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Forking FABULOUS Mini Potato Knish Recipe

Forking Fabulous Mini Potato Knishes

Forking Fabulous Mini Potato Knishes

Even if you never had a potato knish before…… will forking love them….. if you enjoy potatoes. My husband had his first potato knish at a restaurant we went to a little over a year ago and enjoyed it. With both of us growing up on the East Coast it’s hard to believe he lived his whole life never trying a knish. All the grocery stores I shopped at when I lived on the east coast all sold the knish in the deli department.

The knish is an eastern european savory hand pie. The most common filling is mashed potato. Other popular varieties include kasha (buck wheat groats), liver, and rice.

That restaurant where we tried the potato knish closed and most of the few places we tried knishes afterwards  weren’t as tasty or even good. I had some extra potatoes and some chicken fat in my freezer so I thought I’d make potato knishes. I accidentally created another masterpiece! This recipe is FORKING GOOD! Far better than any knish I ever had before….

I note in none of the grocery stores I shopped at in Phoenix carry  knishes in the deli department. I wrote before about many of the different foods sold in east coast supermarkets compared to Phoenix area supermarkets. The deli department in Phoenix grocery stores also do not carry Italian nougat, store made fruit leather, health salad, real pastrami and also aren’t equipped with bread slicers for slicing bakery quality breads. I could forking go on and on…..

Now back to the knish.

My twist is a very tasty tender but firm crust and I season the potatoes when I cook them.

This recipe makes about 20 mini potato knishes about 10 servings.


You will have about a cup of extra potato filling that you can use with the seasoned potato water for soup or just eat with dinner.


1 1/2 cup flour plus another Tablespoon or two for rolling the dough

1 teaspoon baking powder

1/4 cup schmaltz

1 XL egg beaten

2 teaspoons apple cider vinegar

2 Tablespoons cold water

1/4 teaspoon kosher salt

2 cups sweet onions chopped fine

3 Tablespoons schmaltz

2 lbs russet potatoes

1/2 onion skin removed

1 elephant garlic clove pealed

Tablespoon (heaping) kosher salt

fresh ground sea salt to taste

fresh ground black pepper to taste

a few pinches of ground white pepper to taste

nonstick spray for pan

1 XL beaten yolk with a shelfful of water as egg wash

Directions heat oven to 350 degrees F.

In a medium bowl add your flour, baking powder and 1/4 teaspoon salt. Add beaten egg, schmaltz, vinegar, 2 Tablespoons water, mix well roll into a ball cover with plastic wrap and place in the refrigerator for at least an hour.


In a small fry pan fry up your onions with three Tablespoons schmaltz on medium turning down to slow heat till tender. Season with salt, black pepper and a pinch of white pepper to taste.


Cook pealed potatoes and depending on size cut in half or thirds and boil with salt, banana pepper, garlic and onion till fork tender. (about 15 minutes)

When done THROW OUT the onion banana pepper and garlic because all their flavor went into the water and potato. (optional keep the flavored water because it’s great to make soup with or add to a bread recipe)

Hand mash the potatoes and add the onion mixture. Taste and add fresh ground sea salt, fresh ground black pepper and some ground white pepper to taste.

Get your dough and a rolling pin and a mat for rolling dough. Pinch off about a teaspoon of dough and roll it as flat as you can with a slight dap of flour. (p.s. I used only that much flour for the whole recipe) It doesn’t have to be perfect and none of the dough I rolled out was in a perfect shape. It just comes out great anyway.


Use a meatball scoop  to scoop out potato mixture


Pull up ends of dough over the potato and set them on baking pans sprayed with non-stick spray until done.


Now wash them with the egg wash.

Bake for 25 minutes at 350 degrees F.


Serve with home made spicy brown mustard. That recipe with be published shortly.

I think these are the best forking potato knishes I ever had. The crust is delicious and is so thin but sturdy and the potatoes are really awesome. This recipe is better than restaurant quality……not sure if I should have given it out……..

