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Forking Dining with DOGS February 2016

Off to Nosh Eatery & Wine Bar in Glendale AZ

Off to Nosh Eatery & Wine Bar in Glendale AZ

Forking dining with dogs isn’t necessarily full blown reviews of restaurants. This is more of a “Fluff” Story of taking the dogs out to eat although I have much more to say about some of the restaurants than others. Not all but many of the restaurant I visit often and have told many stories about them.

Many of the restaurants in the Phoenix AZ area do have patios but not all patios are dog friendly. It should be noted that when dining with dogs you don’t let them eat off restaurant plates or let them sit on the chairs. You also need to be aware that much of the food you eat isn’t dog friendly and you must review a current dog friendly food list.

We started this month going off to the lovely dog friendly patio of Nosh Eatery and Wine Bar in Glendale AZ. This restaurant is newly opened and we were excited to check it out because of the location and great atmosphere that we were familiar with from the former restaurant that occupied this spot.

The atmosphere is modern and attractive with interesting lighting and lots of red accents. They offer an indoor-outdoor bar and an unusual but comfortable indoor-outdoor patio. The menu is traditional American food.

We get a nice table on the patio and a water bowl is brought out for the dog customers.


I ordered the Roasted Chicken Arugula Wrap with House Made Cole Slaw.


The Chicken was prepared well but had a sauce on it that tasted different from the menu description. I was expecting a sun-dried tomato basil mayo but what I tasted seemed more like wing sauce mixed with french dressing. I also was expecting cheddar cheese but they gave me this….forking American processed cheese-like slices that the dogs got to eat.


The slaw seemed fresh and I liked the texture of the vegetables but it was very heavy with heavy mayo and lacked any seasoning.

We also shared a side of Signature Macaroni and Cheese.


It was promising because it was made with a real cheese sauce but unfortunately the sauce was overly watered down and also was unseasoned. You don’t know me but if I have to add salt to a dish it really lacks salt.

My husband ordered the signature burger and the waitress accidentally orders a burger off of the previous restaurant’s menu because it still is an option that hasn’t been taken off the computer yet. He sends it back….and the kitchen recycled the burger scraping off the cheese and adding different cheeses and toppings. This didn’t turn out well because in the process the medium rare burger turned to well done.


Here is a close up of the orange American cheese that was mostly scraped off.



“I get extra burger here because my human doesn’t like it.” FORKING WIN!

The Nosh Eatery is Newly Opened and Most new restaurants often open with hiccups. Hopefully the hiccups have gone away and hopefully Nosh Eatery in Glendale will take the time to prepare a website of some sort.

"We got LOTS to eat at Nosh Eatery & Wine Bar in Glendale AZ

“We got LOTS to eat at Nosh Eatery & Wine Bar in Glendale AZ Wooo Hooo!

We got to go back to Leo’s Island BBQ in Peoria AZ

Off to Leo's Island BBQ Peoria AZ

Off to Leo’s Island BBQ Peoria AZ

Leo’s Island BBQ is one of the few independently family owned restaurants in the Arrowhead Area in Peoria AZ. This is a casual cafe that features the Hawaiian plate lunch. You have about 30 choices of this plate lunch. Basically on the average your plate lunch will cost about $8.00 and you will get a big styrofoam box filled with a double or triple portion of meat, double scoops of rice, creamy macaroni salad and some steamed vegetables just for fun. I often have the Maui Maui Grilled Fish.


It’s an enormous amount of food that is all tasty. Even with my two helpers.

The 3 1/2 year old

The 3 1/2 year old

The 14 3/4 year old

The 14 3/4 year old

We still bring some goodies home. For more information on Leo’s Island BBQ in Peoria AZ please visit

We were able to manage all that food from Leo’s Island BBQ because we took a bunch home and saved room for a scoop of ice-cream from Baskin Robbins.


I had some pecan praline Ice- cream.


