your pans till your out of meat.


Now you want to pour vegetable broth over the rolls. Cover the pan with foil and roast 1/2 hour at 350 degrees. You forking need to use a deeper pan than I did or you will have to cook your extra sauce on the side.

Now make your sauce.

I just blended up 2-28oz. cans of tomatoes with about 4 cups of vegetable broth and about 3/4 cup of date syrup. This simple sauce has a similar flavor to what I remember on cabbage rolls.

After a 1/2 hour I pull out the cabbage rolls and drain the liquid. I pour the tomato sauce on the cabbage rolls and cover again with foil and roast another 1/2 hour.

The next day these cabbage rolls were awesome!






Now you have Cabbage Rolls.

Forking Good!

Forking Good!


Latest Weird Forking Foods I saw


There’s an endless amount of weird forking foods out there. In the old days when I was young the only flavors of potato chips I remember were plain, ruffled, BBQ, dill, and sour cream with onion. We might have had ranch but I block that flavor out because ranch from my childhood tasted forking gross and had a sour tang.

These days you can get almost anything!

Red Curry…ummmm I wonder if it taste good?

Bloody Mary?


Does it include the FORKING Vodka?

Garlic Dill Pickle is pretty standard as far as today’s forking flavors go I guess.


Sriracha sounds tasty….don’t know if the chips are…..


Sometimes you need a forking Maple Bacon Potato Chip for breakfast.



Even Cheese Curls are getting forking weird these days. I never dreamed I’d see Buffalo Blue Cheese flavored Cheese Curls.


Those Lance Sandwich snacks are getting weird too with forking seasonal favorites.



Pumpkin Cheese Cake….(if I forking wanted a pumpkin cheese cake….I eat a forking pumpkin cheese cake)

Chocolate mint is pretty tame and forking normal but I think the package is winter but it looks almost like spring.



Cereal that’s kind of like a forking dessert goes over well with some people or a Whole Family sometimes.



I think the forking weirdest food I saw on this trip was…..


These NEW POPPIN’ PEBBLES. The box reads it Fizzes in your mouth….with bursting berry flavor.   That’s a WTFork! Just what you need to be forking foaming in colors in the mouth at breakfast time. If I saw some people foaming at the mouth in rainbow colors I think I’d forking puke. Next they might invent a cereal that makes you forking fart in rainbow colors.

I don’t know what I’ll Forking see next time.

Forking Truth

Forking Truth




Toscana Osteria is worth a Fork! Destination Dining Hits Glendale AZ -UPDATE NOW CLOSED FOR BUSINESS



Toscana Osteria has just opened and Forking Good Northern Italian Cuisine has arrived to Glendale Arizona. Toscana shares the entrance door of Pomo Napoletana Pizzeria but is separate with it’s own well trained staff, separate bar and more formal dinning room.

Carafes of house wine were on special for $20. the night we dined there and nearly every table purchased one so we also did too. The red wine wasn’t a full bodied wine but was very forking smooth with an easy to drink one note full fruit flavor that paired well with food.

Our server Ida was very warm and friendly and was offering to answer any forking questions we had about the menu. The only question I had was, “what’s a piadina?” because I didn’t know what a forking piadina is. I learned a piadina is house made bread.

They started us off with a generous portion of fresh made crusty bread and olive oil with drops of balsamic vinegar.


We shared the house made potato gnocchi.


The gnocchi were light little pillows adorned with walnuts and a light gorgonzola cream sauce. Often walnuts can be bitter but these walnuts were forking tasty in this dish.

For dinner I had the salmon. More often than I like…… salmon can turn out to be a frightening choice in an Italian Restaurant and is a good dish to tell how a restaurant really is. Fish is not forgiving to poor cooking techniques and does often can have freshness issues.


This was salmon with a pistachio crust, fresh broccoli and grilled polenta. The salmon was nice,  flaky and moist with just enough seasoning. The broccoli was fresh and crisp and tasted like it was lightly brushed with olive oil. I didn’t get a full pistachio flavor from the crust but the dish was good as is. House made Italian Tarter Sauce was included. I thought the tarter sauce was a little over-kill because the fish was rich and juicy but it tasted right. The grilled polenta had a nice creaminess to it and tasted better from being grilled.