This is Forking FABULOUS and that's The Forking Truth

This is Forking FABULOUS and that’s The Forking Truth

Dining with Dogs January 2016 Phoenix AZ


This was winter time for Phoenix Arizona. The temperature goes down to 55 degrees F during the day sometimes and sometimes it’s too cold to eat out. No worries that’s only a few days a year. Haha!

These aren’t full blown reviews of the restaurants. This is just a “FLUFF” story of taking the dogs out to eat in January 2016.

Remember although most restaurants in the metro Phoenix area have patios not all patios are dog friendly. Also remember to keep your dog(s) by your side and don’t let them eat from the serving ware or sit on the chairs. It’s also a  good idea to also review the, “What Not To Feed Dog List” so you are aware of foods that can cause harm to your furry loved ones. Many of the foods you eat are NOT safe for a dog to eat.

We went back to Angelina’s Pho and Grill in Phoenix AZ. The menu has changed again from only one month back! We started with a roll of seared tuna, mango and green tea noodles.


The roll is fresh, tasty and unique but its not exactly dog friendly.

"What the fork am I suppose to eat here?"

“What the fork am I suppose to eat here?”

Soon our dinners arrive.

I receive  spicy lemongrass chicken


It’s delicious with developed with flavors, moist, dark meat chicken.

My husband receives his black pepper pork.


He thinks is very flavorful and tasty. Dogs get to nibble some.


We all left here happy like we usually do. It doesn’t cost much to eat here and the food is prepared deliciously. It’s a unique place and a neighborhood gem.

I’m a little ashamed to admit this but on this day on the weekend it was too cold for me to eat lunch out but we wanted to take the dogs out anyway. I think it was a chilly 55 degrees F and we took the dogs threw a Carl’s Jr. drive threw.

Dogs at Carl's Jr.

Dogs at Carl’s Jr.

I didn’t eat anything from Carl’s Jr. but I fed some cheese burger (no sauce and no top bun) to each of the dogs. The burger had a cooked baby food appearance and felt a little dry. Cheese had a plastic like texture. The dogs thought it was tasty.

We also went back to Cucina Tagliani in Glendale AZ. The three year old gets so happy when I tell her we are going there she starts crying.



I didn’t have any but my husband started with some happy hour meatball sliders.  He said the onion rings were a nice touch and were tasty in the sandwich. I noticed that the sliders look different this time and are 1/2 meatballs instead of whole meatballs like last time. My husband told me the meatballs were made with chopped onions instead of onion powder like before. He said they were good meatballs.

I'm forking waiting for something to eat!

I’m forking waiting for something to eat!

I get the chicken piccata over spaghetti squash again. Flavors are good and the chicken again is moist and tender.


I got plenty and shared some with both my buddies.


My husband had the veal parmesan. The dogs and him thought it was tasty.

Off to Bushfire Taco & Tapa in Peoria AZ

Off to Brushfire Taco & Tapa in Peoria AZ

Near the end of the month we decided to try Brushfire Taco & Tapa in Peoria AZ.

This little hut of a restaurant only has outdoor seating. We share most of the tacos they offer and they came with all kinds of sides, sauces, chips and a Tapa  appetizer, (a chicken empanada). Most of the food wasn’t very dog friendly but I found a few pieces here and there I could give them.


“WTFork am I suppose to eat here?”


We shared beef, chicken, fish and vegetable tacos. My favorite was the vegetable taco because it had the most flavors and textures. The chicken and beef weren’t developed with flavor. I tried some house slaw.


It was fresh and crisp with a greenish color.  The slaw had a tangy oniony flavor.


My husband picked the beans.


“Oooooooooh those beans are wet looking and look like beans in a forking cup of water with a little cheese thrown in.”


“It was nice that our humans forking took us out but we didn’t do the best at Brushfire.”

The dogs got to eat at several restaurants in January 2016. Winter in Phoenix is over already as it up to 75 degrees F during the day now. Hopefully the dogs will get to eat out a few times in February before it gets too Forking hot.

That was Dining with Dogs January 2016.

The Forking Truth

The Forking Truth

Forking New Weird and Different Food Out There January 2016


There is always something new, different or weird out there in the markets and I never know what I’ll forking see.