And so did both of the dogs. I only gave them a small amount of the creamy part without nuts because most nuts aren’t good for dogs especially macadamia nuts. Macadamia Nuts SHOULD NEVER BE FED to a dog. For more information on Baskin Robbins in Peoria AZ please visit .

It’s Valentine’s Day and we took the dogs back to Cucina Tagliani in Glendale AZ for lunch. This budget Italian Restaurant is a staple of the community and has been in business for over twenty years, They serve up all your Italian-American favorites and have one of the nicest dog friendly patios in town.

"We're on the way to Cucina Tagliani"

“We’re on the way to Cucina Tagliani”


I had the Strawberry Goat Cheese Salad. A tasty not to heavy salad with lots of white meat chicken to share with the dogs. One of the things I like best about the salad are the natural tasting strawberries. None of the supermarkets near me sell strawberries that taste much different than forking cardboard. These strawberries are delicious.


The beautiful three and a half year old shows interest in my salad.


The still handsome fourteen and three quarter year old dog is far more interested in my husband’s Stromboli.


For more information on Cucina Tagliani in Glendale AZ please visit

The next week we’re off to a newly opened restaurant in town with a dog friendly patio.

"Where're on our way to the Rogue Tomato in Glendale AZ"

“Where’re on our way to the Rogue Tomato in Glendale AZ”

The Rogue Tomato in Glendale AZ offers New American Style Food a bit of Southwestern style food mixed accented with some Rogue. They offer a cozy sleek woody artsy dining room and a lovely umbrella shaded patio for their guests.

We picked out a table on the patio and the kind waitress served our dogs some water to start with.


I tried the salmon sliders.


The not so tiny sandwiches were toasted with butter and filled with technically perfect salmon, a very tasty lemon aioli, cucumber and marinated arugula. My platter also came with the Rogue signature seasoned fries, ketchup and a slightly smokey fry sauce.

My husband had the Rogue Burger.


Almost everything about the burger was a home run. Great tasting beefy meat, avocado, munster cheese, crispy onion straws, a bacon with just the right amount of smoke. All the embellishments were very good. Good just over cooked…well fork happens.

Both dogs got some burger and salmon.



For more information on The Rogue Tomato in Glendale AZ please visit

Slight UPDATE 4-18-16 Sadly The Rogue Tomato in Glendale AZ is no longer Dog Friendly.

The weather is heating up in Phoenix. Temperatures are approaching ninety degrees during the day.

The fourteen and three quarter year old dog is still doing reasonably well for his age but now waits for assistance to get into the car. He is living with cancer so his future is uncertain. Last September the diagnoses was six months to a year. He is on a lot of medication including low dose chemotherapy pills. Currently he still is enjoying life and loves to eat.

On the home from The Rogue Tomato

On the home from The Rogue Tomato

We forking hope to see you next month!

The Forking Truth

The Forking Truth



Forking Easy Classic Boule Bread Recipe


Classic Boule

Classic Boule

I got this recipe from the Tasting Table. This recipe is adapted from Adam Leonti of the Brooklyn Bread Lab. You only need an oven, a baking stone, water, active dry yeast, salt and bread flour. This bread is very easy to make but you have to start it maybe 4-5 hours before you go to bed and then leave it covered in the refrigerator for 12 hours. It makes a very tasty flavorful bread.

The Forking Truth is that I had some trouble with the recipe. I don’t know if some of the directions were omitted or if there was some sort of typo. It is a possibility that I had an oven problem ?(because my oven is a GE Monogram ((The Corvair of Appliances to me in search box search Monogram for my Story if Interested) and it’s always possible that it  was just an Arizona Climate related problem because good bread is seldom found in Arizona. Is it the water? The Climate? The elevation? Or did I run into trouble for using off the shelf bread flour instead of the recommended  Hayden Mills Flour?…….I don’t forking know!

Well anyways after one failed batch of bread that was raw in the middle I made another batch and simply made two loaves instead of the one loaf that the Tasting Table says this recipe makes.