My husband had a Chicken Dish called Pollo Ripieno. It was Chicken Breast that was stuffed with  prosciutto and fontina cheese in a white wine sauce with sweet corn. The chicken was melt in your mouth tender and went really well with everything on the plate. It’s very rare that either of had very good chicken at Italian Restaurants.



After I took this photo the waitress offered crushed red pepper and cheese.

Things went well so we saved a little room for dessert and had a Hazelnut Gelato Truffle.


The dessert was presented nicely and was simple but good.

Toscana Osteria is WORTH A FORK! Destination Dining Hits Glendale AZ.

 Worth a Fork!

Worth a Fork!

Forking Good!

Forking Truth




A different way to prepare Eggs in a very light way.


I haven’t seen this before so I think it’s unique. I took two eggs and cooked the beaten whites with some scallions



and cooked them in a regular (not forking non-stick) fry pan with a little canola spray on medium heat.


Then slid them out on a plate.


Then I beat the two egg yolks with some sautéed red bell peppers and onions.


I sort of scrambled them and placed them as filling in the cooked egg white.


Topped it with salsa.


Folded it up.


Added some potatoes.


Something Different. The Yolks in the center are super rich without the whites and seem indulgent.

Forking Good!

Forking Good!

Rosemary Infused Chicken Recipe


One of my favorite ways to prepare chicken is to infuse it with rosemary.

You can use any kind of forking chicken. I usually use boneless thighs for this one.

Take your chicken and place in a plastic bag and lightly pound it on both sides.



Now make like your rough sewing the rosemary threw the chicken starting from the base of the rosemary sprig.


Season your chicken on both sides with fresh ground sea salt, fresh ground black pepper and lightly flour the chicken on both sides with a healthy better tasting flour like kamut, farro, spelt or mung bean flour.


Get your fry pan on medium high heat and lightly spray it with nonstick cooking spray.

When the pan looks heated place the chicken in the pan and cover with aluminum foil.

Depending on the size of your chicken thighs you will need 5-7 minutes on the one side and 4-6 minutes on the other side.

Now you make some sort of pan sauce after the chicken is cooked.


To your pan you deglaze it with white wine or lemon juice or a little of both scraping the bottom of the pan. Maybe a little water or chicken stock, maybe the flour and seasoning that fell off the chicken to thicken. If you used thighs butter isn’t necessary because flavorful fat will come out in the pan. You might need a tiny bit of chicken base to boost the flavor. Add a little oregano maybe and adjust seasoning to your liking.




You can use other herbs.

I did a similar dish with lemongrass.


Peal of the dry parts of the lemongrass and slash it up a little. You will need a knife to make little slits in the chicken. Season with sea salt and fresh ground pepper. Flour.




I threw garlic, a thai chili, and some ginger in the pan. I made a pan sauce with chicken broth and a little light coconut milk and added some basil. This came out tasty and flavorful with moist flavorful chicken.



Forking Good!

Forking Good!


Devoured Phoenix Culinary Festival Sunday 3-8-15


The Line to enter devoured was much longer than I ever seen before. The Line started near the door and went threw the back of the museum threw the Andy Warhol display and around back threw the front.

30 something local and high end restaurants, 30something wineries and several breweries participated. VIP Tickets were available and did cost $150.00 for the day. The VIPs were entitled to arrive early before general admission and got special dibs from Chef Greg Laprad of Overland Trout and Chef Dustin Christofolo of Quiessence.

I enjoyed the two day event very much but comparing the event to previous years this one did fall short. The reception room used to have many participants and cheerful live music was playing to entertain. I also miss all the tall small tables were you could set your plates down. I felt the festival seemed more crowded than usual and maybe the loss of tables made way for more tickets sold? I also miss the nice inside dining in the museum restaurant. It was a welcome break we no longer have. A live local band used to play there too that we lost.

I noticed on Sunday that one restaurant ran out of food around 12:00. The restaurant was The Upton.


In the reception room was all the wines they were pouring for sale.


Pistol Whipped Pastry with lemon pot de creme with thyme sable.


Brazen Chocolate


Brittle Bliss Gourmet Brittles.


And a few more tables.

We wait in line and soon make it out the doors. One of the most delicious plates was this cheese ravioli from Federal Pizza.



Next was The Parlor with a Garden Green Ravioli.




The Public Market Cafe gave out Porchetta Sandwiches and Fruit Loop Macarons.