I don’t go threw the frozen food section often but this Truffle Parmesan Mac & Cheese caught my forking attention. What’s with that backwards love name on the box. It seems forking demonic to me. Isn’t the forking opposite of love that other emotion called hate?


First time I’ve forking seen Sriracha Flavored Frozen Food!


They might be going too far here calling these tacos street tacos because everybody knows street tacos can only be purchased on the forking street.


I forking think a new kind of Oreo Cookie hits the forking shelf every week. When they can’t think up a new flavor they just forking repackage the Oreo a different forking shape.


Toasted Coconut Oreo’s do sound pretty yummy to me but they have forking artificial flavor added so I didn’t think I’d like them.


Three different kinds of potatoes in one bag. The ingredients read- Potatoes, Vegetable Oil, (Sunflower, Corn or Canola), and Sea Salt. I purchased these and I think they are pretty good.


Cheez-It Crackers that you are encouraged to FORKING PLAY With? Hope everyone washed their forking hands.


Cheez-It Avengers…..I might be forking afraid to eat these…..


Star Wars Cheez-Its……What the fork would Yoda say?


Chipotle Agave Pickles notice the same flavor is in two forking different colors?


Hot Sweet Thai Chili and Spicy Maple Bourbon Pickles…..(without bourbon I checked)


Snickers is now forking crisper…guess the normal ones got forking soggy.


I’ve never seen Blue Persian Salt before…..


I never noticed these forking fruit and vegetable snacks before. It’s like forking baby food in a suck up bag for adults.


Jelly Belly Star Wars Jelly Beans. What forking flavor are these?


Strawberry Milk Chocolate M&M’s…not forking bad I tried these.


These might not be new but I doubt they came from a Chili’s Restaurant.


If you want Friday’s from your grocer’s freezer here it is.


P.F. Chang’s is in your grocer’s freezer too!


Boston Market …….


Strawberry Rhubarb Fruit and Veggie Bars!


Frozen Buffalo Flavored Cauliflower ….I wonder what that one might be like????


The Forking Truth

The Forking Truth


Jackfruit Salsa Recipe


Jackfruit Salsa

Jackfruit Salsa

Cleaned Jackfruit separated into the bulbs and pulled flesh

Cleaned Jackfruit separated into the bulbs and pulled flesh

I cooked up some Jackfruit and thought it would make great salsa.  After I worked out the salsa recipe I gave some to my husband on tortilla chips with a scant amount of shredded cheese to taste. He said “WOW” I have no idea what this is but it’s delicious. He also said it’s slightly sweet with a nice heat. “What is this?” I have no idea what it’s made with.

I cooked up a chunk of Jackfruit from the Asian Market



and got 10 ounces of jackfruit bulbs and about 7 ounces of pulled jackfruit.

Jackfruit Salsa

Ingredients     makes about 8 servings

1 Tablespoon extra virgin olive oil

10 ounce cooked jackfruit bulbs cleaned and chopped

1 jalapeno -finely chopped (you might need more or LESS depending on your taste and the heat of the pepper. (I used one small red jalapeño that seemed mild/medium)

1 garlic clove very thinly sliced

2 ounces scallion white ends (about 1/2 cup)

1/2 cup grape tomatoes (that were already roasted and were leftovers)

1/2 teaspoon cumin

1/2 teaspoon black pepper

1 teaspoon kosher salt

1/4 cup apple cider vinegar

1 lime (just the fresh squeezed juice)

1 cup water

1/4 cup fresh chopped cilantro


Get a medium sauce pan on medium high heat and add the oil, then the garlic, jalapeño, scallion whites, cumin, black pepper and salt. Cook till fragrant and soft. Turn heat to medium and add jackfruit, tomatoes, vinegar, water and lime juice. Cook a few minutes till it thickens slightly and add the cilantro at the end. Serve warm when ready.

Jackfruit Salsa

Jackfruit Salsa

The Jackfruit Salsa was really delicious. I think most people would enjoy it.

