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Forking Easy Baked Fluffy Eggs Recipe

Forking Easy Baked Fluffy Eggs

Forking Easy Baked Fluffy Eggs

This big plate of eggs is made of only two extra large eggs, some roasted vegetables and two slices of sharp American Cheese actually only one slice since this is forking half of the recipe. (American Cheese other than sharp is not forking edible) The secret of making your eggs fluffy is that you have to use a hand mixer to beat a whole forking bunch of air into the eggs. I didn’t use any butter, cream, meat or potatoes and tried to keep this dish reasonably light.

I roasted off a bunch of vegetables. Orange and yellow bell peppers, heirloom tomatoes and cauliflower. Surprisingly cauliflower goes really well with eggs if you roast it till it’s creamy and crispy. To roast the vegetables the way I did them. I drizzled all the vegetables with extra virgin olive oil. Then I put then in a 350 degree F oven. The tomatoes were on the top rack and were done in thirty minutes. Cauliflower was on the middle rack. After 30 minutes I turned the cauliflower over and continued cooking them in the oven for another half hour. The bell peppers were on the lower rack and I just let them go an hour. That’s how they worked in my oven, yours might differ. I added fresh ground sea salt and fresh ground black pepper to the vegetables as I pulled them out of the oven. Of course I’m not using all these forking vegetables in these eggs but I will use the leftovers to construct dinners.


To make the Forking Easy Baked Fluffy Eggs for two servings you need a small size cake pan that sprayed with nonstick cooking spray. (my pans are NOT non-stick) You simply whip up your 4 extra large eggs with an electric hand mixer till they look light and fluffy. Mix in whatever forking toppings you forking like. I used a handful of roasted cauliflower, some roasted tomatoes, some roasted bell peppers, a finely chopped med/hot small pepper and two slices of sharp American Cheese that was torn in small pieces.

I put the mixture in my forking pan.


Cover my forking pan with foil that I also applied non-stick spay to the underside and placed in my 350 degree F oven for thirty minutes.


I thought they came out pretty forking good. If you like your eggs more medium rare you might prefer to do a frittata. Frittata’s are similar but should be runny in the middle. You do the eggs the same way but start them in a fry pan and finish in the oven without cooking the center all the way.

This is how you do Forking Easy Baked Fluffy Eggs.

Forking Easy Baked Fluffy Eggs

Forking Easy Baked Fluffy Eggs

The Forking Truth

The Forking Truth




Portuguese Inspired Roasted Chicken Thighs Recipe

Portuguese Inspired Roasted Chicken Thighs

Portuguese Inspired Roasted Chicken Thighs

This recipe is based on the Portuguese Roast Turkey recipe adapted from Chef George Mendes, Alea and Lupulo,NYC. I read this recipe from Tasting Table and thought it sounded mighty interesting. I didn’t know if I wanted to invest a whole turkey in a new recipe and thought I’d give chicken thighs a try since they were on sale for sixty something cents a pound.

This recipe involves brining the poultry and then marinating the poultry before roasting.

I made a few substitutions due to what I had in my pantry and a major change in the amount of oil used going from three cups of oil down to one cup because I can’t stand the thought of using that much oil.

The other major change I did was adjusting a whole turkey cooking  procedure to preparing chicken thighs in a sensible way. I adjusted the recipe was to cook the chicken thighs at high heat without steaming or basting. If you were doing this recipe with turkey besides quadrupling the brine recipe you’d start you oven at 400 degrees F till browned  over a bed of onions carrots and a cup of water with bay leaves…thus steaming the bird…….then lower the oven to 300 degrees constantly basting the turkey with marinade and cook till done at about 160 degrees F at the thigh.

The amount of brine I cut down to one quarter since I wasn’t doing a turkey.

This chicken came out absolutely FORKING DELICIOUS! It’s very flavorful and moist and just really good. I find that if I brine chicken I like to roast it at high heat to get an easy crispy skin. Since this recipe also involved marinating I had no fear of cooking it at high heat.