First batch

First batch after 30 minutes (the recipe says it’s done in 25 minutes)



FIRST FORKING BATCH after 30 minutes in oven

I figured that if I made two loaves the recipe would work out and it did.

Ingredients for two loaves.

6 1/2 cups bread flour – Hayden  Mills is recommended but the Brooklyn Bread Lab grinds their own flour.

2 1/2 Tablespoons salt

3 1/2 cups water

1 Tablespoon active dry yeast


In a large bowl add your dry ingredients and slowly add the water mixing. Mix for about 4-5 minutes until the dough is like elastic.

Transfer to a floured surface and let it sit at room temperature covered for four hours.

Punch down and shape dough into a ball. Dusting as needed and place dough in a heavily floured bowl then cover a refrigerate twelve hours. The next day I punched it down after it warmed up and let it rise again and shaped the dough into two round loaves.

Preheat oven with a stone on middle shelf at 500 degrees F. Make slits in the bread about 1/8 inch deep.

I went a little deeper than the 1/8 an inch

I went a little deeper than the 1/8 an inch

Bake until golden on a pre-heated stone. this is after 20 minutes from my oven. (500 degrees F on a stone)


My second try at the Boule came out Forking Good!

The Forking Truth

The Forking Truth




How to Forking Peel and Concentrate Tomatoes Recipe

Peeled and Concentrated Tomato

Peeled and Concentrated Tomato

Peeling a tomato is very easy and anyone can do this quickly. Concentrating a tomato is also easy but it takes all day.

Anyone can make peeled tomatoes- Put a sauce pot on and bring it up to boil.

Drop your tomato or tomatoes in the boiling water. No matter what size the tomatoes are they will need very little time in the boiling water. About 1/2 a minute or a little less is all any tomato will take. Be careful not to cook them too long or the tomatoes can get mushy. Remove the tomato(s) with a slotted spoon and put them in an ice-bath.


Cut a not too deep “X” on the bottom of your tomato and also remove the core.


After the ice bath the skin comes off very easily.


Now you might have a bunch of peeled tomatoes.

Many dishes would be elevated if you concentrate the tomatoes.

To concentrate tomatoes –

Cut the tomatoes into thirds, place the tomato slices on sheet trays and drizzle with extra virgin olive oil. (unless you want to stop and de-seed first)


Put in a 250 degree oven F . The time will vary with the size and moisture of your tomatoes. They usually take 5-7 hours.

The above 4 quarter pans of tomatoes cooked down to 2 quarter pans when I was finished.


These are great for many of your recipes and fish.

The Forking Truth

The Forking Truth


My Forking Review of Strawberry Shortcake M&M’s


Strawberry Shortcake M&M’s are special edition M&M’s that are only sold at Target Stores. These M&M’s have a white filling that is suppose to taste like strawberry shortcake. The M&M candy shells are colors of pink, cream and white. The Bag of strawberry shortcake M&M’s comes in is a pastel pink color and features the Green M&M on the bag holding a tasty looking strawberry shortcake on a plate.

I thought I might like these M&M’s for two reasons.

One- I like strawberry shortcake and…….

Two – last month Walmart sold some sort of special edition chocolate covered strawberry flavor M&M’s that were good and seemed natural tasting.

The FORKING Truth is that these Strawberry Shortcake M&M’s to me taste exactly like strawberry artificial drink mix that is blended with vegetable shortening and covered with that sugar shell.

These M&M’s to me seem like a FORKING GLOB of vegetable fat that’s chemically flavored with something that reminds me of strawberry. After trying to let the candy melt in my mouth it now feels all greased up like I was forking sucking on vegetable shortening. These M&M’s don’t melt in the mouth….

The strawberry shortcake M&M’s are among my least favorite M&m’s that I have  ever tried. The flavor for me is too artificial and the greasy non-melting texture I find stomach turning. I’ve tried other flavors of white chocolate M&M’s before that didn’t seem greasy to me so the greasiness of the strawberry shortcake flavor was very unexpected.