 This is really delicious and that's The Forking Truth

This is really delicious and that’s The Forking Truth






WTFork is Jackfruit?


Jackfruit is a very unique fruit. On Wikipedia it says that these fruits can grow up to 80 forking pounds each. Who the fork wants an 80 pound fruit? I also read that this fruit makes a really big mess when you cut it and it’s recommended that you use gloves to forking protect your hands from a possible allergic reaction to latex.  It’s forking hard for me to believe that this fruit is from the mulberry and fig family.


I also read that this fruit is popular in tropical regions and is the national fruit of Bangladesh.

My local Asian Market doesn’t sell these fruits whole and sells them in manageable few pound cuts.


I saw jackfruit on several menus in the metro Phoenix area that many restaurants are serving barbecued jackfruit sliders so I thought I’d give this fruit a try even though I never tried it before.

I read that you must boil the fruit for 45 minutes so that is what I did.


After 45 minutes it looked like this and the house smelled like tropical fruit.


This fruit is very odd. You got these fleshy bulb things in the fruit that have big seeds. You remove all the fleshy bulb things and remove the seeds from each bulb. The rest of the flesh gets scraped out like a spaghetti squash.


You wind up with…..


The orange fleshy bulbs taste like starchy mangos. The other dish with fruit that looks like pulled chicken has little flavor but has a slight sweetness to it. It’s texture is very meat like.

I made a mistake by throwing the seeds out. I tasted one and it was delicious and like a really good bean. You do have to peel the seeds. I’ll save them next time.

I think I’ll make a salsa with the fleshy bulbs and use the pulled vegetable like a taco filling.

If I saved the seeds they would have been good as a rice and beans kind of thing.

Give jackfruit a try when you see it because Jackfruit is certainly worth a Fork!

 The Forking Truth

The Forking Truth

New Restaurants Usually have Hiccups and Fusion can be Confusion

Inde Fusion Scottsdale AZ

Inde Fusion Scottsdale AZ

I recently went to a beautiful new fusion restaurant that offers a different twist on fusion. This restaurant is sort of global cuisine but uses Indian spices and Indian techniques to prepare food however I found that new restaurants almost always have hiccups and that fusion can be confusion.

I know you are always taking a chance when you dine at a newly opened restaurant. It sometimes takes time for them to get their groove and function like clockwork. Things just don’t always go as planned.

On my visit I found that some things I tried I found superb and amazing. I found a couple dishes to be confusing and lastly the dessert I tried was just forking wrong.

Things started out wonderful. The atmosphere is swank and roomy with interesting accents like these beautiful interesting lanterns and chandeliers. The colors of the interior are rich and warm. Our server was very welcoming, friendly  and pleasant. I started with the most interesting hot tea selection I’ve ever seen anywhere.


A glowing box contained samples of high end interesting tea for you to sniff.

I soon ordered the organic ginger snap tea and it arrives in an interesting pristine clean vessel. It was a joy to drink! I haven’t enjoyed tea this much in a long time.


Many interesting choices are offered on the menu. It was hard to decide.  I notice that the menu might be pork free and only has maybe one selection of beef.

We decide to split two appetizers and split a lunch.

We started with the salmon croquettes.


The croquettes were crisp, seemed oil free and were just bursting with interesting flavors and the raita sauce complimented them just right. I was so happy at this point because everything was so great! I thought this was the start to a five star experience. I could have eaten a sack of these little salmon croquettes they were that tasty!

Then came the Szechuan Chicken lollipops.


The lollipops had a nice crisp crust that had a little heat in them. The crust itself was tasty and might have had Szechuan Peppercorn in it. The chicken was cooked nice but not developed with flavor.  Slightly bummed at this point because I’ve had other chicken lollipops that were much tastier. Then my heart sank a little more when the same raita sauce I just had came again came with the chicken because I thought a Szechuan sauce was sort of needed here for something called Szechuan Chicken Lollipops. For me this was some fusion confusion. Maybe a hiccup because it’s a new restaurant. I peeked at the online menu since I don’t recall what I read in the restaurant and the online menu states different sauces.