Ingredients for Brine for about 5 lbs of Chicken Thighs makes 8 servings

6 cups water

1 1/2 cup sugar

1 cup kosher salt

3 cloves

2 pieces star anise

1 1/2 bay leave torn in halves

1 cinnamon stick

3/4 Tablespoon black peppercorns (white peppercorns are suggested)

1/2 Tablespoon fennel seeds

1/2 Tablespoon coriander seeds

Directions heat your brine up to medium high and simmer 8-10 minutes once chilled you can start brining. I brined the chicken two hours. If you were doing a turkey it would be 6-8 hours.

Brine the Chicken Thighs 2 hours

Brine the Chicken Thighs 2 hours

Paprika Marinade

1 cup extra virgin olive oil (three cups is suggested)

1 12 oz. bottle lager (1 1/2 cups Sagres is suggested)

1 Tablespoon Spanish Nora Pepper

1 Tablespoon sweet paprika

1 Tablespoon smoked paprika (instead of the three peppers I used 3 Tablespoons of Spanish Sweet Paprika is suggested)

1/2 yellow onion thinly sliced

7 garlic cloves thinly sliced

3 fresh bay leaves torn

Directions just mix together.

More Directions.

After two hours remove your chicken thighs from the brine. Throw out the brine and dry off your chicken a little with paper towels. Place your chicken in a big zip lock bag and add the marinade and let sit in your refrigerator over night.



Set your oven to 450 degrees F.

You need pans and line them with carrots so you make a natural rack for the chicken.



Wipe off the marinade from the chicken and place over the carrots. Depending on the size of the thighs and your oven they will be done in 30-45 minutes. I found I had some small pieces that were done in 30 minutes and the bigger pieces were mostly all done in 40 minutes. I wanted the internal temperature to be close to 180. I find when doing dark meat it’s much more delicious this way.

When the chicken comes out a light sprinkle of fresh ground sea salt would be good.

Some of my fans are waiting for chicken

Some of my fans are waiting for chicken


Portuguese Inspired Roasted Chicken Thighs

Portuguese Inspired Roasted Chicken Thighs

This chicken came out forking good. I might try doing a turkey this way.

This is FORKING GOOD and that's The Forking Truth

This is FORKING GOOD and that’s The Forking Truth

Forking Great Onion Rings Recipe


Light Crisp almost oil free. The kind of onion rings that just shatter with a paper thin batter an onion that’s cooked though so it doesn’t pull out.

I fried the onion rings in canola oil at around 350 degrees. I used a medium large sweet onion.

I didn’t measure the batter…..I usually don’t measure for many things I make but stop and do it for these forking recipes sometimes……. I’m guessing it was around……

1/2 cup rice flour

1/4 cup corn starch

1 teaspoon baking soda

1 beaten egg

less than 1/2 can sugar free root beer soda. (didn’t have any beer or seltzer in the house or I would have used beer or seltzer I knew I needed something with bubbles but didn’t want to open a forking bottle of champagne) The soda has a salt taste to me so I didn’t add salt to the batter.

Fresh ground sea salt and ground pepper for finishing

The batter should be very thin.

I just fried them till they were lightly brown.  My husband said, they were the best forking onion rings he ever had. (*NOTE, see forking note)  Neither of use tasted root beer in the onion rings. The onion rings just tasted forking great! We both thought these were the best FORKING onion rings we ever had…..and were laughing about it. For some unknown reason they really were that forking good.

*NOTE* he would not say that to be nice…he is not that forking type. I sure got a bunch of forking stories I can insert here….

Forking Great Onion Rings

Used the leftover batter on some fish.