District American Kitchen and Wine Bar had…





My husband liked the Green Chili Pork with local tortilla from Tavern Americana.


The Breadfruit gave out oysters.


Virtue gave out Duck Foie Gras Rillette, Smoked Duck a la orange, Garlic Frites with Foie Gras Aioli all on a plate.


J & G Steak House prepared Peckytoe Crab Cakes and Tenderloin with Cheese Crisps.



Hana Gave out a whole forking buffet.

Pork Yakibuta, Tako Yaki (octopus meatballs) Walu Fish, Mochi Kome (rice dessert) and Green Beans.




Citizen House prepared Buffalo Tartare and Rockfish Ceviche on Yucca Chip.



The Gladly prepared the most interesting and unusual dish I tried on Sunday. It was this Meyer Lemon Cured Tuna Parfait. It had very unusual textures and danced with flavors. My pictures don’t do it justice. They also prepared two other plates one was beef jerky.




It was very difficult to even walk in this area with the crowds. You forking REALLY felt like a sardine here.


The Elote Cafe prepared Elote Corn and Machacca Lamb. (not forking sure if machacca spelled right)




I had Hemp Seed Coated Albacore from The Phoenix City Grill.


Bitter and Twisted made Pork Truffle Potstickers with slaw.



Tinderbox Kitchen made Strip Steak Pastrami and slaw. The pastrami was good but the slaw had a forking weird taste.


Fez made golden shrimp and egg curry.


Switch made pancakes topped with cheese and crispy chicken skin.


Southern Rail made smoked trout over pea cakes with tomato jam.


My husband ate this from Proof. We forking don’t remember but I think it was shrimp and grits.



Kai put out a buffet too. Corn Horchata, Game Meat Machaca or is it Machacca?  (I couldn’t find out what kind of forking game meat. I was just old GAME Meat) and Sturgeon Salad.




Maybe it’s normally good at the restaurant but the Brisket from House of Tricks was forking indestructible to any human mouth. You could use it for rubber truck tires.



I know I had good food at the Pink Pony Recently but the Unami Burger patty was almost tasteless. The home made chips were nice and crispy.



The Tuck Shop set up their meatballs like a circus game.


You inserted a token in the red slot and one of three kinds of meatballs came out in a gum ball plastic protected tub. One meatball came out hot in red sauce. The next meat ball came out forking ice cold in cold sour cream.

Hula’s Thai Chicken Bowl might be good at the restaurant but at the festival it was a forking throw away.



Short Leash made three kinds of Donuts and also served beef hot dogs in Pretzel Buns. The Apple donut lacked sweetness and the Thai Donut was extremely sweet and very drippy maybe from the Arizona heat. My donut almost forking did a pee.



Sweet Republic served up boozy ice pops.


They both tasted great but I forking lost the red one as it slid off the stick when I forking licked it. They were cucumber Gin and Cherry Bourbon.


Sassi made some sort of cauliflower crostini served with vegetables and a stuffed squash blossom. I liked them they were a nice treat.

Joy Ride Taco made Chili Braised Pork Tacos.


Tammie Coe Cakes made some sort of chocolate dessert.


The creamy chocolate on top of the cookie tasted like very high quality chocolate.

I came and Forking Devoured at Devoured 2015

Believe or not I missed some stuff and didn’t actually eat everything I photoed. That would be forking impossible you know.

Forking Truth

Forking Truth


Devoured Phoenix Culinary Festival 2015 Saturday


Many of the best (but not all)  Phoenix Area Restaurants participate to dazzle you with the best they can offer you in culinary delights. This year 30something restaurants, 30something wineries, and several breweries gave their best on Saturday. Tickets were $90. a day to the public. Art museum members paid $80 for one day or $140. for the two day event. There also was a VIP option that 500 people took advantage of that cost a whopping $150 A FORKING DAY that let them in early and got them some additional treats from Chef Kevin Binkley of Binkley’s Restaurant.


They start you off in a reception room before you stand in line and wait to devour. Aloha Cakes make tasty coconut cakes, Little Chocolate Nut candies were offered from NutWhats, Doc’s Ice Cream was there, Grass Fed Beef Crisps, and Kettle Heroes were there with  many unique flavors of Kettle Corn.



11:30 the doors open and we make it outside.