Now our tandoori chicken sandwich arrives.


I imagined receiving a wildly flavorful chicken on my sandwich. I received plain pressed chicken breast on a fresh roll with mint chutney and a sriracha aioli was on the side. This was nothing like what I imagined the sandwich would be like because when I think of tandoori chicken I think of chicken that was marinated and seasoned with something like cayenne, chili, turmeric and paprika and I certainly don’t think this chicken was cooked in a tandoori either. For me this was more Fusion Confusion. Again not bad food …..but not how exciting I thought it would be. I was confused because I thought that Tandoori Chicken would taste like tandoori chicken. The Sriracha aioli sauce on the side was tasty and I wasn’t sure if it was a dipping sauce for the fries or a spread for the sandwich. This was more confusion for me.

I do have to say not a forking thing was wrong with the masala fries as they were delicious and additive. I would certainly recommend ordering the masala fries.

I saw chocolate fondant on the menu so I wanted to give that a try because you don’t see chocolate fondants on many menus. A fondant is a small but rich French kind of Chocolate Lava Cake.

I imagined getting something like this……… warm with a molten center. It’s usually made with high end chocolate and is very satisfying.


Instead I got a cold but attractive lump of chocolate sugar paste. I received a lump of chocolate (laced with orange) fondant frosting.

Inde Fusion Scottsdale AZ

Inde Fusion Scottsdale AZ

Can’t blame this on fusion confusion this was forking just confusion.  It makes me sad that the chef clearly isn’t a pastry chef but I do note they used good quality chocolate. I am also concerned that the management and all the employees working there don’t have a clue on what a fondant is.

Unfortunately I wasn’t able to alert them about the fondant because it was complimentary given to me by the management because the original lunch I ordered wasn’t ready to be served but I was going to order this dessert anyway.

New restaurants usually have hiccups and fusion can be confusion.

Your most likely not going to drive across town to dine here but if your in the neighborhood this place is suggested.

Your most likely not going to drive across town to dine here until they work things out. If they work things out there is potential here for destination dining. Some things were OUTSTANDING…some things need some work…

 The Forking Truth

The Forking Truth



WTFork is Fondant?

Fondant Flowers

Fondant Flowers

Fondant has more than one meaning. Most people are familiar with a kind of icing called fondant. You can neatly coat a cake with fondant by rolling a sheet and covering a cake.


You can dye and flavor the fondant and mold it into any shape imaginable. Fondant is like sugar clay.


Fondant is also a French Dessert.


It’s usually a small warm chocolate cake with a molten center.


I recently went to a very nice new restaurant and saw chocolate fondant on the menu so I ordered it.

Inde Fusion Scottsdale AZ

Inde Fusion Scottsdale AZ

They gave me chocolate but it wasn’t warm and was cold. The dessert also didn’t have a melting center. It was just a forking lump of chocolate sugar paste. It was forking chocolate fondant frosting.

 The Forking Truth

The Forking Truth



Celery Salad with Blue Cheese, Apples and Spiced Hazelnuts Recipe

Celery Salad with Apples, Blue Cheese and Spiced Hazelnuts

Celery Salad with Apples, Blue Cheese and Spiced Hazelnuts

I had extra celery and blue cheese at home so I built on that and prepared a tasty salad. The ingredients are simple but when you peal the celery you elevate it. You also elevate the hazelnuts by boiling the bitterness out of them and then toasting to be fragrant with spices. A basic low oil dressing ties it all together.

Ingredients for about 6 servings

1/2 bunch celery with ribs pealed and chopped into around half inch chunks

1 lemon juiced and zest (in a small bowl)

1 apple cored and chopped (put apple in the small bowl into the lemon juice)

2 scallions chopped

4 oz. blue cheese crumbled

1 cup hazelnuts (put in a microwave safe bowl with about 1 1/2 cups of water, cover with plastic wrap and microwave for three minutes) Set to side

1 Tablespoon extra virgin olive oil

1 Tablespoon sugar

fresh ground sea salt

1/4 teaspoon cayenne

2 Tablespoons dijon mustard

1 Tablespoon extra virgin olive oil

splash Worcestershire sauce

1 Tablespoon apple cider vinegar

fresh ground sea salt

fresh ground black pepper

Directions set oven to 300 degrees F

Get your microwaved hazelnuts


and rub them well with paper towels


to take away any loose skin. 