Your opinion may differ from mine but to me these strawberry shortcake M&M’s are forking gross and this bag of M&M’s is now in the trash.

NOT Worth a FORK!

NOT Worth a FORK!

My mouth is still forking greasy.

The Forking Truth

The Forking Truth

Cook’s Country Potato Cheddar Pierogi Recipe

Cook's Country Potato Cheddar Pierogi

Cook’s Country Potato Cheddar Pierogi

I thought I’d try out Cook’s Country Pittsburg Potato Cheddar Pierogi Recipe because it seemed easy and you don’t need a pasta machine for the dough.Cook’s Country tells a nice little story about how they learned about the pierogi from Pittsburgh’s Polish Hill Neighborhood. According to about the Pierogi is eaten there 11 times more than anyplace else in the country and many Pierogi shops are in business there. I thought the dough recipe was very unusual because it uses bread flour and sour cream so I thought wtfork I’ll give it a try. I didn’t make any changes to the dough and I thought the filling was a little bland possibly due to not using a better sharp cheddar instead of the store brand I used. I grated in 1/2 of a banana pepper to add some flavor and a tiny bit of heat to the filling. After I boiled the pierogi I took them one step further and crisped them up in a pan a little with some butter with some onions.

I’ve read that not always but often most people will eat the fresh made pierogis just boiled and often it’s the leftover pierogi that get eaten fried. In the past I worked with a Polish Cook at a restaurant and he always served the pierogi deep fried with crispy onions and they are very tasty that way too.

Cook’s Country say’s this recipe makes about 30 pierogi but I got 44 and would have gotten maybe another dozen but I wasn’t about to re-roll out the scraps thin. I did however use the rolled out extra dough and made thick chewy tasty noodles.  I had about one cup of extra filling left too. I summed up the directions to simplify.


1 lb russet potatoes cooked and pealed

4 oz sharp cheddar cheese shredded

2 Tablespoons butter

salt and pepper to taste.


While potatoes are hot mix everything together till smooth and set to the side.


2 1/2 cups bread flour

1 teaspoon baking powder

1 cup sour cream

1 large egg

1 large yolk



Whisk dry ingredients together. Get your stand mixer out and the dough hook on. Mix on Medium high for 8 minutes. Transfer to a floured bowl cover with wrap and refrigerate.

Roll dough and 1/8 inch thick. (I found it was much better to roll the dough in maybe thirds because the faster you work with the dough the better it seals) Use a 3 inch cutter and add a small spoon full to the center of each circle. Then seal shut and keep going.




Get a pot of water on with salted water and boil your pierogi and enjoy. You can freeze pierogi that might want to save for latter or you might want to boil them all freeze leftovers and fry what you want for dinner. Either way serve with some caramelized onion and a little sour cream.

Cook's Country Potato Cheddar Pierogi

Cook’s Country Potato Cheddar Pierogi

Thank’s to Cook’s Country that is a good recipe!

This is really Good and That's The Forking Truth

This is really Good and That’s The Forking Truth

Machete Azteca Estilo DF -Phoenix AZ- Mexico City Mexican Food – That’s Worth a Fork



On truck reads 4 locations but I only see three

On truck reads 4 locations but I only see three

Machete Azteca Estilo DF is a small very casual restaurant located in Phoenix Arizona.  It’s the kind of restaurant you might pass by unless you know about it and it’s on your radar.

Front of Restaurant

Front of Restaurant

This isn’t your typical Mexican Restaurant filled with Burritos, Fajitas and Chimichangas. This hole in the wall kind of restaurant offers Authentic Style Mexico City Food. That means Machetes, D.F.Style Antojitos, Caldos and Barbaloa and Mexican Beverages.