The first thing was a really tasty Brussels Sprouts with Cheese and Lemon thing from Proper. Good thing I forking got one early because they ran out of food around 1:00. It wasn’t proper but PROPER DID run out of forking food around 1:00.



The next was Epicurean Foods with charcuterie.


St. Francis made a fresh wheat-berry salad.



Green/Nami made vegan donuts and vegan lane cakes out of palm.




My husband’s favorite bite came from the Blue Hound,


It was Boudin Balls over creamy grits.


He wanted to come back and get another one but was too forking full at the end.

Geordies was a chunk of steak infused with rosemary.



This one I didn’t eat and forking don’t remember but my husband enjoyed it. The sandwich was some kind of pork with apple slaw on a pretzel bun.



Otro made some sort of shrimp and grits.


The Pizza People made a refreshing salad.


Alto Ristorante E Bar made lobster risotto and a really special ice cream float.



The most beautiful plated food pictures didn’t forking come out and were from Cartwright’s/Tonto. They made a pan seared venison and an amberjack fish that was forking outstanding. It was FORKING Difficult for me to take any photos. The sun was very bright and half the forking time I couldn’t see the screen so I had to guess and shoot.  It was also difficult juggling plates and a wine glass and also pushing threw the crowd.


San Tan Brewing Co. gave out pork sandwiches and brisket macaroni and cheese.



The Vig made some sort of kimchi taco and gave out almost a full lunch of surprisingly really well prepared and good quality salmon.



Little Cleo’s gave out oysters, shrimp and well prepared scallops.


Sadly my photo of Sochu House/Red Thai Korean rice cake stir fry didn’t come out. It was packed with delicious flavors and was among my favorite dishes I tried.



The Cleaver Koi put out a very impressive selection of geoduck, frogs legs and tamarind nori nut crackerjack.


The Wigwam’s Prime Beef Short Ribs with coffee cardamon soil was outstanding.


II Terrazzo at the Phoenician Made spring pea cavatelli  with parmesan and truffle and some sort of strawberry dessert that had a weird spongy white thing on top that could have been used to scrub dishes.




Cuttlefish made lump crab arancini.


I forking think this is the braised rabbit from The Post.



Cibo made saffron risotto and a bruschettina with anchovy and grapefruit.



Ingo’s Tasty Food made an unusual toast with avocado grapes and creamy cheese.


Chelsea’s Kitchen Short Ribs over Mashed Potato. (this one I didn’t care for because it had that bland pot roast taste to it) But the carrot on top was good.



La Grande Orange Pizzaria and grocery made a tasty Corn, goat cheese pizza but didn’t have any forking plates.


Mazies Cafe and Bistro made Cuban Sandwiches and Goat Cheese Cheese Cakes with Apple topping.


Sierra Bonita Grill made Braised Pork Belly over Polenta Cakes.


Cafe Lalibela made tasty Chicken Stew, potatoes with cabbage and lentils.


AJ’s gave out adorable little plates of Kobe Pastrami, Guinness Kettle Chips and a Milk Chocolate Mint candy.



Devoured Saturday 3-7-15 This wasn’t everything. I missed a forking few.

Forking Truth

Forking Truth

Your Food Might NOT Be What You Forking Think It Is


Food manufacturers get forking sued because they put things on their labels that isn’t forking true and the other problem is that they don’t tell you what’s actually in the product.

According to Top Class Actions Diamond Foods labeled several varieties of their Kettle Tias Tortilla Chips as “All Natural” although they contain the synthetic Maltodextrin and Dextrose.

The FDA has no definition of what is  forking “natural” according to


Tropicana markets it’s orange juice as “Fresh from the Grove” “Great tasting 100% Juice” BUT THE FORKING TRUTH is that it’s heavily processed with added chemically engineered flavor packs.


Besides no longer going snap, crackle and POP! No forking person would ever guess that this forking box of Rice Krispies has unidentified animal in it that’s possibly liver or kidneys in this box of cereal. I forking purchased this box and noticed it didn’t have any mark for dairy or kosher or vegetarian so I thought that was odd and I read the ingredients and nothing seemed unknown at all. I forking called up Kellogg’s myself and asked them if the cereal was vegetarian. I was told the Riboflavin was sourced from an unidentified animal. I looked up riboflavin and found out it comes from Livers or Kidneys from animals.

