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You Forking NEED TO COOK Bean Sprouts


I forking purchased a bag of bean sprouts and noticed an advisory to boil them or to stir fry them before serving.



I thought I’ve eating them raw before?

But I read that toxins in the bean sprouts are only broken down from cooking.

Illnesses and deaths have occurred from infections linked to salmonella and e. coli from bean sprouts in the USA and other countries.

I’m never forking eating bean sprouts raw again.

You Forking need to cook bean sprouts.

The Forking Truth

The Forking Truth

The Forking Truth is that When you have a Whale of an Appetite they feed you a Guppy

Little Cleo's Seafood Legend Phoenix AZ

Little Cleo’s Seafood Legend Phoenix AZ

The Forking Truth is when you have a Whale of an appetite they feed you a guppy. Ok my forking dinner was a little bigger than a guppy but it wasn’t enough food and left me somewhat disappointed and forking hungry.

We travelled across town to dine at this place because they were running a four course special for $35.00 and the food is very good from this place.

The first course was a fresh oyster and a freshly prepared shrimp.

Little Cleo's Seafood Legend Phoenix AZ

Little Cleo’s Seafood Legend Phoenix AZ

That I didn’t get to forking eat because I don’t eat shellfish so my husband ate them. I did taste the white wine sauce and the cocktail sauce. Both of those sauces were unusually delicious and the cocktail sauce had little pearls of horseradish floating on the top to give you a more layered tasting.

The next course I picked was the amazing house smoked sturgeon “bacon” and egg toast.

Little Cleo's Seafood Legend Phoenix AZ

Little Cleo’s Seafood Legend Phoenix AZ

That I shared with my husband because he also enjoys it and he said, look at all that bread you got and I didn’t get any bread with my frog legs so I forking gave him half of my second course not knowing I’d screw myself.

Then I got this….you know sometimes SIZE DOES FORKING MATTER!

Little Cleo's Seafood Legend Phoenix AZ

Little Cleo’s Seafood Legend Phoenix AZ

The grilled loup de mer was not only prepared perfect but was forking delicious with the perfect amount of buttery winey richness and lemon-ee acidity and was the perfect portion size if you were the forking size of a hamster.

Note..Hamster got more forking food.....

Note..Hamster got more forking food…..

This platter left me wanting more….for real….i wanted more! I was forking hungry…..Hungry like a wolf.

Hungry Wolf

Hungry Wolf thinking about what to do after that anchovy sized fish

I’ve been to this restaurant earlier this year and ordered the same thing and last time was about three times the forking size of the anchovie I received this time. Below is the Grilled Loup de Mar I had LAST TIME.

Little Cleo's Seafood Legend Phoenix AZ

.. Little Cleo’s Seafood Legend Phoenix AZ

Isn’t last times Fish much BiGGER than this?

Little Cleo's Seafood Legend Phoenix AZ

Little Cleo’s Seafood Legend Phoenix AZ

I usually don’t have room for dessert but eat it anyway most forking times. This time I had FORKING room for dessert.

I do have to say the buttermilk pie was forking delicious.

Little Cleo's Seafood Legend Phoenix AZ

Little Cleo’s Seafood Legend Phoenix AZ

Even the crust was delicious. I usually don’t eat most crust on pies because they are high in calories and forking don’t taste good anyway. But this crust was thin and buttery tasting like it should be and the filling was vanilla-ee with the right amount of sweetness. The cream didn’t come from a can and tasted like it was fresh made. A little fruit on top cut the richness.

The Forking Truth is that when you have a Whale of an Appetite they feed you a forking Guppy.

The Forking Truth

The Forking Truth






Forking Easy Microwave Potato Chips Recipe


I read on that you could microwave potato chips in 3-5 minutes. You simply slice them thin.


Then blot all the water you can out of them


and microwave them 3-5 minutes depending on your microwave. I decided to give this a try and here’s how I forking did. I put them in a microwave safe dish and let them go 3 minutes to start.


For me after three minutes mine were starting to shrivel up but were still raw and I noticed liquid leaking out of the potatoes.


I took the potatoes out of the bowl and wiped the liquid out and placed the chips back turned over and let the microwave go two more minutes.

I added fresh crushed sea salt and they were pretty good.



Some chips were more perfect then others with a better crisp but overall pretty forking good.

The Forking Truth

The Forking Truth

WTFork is That?………….. Yellow Dates

Yellow Dates

Yellow Dates

Yellow Dates are very difficult to come by and have a very short growing season.

Yellow dates are also called barhi dates, barhee dates and khalal dates.

The yellow dates are not at their full ripeness yet but are very edible and some people prefer them this way.