I liked the texture very much and it was better than LOTS of fish I had out. It was tasty, airy and had that really awesome shattering crunch. The texture was great. I didn’t think I tasted root beer but I did taste something that I wasn’t perfect with the fish.  Next time when doing fish I would run out for beer, seltzer or use a lemon lime soda. I only forking put this batter on the fish because it was leftover and the onion rings were so forking delicious. I would totally made the fish this way again just with a different liquid in the recipe.


OK fish and forking great onion rings.

These are GREAT and that's The Forking Truth

GREAT Onion Rings and that’s The Forking Truth


Easy Crispy Roasted Hen of the Woods Mushroom Recipe


These are delicious mushrooms that go by several names. In America these mushrooms are usually called Hen of the Woods mushrooms. In Japan and some other Asian Countries these mushrooms are know as Maitake Mushrooms that translates to Dancing Mushroom. Also according to Wikipedia these mushrooms are known to Italian Americans as Signorina Mushrooms.

Whatever you call these mushrooms they are delicious. They are not too earthy and I don’t ever get them spongy. I think they are an easier mushroom to prepare than other mushrooms and also among the tastier ones.

Supposedly these Hen of the Woods Mushrooms contain many health benefits. Besides the mushrooms containing vitamins and minerals. In 2009 the Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center discovered that the Matake Mushroom gave off an anti cancer activity in patients and the mushroom possesses anti metastatic properties.

I also read on Wikipedia that the maitake also lowers blood sugar naturally because it contains an alpha gluosidase inhibitor.

Here is an easy forking tasty way to prepare these mushrooms.

Ingredients for about 2 servings

6 oz. Hen of the Woods Mushrooms – cleaned and broken down (you just pull the mushroom strands off the small core)

3 inches fresh rosemary branch – herb pulled off stem and chopped

1 garlic clove smashed or grounded up – made into a paste

2 Tablespoons extra virgin olive oil

2 Tablespoons Parmigiano Reggiano

fresh ground sea salt

fresh ground black pepper


Set your oven to 300 degrees. You need a baking sheet covered in parchment paper. In a medium/large bowl add mushrooms, rosemary, garlic, extra virgin olive oil and one of the two tablespoons of cheese and mix well. Spread evenly on your parchment lined baking sheet and sprinkle with the remaining cheese and now place in your oven. In my oven the mushrooms took 40 minutes to crisp up. Your results can differ because your mushroom might be thinner or thicker than the mushroom I had. Once the mushroom came out of the oven I sprinkled them with fresh ground sea salt and fresh ground black pepper.


These mushrooms are Forking delicious!

 The Forking Truth

The Forking Truth






I never have seen a forking automated gelato machine before.  It’s very hard to find TASTY gelato where I live. I do have the option of purchasing forking not so good gelato from my local supermarket or traveling about a forking forty minutes to a good gelato shop so this gelato machine wetted my appetite for a delicious refreshing gelato.

I looked at the machine and saw it takes credit cards or cash and offers gelato in twelve forking flavors of mostly gelato and a couple of frozen fruit confections. I picked banana cheese cake gelato because that sounded interesting and I didn’t want to get disappointed with a flavor I know and love. I thought the gelato would squirt out of a forking hose I saw. But no then a door opened up and I saw lots of little four ounce tubs of gelato.


The hose lowered itself.


And then lifts up my forking gelato.


Then drops it down and I pick it up from a door.

The gelato is packed with a little wooden spoon and the gelato is hard as a forking rock so I walk around the mall with it for a bit until my hand hurt similar to frost bite.


By banana cheese cake flavor did have a creamy banana taste and little chunks of store bought like cheese cake in it. Not the worst and not the best gelato as it was ok. My husband’s pistachio was less creamy and had an abundance of almonds in it and was way more almond than forking pistachio. I think a forking quarter of a cup of almonds were in his tiny cup. Maybe it was an off batch.


Worth a try if your at Arrowhead Mall in AZ. Although this gelato might not win any prizes for being the best it also not the worst out there either. The Forking Truth is that I’ve paid much more than the $3.75  for worst.