You won’t find fancy dining here by any means and the noise level was forking loud when we were there. Mexican Music is just blaring outside the building. Inside is Mexican Television blaring and you hear the music and television at the same time and this might make your head a little wonky. This place was also very busy and completely filled up when I was there and also had non-stop take out calls being placed.


I warn you that the menu is written in Spanish.



If you don’t know your Huaraches from your Caldos ordering can be a little tricky unless you look at the pictures.

Don’t worry you can sort of figure most of it out without the use of your cell phone.

The Specialty of the house might the Machete…the name sake. The Machete is a sort of Quesadilla that is a extremely large house made corn tortilla that comes in sixteen varieties. Some of the varieties are seldom found in any Mexican Restaurant that you try in Phoenix such as the Huitlacoche.  Also called Mexican Truffle or Corn Smut. Huitlacoche is diseased or infected corn but it’s prized for it’s woodsy, sweet, mushroomy flavor.

Below is the actual photo of a Huitlacoche Taco I had in Mexico.

Actual Corn Smut Taco from Mexico

Actual Corn Smut Taco from Mexico

Since I usually only eat Huitacoche in Mexico I decided I had to order it here.


This thing was so forking big that it can’t fit on a forking plate and comes out on a forking platter. It only cost (at the time of this review) $7.99 so I wasn’t expecting anything so large. I have to say this Machete was very tasty. It might look strange to you but the Huitlacoche was more interesting than some of the other huitacoche that I had before. This one had added sweet corn in it with various sizes of the kennels in the process of turning into huitacoche. I got more texture and more sweetness than I usually get from the huitacoche. They also filled the tortilla with a generous amount of melty mild white cheese. I whacked off a piece for my husband to try and took half home. I also had a chicken taco.


This is a very small street sized taco on double house made tortillas. I like that this taco seemed authentic style meaning without cheese. In the Jalisco area of Mexico that we visit every now and then cheese is not served on tacos. I was told in Mexico that cheese never goes on the tacos there and only Americans put cheese on tacos. This taco was very mild with flavor unlike a Jalisco Style Taco. The tortillas were very fresh and hot and tasted just like the fresh made white corn tortillas I tasted from a tortilla factory in Mexico.

My husband had the Huarache with Chorizo.


It’s like the Machete but open faced with different topping. My husband was delighted with this dish and really enjoyed the chorizo they used. He also had a Barbacoa Taco.


It’s a fresh tasting taco that’s simple with fresh lime to enhance. Both the Mexico City Style tacos (chicken and barbacoa) are more mildly seasoned than the Jalisco Style tacos that we enjoy in Mexico.

All the tortillas and sauces are all house made. This restaurant is NOT BIG on atmosphere but this isn’t  your average Mexican restaurant and offer authentic style food you can’t get at most places.

I’s ALMOST like taking a Trip to Mexican City Mexico!

Worth a Fork..... You might Travel across Town to Dine Here because they offer something different you can't find at most places.

Worth a Fork….. You might Travel across Town to Dine Here because they offer something different you can’t find at most places.

For more information on Machete Azteca Estilo DF in Phoenix AZ you can visit them on FaceBook.

The Forking Truth

The Forking Truth

You might might be interest to read about my last trip to Mexico just type in “The Jalisco Taco” in the search box


FORKING Non-Traditional Italian Inspired Tuna Noodle Casserole Recipe

Forking Non-Traditional Italian Inspired Tuna Noodle Casserole

Forking Non-Traditional Italian Inspired Tuna Noodle Casserole

My husband thinks I make the best tuna salad in the whole world so I made a casserole that is similar to the way I usually make tuna salad.

This is a very unique original recipe and I doubt anyone did what I’ve forking done here before. Casseroles normally are made with cheese but I didn’t want to use any cheese in this recipe because cheese would spoil the flavor with my recipe and I needed something neutral so I used my secret ingredient that is great for casseroles and low fat thick but seem rich kind of sauces…….drum roll…….Silken Tofu. It’s healthy it’s low fat and adds that perfect something. For this recipe you wouldn’t want to use high end tuna for a casserole recipe unless your pockets got no bottom so I think the best choice is wild caught chunk light tuna. I normally make tuna salad with fresh lemon juice and the zest but I was all out of lemon so I used lime and it added the acidity that was needed.