When the dates are yellow these dates are crunchy like an apple but taste like brown sugar with a pleasant astringency in the mouth.


If you leave them to ripen and turn brown it’s said that they turn to taste like butterscotch candy.

And That’s WTFork a Yellow Date is.

The Forking Truth

The Forking Truth

Healthy Creamy Low Fat Roasted Cauliflower and Garbanzo Bean Salad Recipe

Healthy Creamy Low Fat Cauliflower and Garbanzo Bean Salad

Healthy Creamy Low Fat Roasted Cauliflower and Garbanzo Bean Salad

I came up with a lighter salad that’s satisfying, creamy and very low fat… that’s good and easy to prepare. I have a secret ingredient that might scare most people away. It’s silken tofu. It turns out that you can blend the silken tofu to a thick cream and flavor it to make it tasty. It comes out  tasting like you might have mixed calorie laden mayonnaise with a calorie laden herbed cream cheese. The end result is tasty and this is a good Monday-Friday recipe so you can splurge on the weekend. I also do note this salad is best fresh when you mix it up because the next day the dressing soaks in. So use fresh or keep the dressing on the side to mix in fresh.

Silken tofu is far lighter in calories, fat and carbs than mayonnaise.

For 12 oz of mayonnaise that you might need for a mayonnaise type salad recipe you would be adding on about

mayonnaise…………………………………………………..                             and silken tofu is

1,332 calories………………………..About 12 oz ……                             only 200 calories

113.64 g fat……………………………About 12 oz…..                              only 8g fat

81.36 carbs…………………………….About 12 oz…..                             only 8 carbs

That is a significant difference……………………….

To prepare this salad you start by roasting a head of cauliflower till it browns a little and season it with salt and pepper.

Roasted Cauliflower

Roasted Cauliflower

Set it a side and add garbanzo beans, a little celery, red pepper and a few currents for pop. Then mix in your flavored tofu cream and shake on  some paprika and your done.

Ingredients  about 8 servings

3 Tablespoons extra virgin olive oil (to roast the cauliflower with)

1 large cauliflower (broken down) roasted till browned at 350 degrees F.

fresh ground sea salt (fresh ground for the cauliflower)

fresh ground black pepper (fresh ground for the cauliflower)

15 oz. can of reduced salt garbanzo beans rinsed a few times (the reduced salt kind taste much better and have a better texture than the regular canned)

1/4 cup celery chopped small

1/4 red bell pepper chopped small

2 Tablespoons zante currants

12 oz. silken tofu blended

2 garlic (small) cloves grated

2 Tablespoons dijon mustard

2 scallions chopped

1/2 teaspoon kosher salt

1/2 teaspoon black pepper

4 shakes paprika


In one large bowl add in your cauliflower, garbanzo beans, celery, red bell pepper, and currants and set to side.

To your container of blended tofu add the garlic, dijon, scallions, salt and pepper and blend until smooth.


Mix your creamy tofu mixture into your cauliflower mixture and add about 4 shakes of paprika.


Tasty and healthy creamy salad that seems much more indulgent.

It's Delicious and that's The Forking Truth

It’s Delicious and that’s The Forking Truth



The Reign of the Horror of More Pumpkin Spice FORKING Continues with Peeps


Peeps have been the number one selling non chocolate candy for over 20 years and over five million Peeps are produced a day. Peeps are marshmallow candies that were originally shaped like chicks. At one time Peeps was just an Easter Candy and was made in yellow, pink and white colors. Some time latter the Peeps became all Holiday Candy and now they are anytime candy that happens to be featuring forking seasons like fall. The new fall flavors will be caramel apple, candy corn and FORKING PUMPKIN SPICE!

A few fun facts you might not know about Peeps.

Peeps have a two year forking shelf life.

In 2015 Peeps teamed up with Prairie Farms to produce Peeps flavored milk in marshmallow, chocolate marshmallow and Easter egg nog.

Someone in Sacramento in an eating contest called a “Peep Off” ate 102 forking Peeps in 30 minutes. ( bet  it didn’t hurt coming out)

Bethlehem PA where Peeps are produced drops a forking GIANT Peep for New Year’s Eve.

Peeps are not vegetarian. They are made with forking  Gelatin made from pork.

The reign of horror of more pumpkin spice forking continues with Peeps.

The Forking Truth

The Forking Truth

Information gathered from-



Sous Vide Hawaiian Inspired Cold Ginger Chicken Recipe

Cold Ginger Chicken

Cold Ginger Chicken

I enjoyed the cold ginger chicken dish at Wo Fat Chinese Restaurant in Las Vegas recently and I thought I could make something similar using my Sous Vide. I thought the chicken would get the right infusion of flavor and a certain tenderness that I wanted.  Instead of a whole chicken I just used legs so everything would be done at the same time in the Sous Vide. I studied several recipes for Hawaiian Style Cold Ginger Chicken.