 The Forking Truth

The Forking Truth

I Found a Forking Braided String in my Dog’s Nylabone Nubz Treat


I didn’t expect to find a FORKING String in my dog’s treat.


I was going to pull the string out but I couldn’t. Who knows how long the string actually is and what trouble it could do to any dog’s sensitive insides.

I called up the Nubz people and let them know about this and I also tweeted to Nylabone.

The Nubz people just told me to send them the bag back with the Nubz with string with receipt and they’s forking send me a new bag paying for postage.

 The Forking Truth

The Forking Truth

 Food & Wine Experience The Grand Tasting – Sunday


For $65.00 subscribers of the Arizona Republic Newspaper paid for unlimited samples from many of the Valley’s Best Forking Restaurants, assorted booze, exciting chef demos, interactive displays and forking more.

This experience was set up at the Scottsdale Fashion Plaza in Tents in the parking lot behind Macy’s Department Store. The weather was a perfect eighty degrees with some slight breezes. It was just right for lots of forking grazing.

Our gastronomic adventure was suppose to start at 12:00 at AJ’s Festive Entertaining Pavilion were they set up a full forking supermarket offering various offering of delectable looking samples. Sadly I had to forfeit almost all of Aj’s offerings if I wanted to make it to the 12:15 All Star Panel Featuring Chef’s Paul Bartolotta, Michael Ginor, Aaron May, Chuck Hughs and special guest Gram Elliott. They spoke about changing restaurant trends and touched on authenticity in restaurants. They shared their personal stories and there was some humor and laughs.


Had time to get a sampling of BBQ tasty Beef  and Kimchi from Little Miss BBQ.


And got a great cocktail pasted out to me from the ending presentation from award winning mixologist Branden Casey.

This ended around 1:00 and I was forking hungry and thirsty.

Then I thought we’d see one more presentation out of the 6 total presentations I could have seen.

Saw Graham Elliot cook up a few things. He took questions.


One woman asked him why did you use red onions instead of white. I was going to ask my forking question of how the fork do you clean morel mushrooms because I am forking convinced that you can’t. (see my posting on morel mushrooms) I just kept quiet and got my husband to run us some snacks. After Graham Elliot’s presentation I had little time to make the rounds and not enough time to get my ten drinks I paid for.


Had some salmon from Switch Restaurant and Wine Bar. I didn’t take any notes and forgot what the relish was but it was interesting. Wasn’t my favorite for fish.

Second Story Liquor Bar made up a little chicken fried beef with horseradish potatoes.


It was tasty but I didn’t forking get the chicken fried connection.

Tried smoked trout rillette from Quiessence.


A bit smokey for me but not too shabby.

My picture doesn’t do this display justice.


Scramble did tasty French Toast.


Wild Tiger, Little Tiger put out shrimp and salmon in medium/spicy red curry.


Maybe the only thing I tried that I’m sorry I didn’t come back and take a second was from the Citizen public house/Gladly. The one plate that was super special was the lavender cured cobia with coconut tapioca. It was super interesting with a texture that was very unique. I wonder if this dish is ever offered at either of the restaurants. I sure would love to order it.


Tasty bite of fish from the crudo.


The lemon mini cupcake from Arcadia Cupcake was very forking good. The tiny cake had lemon curd under the cream.


Bootleggers offered pickled deviled eggs with truffle oil.


One of the unexpected tastier plates I tried was from Rancho Pinot. It was Moroccan spiced chick pea stew. It was very satisfying with lots of flavors and textures.


The Crepe bar handed out unusual but pretty soup. The flavors were a little too strong for me.


Saffron squash ravioli from Taggia was pretty darn good.


The Dabba’s Chicken Tikki Masala.


Red Thai/Shabu Fondue made these tiny Red Curry Chicken Lollipops. That very flavorful tender and tasty. I could have eaten several of them.

