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Game Day Cheesy Hatch Chile Potato Casserole Recipe

Cheesy Hatch Chile Potato Casserole

Cheesy Hatch Chile Potato Casserole

This time of year Hatch Chiles are very popular in the South Western United States. The Hatch Chile is Prized for it’s unique flavor and plays a staring role in New Mexican Cuisine. Not all but many people love the Hatch Chile so much that they fill up their home freezers with enough Hatch Chiles to last till next year. This easy to prepare casserole is sure to be a crowd pleaser. Everyone loves potatoes and cheese flavored with these Forking Delicious Fire Roasted Hatch Chiles!

Here’s my Cheesy Hatch Chile Potato Casserole.

Cheesy Hatch Chile Potato Casserole

Cheesy Hatch Chile Potato Casserole

Ingredients to make about 12 generous servings

1 large sweet onion finely sliced

3 lbs potatoes finely sliced (alternate slicing and mix with onions so potatoes don’t brown)

4 oz unsalted butter – melted

6 XL eggs – beaten

10 oz colby cheese – shredded

9 oz pepper jack cheese – shredded

1/2 cup flour

3.2 oz non-fat dry milk (one packet)

1 1/2 cup water

2 Hatch Chiles – roasted with seeds, skin and stem removed – finely chopped

1 Tablespoon kosher salt or sea salt

3/4 teaspoon black pepper

non-stick spray – canola or vegetable


Set your oven to 350 degrees F

In a large bowl is your thinly sliced potatoes and onions that you slice in an alternating way and are mixed together so they don’t brown.

In another large bowl mix up all the remaining ingredients excluding non-stick spray.

Get a very large pan and spray it up with your non-stick spray.

As best as you can mix the two bowls together and press the mixture down into the pan.


Cover the top of the pan with aluminum foil that has been sprayed with non-stick spray so the potatoes don’t stick to the foil.

In my oven this pan took 90 minutes to cook threw and I need to mention I did have another pan in my oven so the timing might differ some.

After 90 minutes I wanted to brown the top more so I removed the foil and put the pan back in for around 20 minutes.

Cheesy Hatch Chile Potato Casserole

Cheesy Hatch Chile Potato Casserole

I prefer to chill the casserole in the refrigerator and reheat so it’s nice and neat like a lasagna but you can serve right away if you prefer but it won’t come out nice and neat.

Cheesy Hatch Chile Potato Casserole

Cheesy Hatch Chile Potato Casserole

It’s just Forking YUM yum Delish!

 The Forking Truth

The Forking Truth




Dining out with Dogs around Metro Phoenix AZ September 2016


Dining out with dogs isn’t full blown reviews on restaurants. It’s just stories about taking my dogs out to eat. Many restaurants in the metro phoenix area do have patios but not all restaurant patios are dog friendly. I do recommend to call the restaurant and make sure that they are still dog friendly without restrictions before you dine out with your furry friends because I have come across one restaurant that went from dog friendly to not dog friendly. There also are some rules to dining with dogs. Your dog is not to eat off the plates or sit on the chair. Your dog is to be by your side and must be well behaved. The other rule is for you and you are to make sure your up on dog friendly foods. Most food that you eat is not good for your dog. Dogs need to stay away from onions, garlic, anything made from grapes, chocolate, avocado and more. Basically just feed your dog a small piece of meat from your meal and wipe off any sauce that’s on the meat. Please get a food safe list from your veterinarian or look it up on the web.

My older dog the 15 1/2 year old on the right was diagnosed with cancer one year ago and was given 6 months to a year by our veterinarian. I thought the nicest thing I could do for him is not to travel so I could take care of him and to take him out to eat once a week if I could. He seems to enjoy it and maybe it helps to keep him going.

It has been a brutal hot summer around Phoenix AZ 2016 and was close to record breaking with 30 days in a row of 110 degrees F. The pavements were flaming hot to burn paws so most of the summer we weren’t able to dine out with dogs. The first week of September actually seemed almost refreshing and was seasonably low in temperature at around 100 degrees F. Although it seems so much cooler it is still too hot to dine out with dogs so we took the dogs to a Burger King Drive Threw before the temperature shot up to 100 degrees a few hours latter.


The dogs were happy to see food come out the window. They love the breakfast croissant sandwich. I never ate one but my husband says they are really tasty too. September stayed hot until the last week went a monsoon blew threw. We had this one really awesome day where the high was only 85 without any humidity. At the time it seemed cool and refreshing. We decided to take the dogs out to Cucina Tagliani in Glendale AZ. It’s a local family friendly American Italian Style full service restaurant with a certified comfortable dog friendly patio.