Basically Cold Ginger Chicken is made by simmering a whole chicken in water with ginger garlic and green onions. Then you pull it out of the liquid when cooked and then shock it with cold water and chop and serve with the sauce. At the restaurant they served the chicken with bones and skin that you had to remove. They also served it WARM so I also serve it warm. I prefer to remove the skin and bones before serving.

Not all but many of the recipes I looked at for the sauce included a large amount of oil that you heat up and add the minced green onions and ginger with a little garlic and cilantro. What I did different from most recipes was to cut the oil to only 1/4 cup and added some water. I didn’t want to use a large amount of oil for this dish. When I made the sauce I thought it was good but as it sat it turned more oniony than I wanted so I added 2 teaspoons of brown sugar and one teaspoon of rice wine vinegar. It seemed balanced after that but I don’t know if those are ingredients are authentic for a cold ginger chicken recipe but they taste good that way so there they are. This dish comes out FORKING AMAZING and different! It isn’t a strong ginger taste like you might expect. It just comes out DELICIOUS!


Ingredients Set Sous Vide to 176 degrees F 4-8 hours I’m doing 6

4 lbs. whole chicken legs

4 garlic cloves rough chopped

1/2 medium onion pealed and rough chopped

2 1/2 in. ginger chopped

1 carrot cut in a few pieces

1 small Thai chili cut in half

1 Tablespoon kosher salt

1 Tablespoon fresh cilantro

2 scallions chopped in half

1/2 teaspoon black pepper

2 oz. frozen chicken fat

Everything goes in your Sous Vide Bag. Just Vacuum and seal and let it cook about 6 hours at 176 degrees F. When it’s done you can put in an ice bath to stop the cooking process. Don’t use any of the vegetables. All the flavor came out of them, they are trash now. I like to remove the skin and take the chicken off the bones to serve. Reserve the liquid from your Sous Vide bag for serving. Skim off the fat and use a tablespoon or 2 of liquid for each serving of chicken.


Sauce Ingredients

10 scallions chopped

3 garlic cloves chopped

2 Tablespoons fresh cilantro chopped

1/2 teaspoon salt

1/3 cup grated ginger

1/4 cup canola oil

1/2 cup water

2 teaspoons dark brown sugar

1 teaspoon rice wine vinegar

Just blend up and heat before serving and pour over the chicken that might be warm.


Cold Ginger Chicken

Sous Vide Hawaiian Inspired Cold Ginger Chicken

This is a great recipe. Even people like my husband who hates ginger thinks this dish is delicious. Kept forking thanking me all night long for preparing this dish.

It's Delicious and that's The Forking Truth

It’s FORKING Delicious and that’s The Forking Truth







Forking Things I Never Saw Before at the Markets


All forking year long pumpkin spice everything is showing up the fork everywhere. I wouldn’t be surprised if we see forking pumpkin spiced toilet paper soon.


I think of peanuts when I see Jif not forking mocha cappuccino.


How the fork do you come up salted caramel flavored? Forking Hazelnut Spread……


Who the FORK knew that DelMonte makes Filipino Spaghetti Sauce and WTFork does that taste like any who?


Never seen a fresh Almond before.


Don’t remember seeing an Indian Cucumber before but it looks similar to Armenian Cucumbers.


Vanilla Frosting stuffed into pretzels?…..might be tasty in a sweet salty kind of way?


Rold Gold pretzel crackers in cheddar and fudge flavors????


Cinnamon roll and blueberry muffin Lance Crackers. I was forking going to purchase one of these until I looked at the nutrition info on the box.


They are very fatty and have forking more carbs than a BIG potato! Fork That!


I think of a tomato cocktail drink when I forking see V8 and not a protein bar.

I just don’t know WTFork I’ll see next!

 The Forking Truth

The Forking Truth

Duchess Inspired Kabocha Squash Recipe

Duchess Inspired Kabocha Squash

Duchess Inspired Kabocha Squash

One of the most delicious and most indulgent potato side dishes are duchess potatoes. They are like mashed potatoes but are over the top and are like on steroids. Duchess potatoes are cooked potatoes that are mixed with heavy cream, soft butter, egg yolks and a little nutmeg with salt and pepper. The potatoes get piped threw a pastry bag and and then baked in the oven to get tasty crisp ends. It’s a very rich dish and you sure don’t come by it often as it often was a dish that was usually served table side on a big silver platter with a chateaubriand also know as a Tenderloin for two. Those kind of dishes and restaurants with table side service seemed to disappeared around 1990. They seemed to have gone out of style.