A few places do make very good food at their restaurants but I felt they didn’t shine as they should have at the experience.

The burger from Ingo’s Tasty Food wasn’t as delicious as from the restaurant.

The pasta and hand made mozzarella from La Piazza al Forno isn’t close to the delicious food they serve up at their restaurant either.

The guacamole from Los Sombreros was ok but doesn’t represent the interesting and different central Mexican Food they offer.

A few places ran out of food before the festival was over and the Aj’s closed up before the festival was over so I missed that too.

The experience was mostly outstanding. I just felt it ran short on time. Three hours just wasn’t enough time for this event. I felt I also eat the food too fast and felt fuller than when I do the Devoured Festival.


I Hope to forking do it next year!

 The Forking Truth

The Forking Truth



Spaghetti Squash Pizza Crust Recipe

Spaghetti Squash Pizza Crust

Spaghetti Squash Pizza Crust

The crust is made from spaghetti squash, cheese an egg and seasonings. It’s very tasty and even squash haters will enjoy it. It’s pretty easy to prepare.


Just start with a cooked spaghetti squash. You want to cook the squash till it’s firm but not real soft. I placed my squash in a pan with about 1/4 cup of water and covered my pan with foil and placed the squash in a 350 F oven for about 90 minutes. I do note the timing may differ greatly because I know I’ve done the same size squash in an hour before. Well anyway you want to be able to piece the squash with a fork but not too easily. If your fork goes in real easy your squash might be to wet for this recipe to come out right. You need the strands to be like al dente pasta.

You also need a silicone mat for an easy release for the crust.

Ingredients for 8 servings

1 medium-medium large spaghetti squash cooked and cleaned out with seeds removed

1 cup shredded Italian Blend cheese (my blend is 1.5 lb. mozzarella, 1 lb. provolone, 8oz. sharp provolone, cup parmesan that I keep frozen and shredded for use)

2 XL eggs beaten

teaspoon (scant about 3/4) dried basil

teaspoon (scant about 3/4) dried oregano

1/4 teaspoon rosemary

1/2 teaspoon black pepper

1/2 teaspoon kosher salt

Directions Set oven to 450 degrees F

In a large bowl mix everything well


It should look like this.

Then get your sheet pan and lay a silicone mat over it and pat down your spaghetti squash mixture on it till it’s in the shape of crust.


Now place it in your oven till it looks a little crisp and browned up a bit.


And looks like this.

At this point…..You should here the pitter patter of furry feet if you have them in your house.


Because it smells like a pizza in your house.

You can top the crust however you like and put it back in a slower oven like 350-400 F till your cheese is just melted. A sprinkle of Extra Virgin Olive adds great flavors and helps the cheese to not burn.


My two favorite ways are plain and heirloom tomato.


If you cut the pieces small you can pick them up but they are a little soft. This is really a knife and fork kind of pizza.


They are forking delicious!

 The Forking Truth

The Forking Truth


You can give me the finger anytime if it’s a FINGER LIME


Finger Limes are a small citrus fruit.

You cut them in half.

Then you squeeze the pulp out.


They are like a combination of caviar and Pop Rocks in your mouth that are like lime flavored.

They are just awesome.

I think I’m the only one that tried them on aged sharp cheddar cheese. It’s just a magical combination.

I also made a salad with some Finger Limes.

Zucchini Noodle, Cheddar and Finger Lime Salad

Zucchini Noodle, Cheddar and Finger Lime Salad

Wow it was good.

Topped a fish dinner with the rest of the finger limes.


You can give me the “finger” any time if it’s a Finger Lime.

 The Forking Truth

The Forking Truth

New Asian Kitchen in Phoenix AZ- Take Out Chinese That’s Worth a Fork


New Asian Kitchen is a small Chinese Restaurant located in an older strip mall in Phoenix AZ. For my taste this is the forking BEST small independent Chinese Restaurant in a several mile radius of it’s kind. They offer a variety of Mostly American Chinese Favorites, Cantonese Style, Mandarin Style, Szechwan Style and Mongolian Style dishes.