Now put the hazelnuts on a sheet pan. Sprinkle the nuts with 1 tablespoon oil, sugar,fresh ground sea salt and cayenne. They need about 25 minutes in the oven and then remove and set to the side. You might have slightly more than you want for this recipe so just use them as a snack or to top a salad.

Remove the apple pieces from the lemon juice and add the apples in a large bowl with the celery, scallions and blue cheese.

Make the dressing in your lemon juice bowl. To the lemon juice add dijon mustard, oil, mix well and then add Worcestershire, vinegar, salt and pepper continuing to mix well.

Combine everything in the large bowl except for the hazelnuts. Add fresh ground salt and pepper to taste.

Top each serving with some hazelnuts.

Celery Salad with Apples, Blue Cheese and Spiced Hazelnuts

Celery Salad with Apples, Blue Cheese and Spiced Hazelnuts

This is REALLY Forking Tasty and that's The Forking Truth

This is REALLY Forking Tasty and that’s The Forking Truth



Are You an Impaired Taster?


Are you an impaired taster?

Most adults over the age of sixty  (according to ) begin to show signs of impaired taste.

Impaired taste means that your sense of taste is not functioning properly.


Impaired taste can refer to an absence of taste OR a metallic taste in the mouth.


The forking bad news is that impaired taste is a sign of normal aging.


(Bummer…..the alternative is forking worse.)


Besides aging there are other causes for impaired taste.

respiratory illness


gum inflammation


nutritional deficiencies

nervous system disorders


Are you an impaired taster?

 The Forking Truth

The Forking Truth


Sandwiches that are most Worth Mentioning in the Metro Phoenix Area


The Rueben Rueben From Scott's Generations Phoenix AZ

The Rueben Rueben From Scott’s Generations Phoenix AZ

I haven’t tried every sandwich out there in the Metro Phoenix Area but I have tried quite a few and these are the sandwiches most worth mentioning of what I tried recently.

Scott’s Generations is among the few places in the Metro Phoenix Area that serves up respectable tasty Pastrami on double baked seeded rye bread. The pastrami is full flavored and peppery and not too lean and not too fatty. It’s just right! I do warn you that the sandwich is enough to feed two-three people so your going to hurt yourself if you attempt to eat the whole forking thing. Scott’s Generations is also one of the few restaurants I know of in the area that also offers belly lox and sturgeon.

Rayner's Chocolate and Coffee Shop Phoenix AZ

Rayner’s Chocolate and Coffee Shop Glendale AZ

Rayner’s is a small English Cafe,  Bakeshop, Chocolate Shop, Coffee Shop and small goods store in Glendale AZ. They call this sandwich, “Best Grilled Cheese in The Whole World Sandwich.” Well the forking truth is that it’s NOT the best grilled cheese in the whole world sandwich but it is the best tasting vegetarian sandwich I had in a long time. The chef made tasty sauces on the right vegetables with that white rye bread are extra special,not too heavy and you might have room from very good fresh baked treats or the best hand made chocolates around.

Nocawich Tempe AZ

Nocawich Tempe AZ

While Scott’s Generation’s is known for dependable respectable good pastrami ….It must be said that the Wagu Pastrami from Nocawich in Tempe is your special occasion pastrami. It’s prepared in house and there is no other like it in all of the Phoenix Metro Area. I just wish it was piled on a little thicker. It’s luscious, it’s smokey, it pops with flavors and is a special occasion treat.

It has been noted in many publications that the “What the Cluck” chicken sandwich is the best sandwich from Nocawich but I haven’t been able to try that one as of yet. Nocawich is also known for other highest quality sandwiches, baked goods and triple fried French Fries. I do note that this restaurant is located by ASU and the atmosphere was terribly loud when I was there.