Ingredients  for about 12 servings

12 oz egg noodles cooked al dente ( about 4-5 minutes in salted water)

13 oz chunk light tuna drained

12 oz artichoke hearts rough chopped (I used frozen thawed)

1/2 cup olives stuffed with pimentos rough chopped

1 Tablespoon capers

1 cup scallions rough chopped

1 apple in thick shreds

teaspoon kosher salt

teaspoon black pepper

4 XL eggs

18 oz silken tofu package drained and cut up

1/2 cup lime juice

1/4 cup balsamic vinegar

1 Tablespoon garlic confit (roast garlic with extra virgin olive oil covered for about an hour and whip)

2 teaspoons black pepper

1 teaspoon salt

1 and 1/2oz fresh basil rough torn (Save some for the top for serving)

non stick cooking spray

6 teaspoons reduced balsamic vinegar (1/2 teaspoon per serving) finish with a drizzle

6 teaspoons extra virgin olive oil (1/2 teaspoon per serving finish with a small drizzle


Set your oven to 350 degrees F and get a 1/2 foil pan and spray it with non stick spray.

In a large mixing bowl combine your noodles, tuna, artichokes, olives, capers, scallions, apple, one teaspoon salt and one teaspoon black pepper and set to the side.

I used a stick blender and first blended the tofu with the lime juice till smooth. Then add balsamic, garlic, salt and pepper and blend again. Now add the eggs and blend.

Add the blended tofu mixture and mix well into the large mixture and lastly mix in the fresh basil.


Transfer to your 1/2 pan and covered with sprayed foil so it doesn’t stick to the casserole.

Bake at 350 degrees F for about one hour 20 minutes depending on your oven. At this point the noodles aren’t crispy on the top.


Chill to set.

Portion and heat to serve.

Finish with a drizzle of balsamic vinegar, extra virgin olive oil and some torn fresh basil.

Forking Non-Traditional Italian Inspired Tuna Noodle Casserole

Forking Non-Traditional Italian Inspired Tuna Noodle Casserole

This is really Good and That's The Forking Truth

This is really Good and That’s The Forking Truth

Real Enchilada Sauce Recipe

Real Enchilada Sauce Recipe

Real Enchilada Sauce Recipe

This is the kind of enchilada sauce that is the real kind and not like the gringo kind that is sweeter with tomatoes. This is the version where you fry the dried chili pods, then rehydrate them ,puree them, strain them and cook them some more. If your still interested here’s the forking recipe.

Chili Pods

Chili Pods

Ingredients that makes about 18 ounces and I’d say that is about 8 servings

2 oz. guajillo chili pods – stems removed broken down

2.5 oz. California chili pods – stems removed broken down (New Mexico chili pods would also be good but my store had California so that is what I used)

1 large sweet onion chopped

3 garlic cloves chopped

1 1/2 teaspoon cumin

1/2 teaspoon oregano

3 Tablespoons canola oil

1 teaspoon kosher or sea salt

4 cups water

1 Tablespoon masa flour

2 Tablespoons apple cider vinegar

1 teaspoon sugar

pinch cinnamon

pinch cayenne


In your sauce pan on medium high heat add the dried chili pods, onion, garlic, cumin, oregano, oil, and salt.

Fry about 10 minutes on medium high heat.

Now add water and bring to boil and simmer about an hour.

Blend everything in the pot a stick blender will work best.


Strain and push all you can threw the strainer.


Discard the remaining stuff in the strainer.

Whisk in the masa, vinegar and sugar.

Cook on medium high heat until it boils and then reduce to simmer and let it go about five minutes.