I haven’t found any of the other nearby Chinese Restaurants offering foods packed with so many fresh vegetables. Or food layered with so many flavors. I’ve been coming here for years and the chicken 100% of the time is always tasty and moist. I usually eat only chicken but I also note anytime we had a meat other than chicken it was also prepared well.

The majority of Chinese Take Out Restaurant do not have the Cantonese Dry Sautéed Beef Chow Fun on their menu. That is because that dish is considered a major test for Cantonese Cooks for their cooking. I’m NOT a big fan of beef personally but I do enjoy the Cantonese Dry Sautéed Beef Chow Fun from New Asian Kitchen. It is FORKING delicious and made with melt in your mouth buttery beef that’s very tasty. It’s among the best beef dishes I had at any Chinese Restaurant.

Dry Sautéed Beef Chow Fun

Dry Sautéed Beef Chow Fun

I don’t have a good photo of the Curry Chicken but it’s the only Curry Chicken that taste like what I was told was authentic Chicken Curry when I vacationed in Hawaii. In Hawaii I went on a food tour and an Asian Person made a point of having us taste Chicken Curry. She told us that this is what authentic Chinese Chicken curry should taste like and New Asian’s is just like it.

The killer dish that New Asian Prepares is the Szechuan Chicken.

Szechuan Chicken

Szechuan Chicken

You’re not not going to find anyone anywhere that prepares this dish this way but this dish is absolutely amazing. It’s a flavor BOMB! Not for wimps or little ones. The sauce is spicy and layered with many flavors. You also get a variety of many fresh vegetables of different textures and flavors that turn into magic in your mouth. It’s just a treat!

Some dishes do shine more than others but I never had a bad dish here.

Spicy Pineapple Chicken

Spicy Pineapple Chicken

The spicy pineapple Chicken is a very large portion and can feed three people. The white meat chicken is flavorful and moist. I really liked the fresh pineapple in this dish. The sauce was more savory than sweet with lots of pleasing flavors and it’s spicy. I would have liked the chicken a little more crispy  like they prepare it back east but the sauce was so yummy I don’t care. This dish seems like a grown up more sophisticated version of the American Favorite orange chicken.

A few of the other dishes we had at New Asian Kitchen were………

Kung Pao Delight

Kung Pao Delight

You Shan Pork

You Shan Pork

Bean Curd with Vegetables

Bean Curd with Vegetables

General Tso's Chicken

General Tso’s Chicken

General Tso’s Chicken is spicier and not as sweet as from most places.

Kung Pao Vegetables

Kung Pao Vegetables

Mushroom Chicken

Mushroom Chicken

Not spicy but very mushroomy. Not as layered in flavors but still very tasty.

Moo Goo Gai Pan

Moo Goo Gai Pan

Tastiest Moo Goo Gai Pan I ever had!

House Wor Wonton Soup

House Wor Wonton Soup

The Chicken Corn Soup is also really delicious don’t have a photo here.

Mongolian Beef

Yui Shan Chicken

I often get the Yui Shan Eggplant. It’s just a really delicious eggplant dish. I just wish it had a tofu or chicken option.

The Szechuan Chicken is just so forking good I have to mention it again. It’s their “Killer Dish.” It might be worth taking a drive for……..It’s very unique….didn’t seem like authentic Szechwan but way more delicious than than any other Szechuan American Style chicken I had before.

The service is always fantastic. Portions are very large and prices are very low. It’s not a fancy place but it seems clean.

Your not going to drive across town to dine here but if your in the neighborhood this place is suggested.

Your not going to drive across town to dine here but if your in the neighborhood this place is suggested.

Worth a Fork

Worth a Fork

For more information visit

The Forking Truth

The Forking Truth