Uncertified V for vegan and uncertified K for Kosher appear on food packaging. I was told it’s legal for manufacturers to do so. The Gelatin box below has an uncertified K and is not kosher although the misguided or forking stupid manufacturer believes the product is kosher.





Pork can never be forking kosher.


Maybe some day someone will chemically change forking lumps of poop into meatloaf  and tell you it’s not poop. How the fork would THAT go over?

Certified Vegan and Vegetarian Symbols.

Vegan and Vegetarian Symbols

Vegan and Vegetarian Symbols

Certified Kosher Symbols.

Kosher Symbols

Kosher Symbols

If you purchased processed bread and baked goods you might be purchasing L-Cysteine. Anything made with common L-cysteine also not Halal, Not vegetarian, Not Vegan and Not Kosher.


I wrote about FORKING L-Cysteine a few post back. It’s crazy that people would use such a thing.  I do understand it’s possible that it might be needed in certain countries that are very poor where people are starving but it shouldn’t show up in the United States.

The one that I can’t get the fork over… another WTFork.

This is Forked Up!

This is Forked Up!


If it’s listed on your food label it’s listed as “Natural Flavor” and that’s because IT IS natural flavor but what they don’t tell you is that it is called Castoreum. It’s the secretion from the castor sacs of beavers. It’s the scent gland located by the beaver’s anus and the very strong scented liquid gets mixed with beaver urine and most of it’s food use is for flavoring vanilla, strawberry or raspberry items. Only a trace amount is needed. I have no FORKING idea why someone would want to eat castoreum and why the FORK that person would think other people would want to eat it.

Packages that are marked Vegan, Vegetarian or kosher don’t contain castoreum.

It doesn’t forking matter if you read the label. Your Food Might Not Be What You Forking Think It Is!

Forking Truth

Forking Truth




















Stop #4 The Search for Lox in Metro Phoenix AZ …Mission Complete

The Smoked Fish Supreme Platter from Scott's Generations Restaurant Phoenix AZ

The Smoked Fish Supreme Platter from Scott’s Generations Restaurant Phoenix AZ

I had to forking eat my way threw three other delis (* see the other searches Stop #1, #2 & #3 The Search for Lox if you forking care too) until I just discovered Scott’s Generations in Phoenix AZ. My forking goal was to find a deli that had very good lox and tasty pastrami that’s seasoned in a similar way to what I used to eat back east.

As I walked into Scott’s I noticed the decor is a little dated and so were most of the help but they had a current grade “A” health inspection so that was forking OK with me.

The menu is very large and they offered far more fish items than I’ve ever seen on any deli menu before. I also noticed that they offer both the belly lox and the nova.

I went with the smoked fish supreme platter with a choice of three of the many fish they offer. I did ask for belly lox but they were out of it so I went with the nova.

I received fresh hand carved Nova Scotia Lox of very good quality. (Bingo) The white fish was outstanding and the sturgeon was good. I think anyone would like the meaty sturgeon even if you don’t usually eat fish. I don’t know how the sturgeon compares to other places because I haven’t eaten much sturgeon since it can run $70.00 a forken pound. The pickles were fresh crisp and garlicy. The potato salad and cole were nicely flavored and fresh but a little drippy. The everything bagel was unusual but good. It was more like a very oniony bagel with a little everything topping. My platter was very large and I took enough home for another meal.

My husband had The #5 “Harvey” Triple Decker.

#5 "Harvey" Triple Decker from Scott's Generations Phoenix AZ

#5 “Harvey” Triple Decker from Scott’s Generations Phoenix AZ

All three meats Turkey, Corned Beef & Pastrami seemed freshly prepared. The turkey tasted like fresh carved turkey, The corned beef was good. The Pastrami was very good and tasted like regular pastrami you’d get back east. It’s not the hand sliced kind but this pastrami from Scott’s is very good and the most authentic tasting I had in a long time. The sandwich platter came with a forking mountain of what seemed like fresh cut red potato fries, crispy zesty pickles and fresh cole slaw.

I recently seen the new movie called “Deli Man” and after that had a very strong desire for deli food.

Deli Food is made by people who are preserving history. “The cuisine of the Delicatessen comes from a world that no longer exists” (from the movie “Deli Man”)…

Scott’s is the best East Coast Style Deli in the Metro Phoenix Area to me at this forking moment.

 Worth a Fork!

Worth a Fork!

Forking Truth

Forking Truth