Old Town Sarajevo Phoenix AZ

Bosnian Sandwiches on UNIQUE Bosnian fresh made to order bread are served at Old Town Sarajevo in Phoenix AZ.  The bread is uniquely light textured like a donut and is a slightly greasy. The specialty is the house made case-less spicy beef sausage. The condiment you use here is ajvar that made from roasted red peppers, eggplant and spices. It’s worth a trip here because the atmosphere. It’s like a town from a Disney Park gone Bosnian and most of the customers are Bosnian.

Beef on Weck from Taste of Buffalo Glendale AZ

Beef on Weck from Taste of Buffalo Glendale AZ

The Beef on Weck Sandwich is normally only served in the buffalo area. This sandwich is served on a hard kaiser roll brushed with caraway seeds and salt. Inside the sandwich is a big mound of tasty medium rare beef (well closer to medium) served on a dipped roll with au jus and fresh horseradish. A delicious sandwich that you can get at A taste of Buffalo in Glendale AZ.

Noble Bread Phoenix AZ

Noble Eatery Phoenix AZ

Most of the best restaurants of the Metro Phoenix area feature Noble Bread. Noble Eatery is a very small counter with a few tables that offers a daily changing menu of a few locally sourced fruit or vegetable dishes, a couple crusty flat fresh baked sandwiches and smorgas. Smorgas are chunks of heirloom grain Noble Bread usually served with a vegetable or Italian tuna, grain and bean mixture.

This tiny restaurant is very similar in food style to Pane Bianco. Both are rustic with an Italian accent and relay on simplest high end ingredients for comforting flavor.

Both restaurants serve fresh made to order crusty local heirloom grain flat bread sandwiches that look similar with quality fillings. I must have been to Pene Bianco over half a dozen times but haven’t been there recently because they took my favorite sandwich off the menu and changed my husband’s favorite sandwich from the original menu. The current sandwiches are very good too. The recommended sandwich has always been the hand pulled mozzarella with tomato and fresh basil from Pane Bianco.

Neither Noble Eatery or Pane Bianco have a public restaurant so you are not going to travel from far to dine at either restaurant.

Banh Mi Sandwich

Banh Mi Sandwich

Bahn Mi Bistro Vietnamese Eatery offers tasty Bahn Mi Sandwiches and more. They offer TEN kinds of Bahn Mi Sandwiches on rice and wheat flour baguettes. You get that crunch and soft center with all those tasty fillings of pickled carrot and radish, crunchy cucumber, fresh cilantro and house made aioli. This restaurant is a favorite among locals for the tasty food and low prices too!

Cheezheads Peoria AZ

Cheezheads Peoria AZ

Cheezheads of Peoria AZ is worth mentioning because they make the tastiest cheesesteak we’ve found so far. The roll is a little on the soft side and would be elevated with toasting but it is a fresh baked roll prepared in house and it’s good. The filling is ribeye steak that is very tender and seasoned just so. It’s a very good sandwich that deserves a shout out

One of the tastiest sandwiches of all came from a not necessarily a sandwich shop but what might be considered a complex.

Ocotillo Phoenix AZ

Ocotillo Phoenix AZ

The Tandori Sandwich from Ocotillo Phoenix AZ. This sandwich was interesting and complex. It was just bursting with all kinds of flavors and made with high quality very delicious chicken. The bread also seemed like it was fresh made.

A honorable mention has to go to Rocket Burger in Phoenix AZ.

Rocket Burger is a casual budget eatery that offers a variety of burgers that are hand packed angus beef in various sizes along with many other items.

It must be mentioned that Rocket Burger offers a forking GIANT wall of bottled sodas for you to choose from.

Rocket Burger also offers many other sandwiches. Recently I had the Mexican Spicy Fish Sandwich.

Rocket Burger Phoenix AZ

Rocket Burger Phoenix AZ

Breaded Cod topped with an extremely flavorful and surprisingly delicious slaw. I washed it down with a dry cucumber soda.

These were the Sandwiches Most Worth Mentioning that I tried in the Metro Phoenix Area.

 The Forking Truth

The Forking Truth