Finish with a pinch of cinnamon and a pinch of cayenne.


This is forking good and that's The Forking Truth

This is forking good and that’s The Forking Truth


My Forking Review of the Microplane Spiral Cutter – Doesn’t Make the Cut



I came across the Microplane Spiral Cutter at HomeGoods for about $10.00. It sells on line for about $15.00 and it’s an interesting color of green. It’s small and doesn’t take up much room if you want to keep it to give to someone you don’t like.

I thought Microplane was a trustworthy brand so I took a chance on this one because the Paderno and KitchenAid Spiral Cutters BOTH don’t spiral cut carrots.


It promises to make spiral cuts and ribbons and shows attractive carrot ribbons on the box.


This is all you forking get when you insert a carrot and do a few inches of twisting.


The FORKING TRUTH is that you get little uneven broken shreds that aren’t ribbons and a big waste of carrot that looks like a tiny skinny forking penis-


that leaves you unsatisfied and longing for more.

Not only will the Microplane Spiral Cutter put a cramp in your style it will also put a forking cramp in your hand. It doesn’t fit well in your hand and your hand quickly gets a cramp.


The Microplane Spiral Cutter is hard to clean.

Little pieces of carrot doesn’t come out of the sharp blades and it stains easily and looks like a dirty toilet bowl after only a few twists of use. This photo was taken after scrubbing. Even after a ride in the dishwasher it looks the same.

"Looks like a Forking Stained Toilet Bowl"

“Looks like a Forking Stained Toilet Bowl”

This small hand held tool is money down the toilet if you keep it.


Like I said…….



Back to HomeGoods and I’m getting my $10.00 back even if I can’t get the all the forking carrot or the carrot stain out.

The Forking Truth is that the Microplane Spiral Cutter does NOT make carrot ribbons as promised so for me The Microplane Spiral Cutter is NOT WORTH A FORK!

NOT Worth a FORK!

NOT Worth a FORK!

The Microplane Spiral Cutter Doesn’t Make the Cut!

 The Forking Truth

The Forking Truth

New Weird and Forking Different Food Out There February 2016


The world is full of new different and weird foods out there. I never know what the fork I’m going to come across at the stores.

I came across these Key Lime Coconut Patties and decided I’d give them a try.


The bottom and sides are enrobed in a thin coating of real not waxy chocolate. Despite the green food coloring this is a tasty treat and seemed natural tasting.


I thought Grilled Bacon Cheeseburger Cheese was pretty forking weird. My husband didn’t believe such a thing would exist until I showed him the forking picture.


You can always count on seeing new flavors of Oreo’s. Here is forking Red Velvet with Cream Cheese filling followed by forking Cinnamon Bun.


Sorry I couldn’t get a good photo of this one but it is non-alcoholic apple beer. (WTFork would want to drink that?  Well they say an apple a day might keep the doctor away….


Caramel Bugles? Are they forking sticky? Artificial burnt sugar flavor…No forking thank you.


Sugar Free Coconut Cream and Peanut Butter Wafers.


French Vanilla Cordial Cherries. I never saw that flavor before.


Milk Chocolate Banana Cream Minion Eggs. Did you ever forking think you’d see these? I sure didn’t. These might look scary in a forking Easter Basket with them eyes looking at you.


Forking McCafe Pumpkin Spice – (hope it’s better than the McFood)

This next one isn’t food but I saw this forking thing at the supermarket and I thought I was having some kind of forking hallucination.

I still can’t phantom such a thing exists.

Now that is FORKED up!

Now that is FORKED up!



Yes FORKING CANDLES you forking stick in your ear for forking relaxation.


Who the FORK is going to relax with a burning candle in their ear ready to drip and forking burn up all your hair with forking dripping HOT WAX on your ear, face and throat? This might be the craziest thing I’ve ever forking come across.

There is always something new, weird or different out there and I never know WTFork I’ll see.

 The Forking Truth

The Forking Truth