I think I updated the recipe using much lighter healthier kabocha squash. To make a batch of either duchess potatoes or duchess inspired kabocha squash we start with a medium size squash or about 3 pounds of potatoes. The nutrition is significantly different.

about 3 pounds of potatoes is around 854 calories and about 248 carbs

about 3 pounds of kabocha squash is around 240 calories and about 42 carbs

I also cut in half the amount of butter I’d use to make duchess potatoes and instead of the 3 egg yolks I just used 1 whole extra large egg.

Because the flavor profile is different I did splurge on a 1/4 cup of dark brown sugar I thought we could afford.

Overall it’s very tasty and dinner guest will not be aware that this is a much lighter healthier alternative to a potato side dish.

Ingredients to make around 16 portions (extras can be frozen and reheated well)

1 medium kabocha squash roasted, seeded and flesh removed

2 oz. butter (room temperature)

1/2 cup heavy cream

1 extra large egg beaten

1/4 cup dark brown sugar

1 Tablespoon cinnamon

1/2 a very small fresh grated nutmeg

pinch salt

Directions Set oven to 350 degrees and you need lightly greased baking sheets

mash squash with potato masher and slowly add all the ingredients and mash till well combined. Fill your pastry bag about halfway with mixture and  twist the end to hold the mixture in.


Squeeze out the mixture with your hand holding on to the twisted end while pushing the mixture threw the tip. Make like your adding soft serve ice cream to a cone.



Place in 350 degree oven until the ends crisp up nice and look like they were torched. Depending on oven and the amount of pans in your oven that might take around a half an hour.


Use what you need and extras can be frozen. Around holiday time I like to top them with a mix of extra brown sugar, cinnamon, butter and some chopped up roasted chestnuts.

It's Forking Delicious and that's The Forking Truth

It’s Forking Delicious and that’s The Forking Truth

Bink’s Scottsdale AZ is Worth a FORK! (update…..Now Closed for Business)

Bink’s Scottsdale is an American Contemporary Restaurant that offers many innovative small plates tapas style. Bink’s Scottsdale is a more casual and more affordable sister restaurant of Binkley’s one of the most high end and cutting edge restaurants in Arizona.  Most of the plates at Bink’s Scottsdale are imaginative and masterfully prepared featuring seasonal delights. Sometimes molecular gastronomy is used. I’ve always enjoyed every meal I had at Bink’s Scottsdale.


I started with a small kale salad. The salad might look ordinary but it wasn’t. It was filled with curried couscous, pickled onions, cheve cheese, almonds and red wine cherries. The combination of textures and flavors was downright forking good. The pickled onions cut the rich creamy cheese. The almonds accented the kale and the wine cherries were delicious. But the star of the salad was the curried couscous. Who knew that flavor would just bounce against everything and be so interesting and wonderful. It was a little spicy but not too spicy. The cheese cooled it down It was just FORKING delicious!

My husband started with the seared gnocchi with a duck egg.


The gnocchi were tender and light. This dish came with a soup like sauce that was parmesan and mushroom flavored with roasted mushrooms. The egg added more richness to this dish.

For my main dish I had the Moroccan Fried Chicken.


My God this was forking awesome! It had this amazing crisp but light crust that shattered. It had many flavors that were a joy to eat.  A chili honey was the perfect accent to all these flavors. Under the superb crust was a very developed with flavors moist chicken. The cold lemony herbed potato salad went well with the chicken. The portion was larger than I could eat and I happily took enough home for two lunches. This Moroccan Fried Chicken was FORKING DELICIOUS!

For our vegetable we shared the fried brussels sprouts.


The brussels sprouts were fried till they were sweet and caramelized. Other vegetables were accents like carrots, daikon and scallions. What made this dish extraordinary was the kimchee vinaigrette. It was spicy and delicious. It was similar tasting to  sriracha but was smooth with more flavors going on and was better tasting than sriracha. These brussels sprouts were FORKING DELICIOUS!

My husband had the Five Spice Duck Breast with grilled grapes and port Vinaigrette.


He forking enjoyed it. He just kept saying this duck is really good!

We shared a fun dessert that was less complex than Bink’s normally serves but still was fun.


It was called Brown Butter Blueberry Tart with Freezing Ginger Cream. They whipped out the liquid nitrogen over the cream and then the cream made a big smoke  poof and it suddenly freezes. We had a forking enjoyable dinner and service was efficient and friendly too.

Worth a Fork! You'll drive across town to dine here.

Worth a Fork! You’ll drive across town to dine here. (update now closed for business)

 The Forking Truth

The Forking Truth