"We're off to Tags!"

“We’re off to Tags!”

We tried to beat the crowd and came for an early dinner but it seemed almost everyone in town got the same idea we had and the patio soon filled up.


“Oh boy, it’s getting mighty crowded.”

The regular help are nowhere in sight and the bartender runs out to serve on the patio.

We ordered and soon I receive the salmon platter.


They gave me linguini with oil and lemon instead of the spaghetti squash I asked for…. but I’m happy because the fish  taste fine and isn’t over-cooked. Believe it or not I’ve recently dined at some of the higher end restaurants in the metro Phoenix Area that didn’t do as well preparing higher quality fish.

Kitchen West Scottsdale AZ

Atlantic Salmon Overcooked by a lovely resort restaurant in Scottsdale AZ (arrived slightly warm most likely was over-cooked previously, stored and slightly reheated) You will read about this one soon.


Over Cooked and Over Salted by Quiessence Restaurant Phoenix AZ

Over Cooked and Over Salted by one of our highest end restaurants in Phoenix AZ (needed a forking steak knife to saw threw) (I already wrote about this one).

My husband got the enormous Papa’s Platter.


It’s made of two flavorful spinach and cheese manicottis, a big sausage lasagna and real veal parmesan.

Dogs got plenty to eat here…


For more information please visit

The 15 1/2 year old is showing signs of slowing down and it is a fact that he will not get better. He was walking very  jerky after this dining out and happens to be is a little pickier about eating and seems slightly weaker losing his balance from time to time. He also is losing clumps or hair like he’s never done before. Everyday  it looks like someone dumped a grocery bag full of fur in my house. I’m very surprised my dog isn’t bald.


He drops about this much fur every few hours

He drops about this much or more fur every few hours

I’m told that his medication can’t be increased. At this time I don’t know if his cancer has spread or if it’s the old age and arthritis that’s happening. He’s lasted much longer than his Oncology Doctor expected (the doctor that studies x-rays and blood and prescribes low-dose chemotherapy pills). When she met him last fall she predicted his last May birthday for the best goal letting me know that he might not make that. His Met Rate was very high. A melanoma in a dog rates at something like a number 3 and his Met Rate was recorded at 40 so she suspected a very quick aggressive cancer. We made it well past the May goal so every day since has been a celebration of life. The good news is that he still has good days and still enjoys things like food, walks and Hot Air Balloons that fly over the house. I think my roasted chicken is his favorite food.


This is the look I got just last week when I was roasting chicken. I don’t know how many more times I will get this look…..but I do hope for many more.

It’s possible that if just taking him out to dine is too straining now because of the very jerky walking he did after dining out and it’s very hard now getting him in and out of the car. I hope this wasn’t the last of dining out with both dogs but it might be…..

Well that was September 2016 Dining with Dogs.

 The Forking Truth

The Forking Truth


Hatch Chile Cheese Bread Recipe

Hatch Chile Cheese Bread

Hatch Chile Cheese Bread

Hatch Chiles are FORKING DELICIOUS and if you live in an area that sells them most likely you will stock up your freezer with these Hatch Chiles so you can enjoy them all year. Today I thought I’d bake a Hatch Chile and Cheese Bread. I’ve been making pizza dough at home for many years, I never measure so I have the knack for baking bread. It’s hard to teach how to make bread because many things will throw bread recipes off and you just have to get the feel for it. Humidity, water, your oven, and actually the brand of flour you use will slightly differ the recipe. Be aware your dough should never be sticky (unless it’s something like a German Style Pumpernickel). When your done making dough it should pull away from the bowl and shouldn’t stick to your hands. You also should be aware that the extra flour in your bowl that the dough rest in is used to knead the dough. Hope that helps. Back to the Hatch Chile Cheese Bread. The bread is very light textured and moist… can taste the hatch chiles and do get some heat. I don’t really get the cheddar cheese I added but it’s in the background and maybe adds to the really nice texture. My loaf came out bigger than I expected and the chiles melted into the dough. Next time I might cut the chiles in small chunks instead of fine chopping the chiles so I get to see the chiles more. The only other thing I would have done different would be to make two loaves instead of one so I’d possibly get a thinner crust because of less oven time. But this bread came out so tasty with such a great interior I would certainly make it again.

Ingredients for one loaf or about 10 servings

1/4 cup sugar

1/4 oz active dry yeast – or one packet

1 cup water -100 – 110 degrees F for the yeast to bloom

4 cup bread flour (one cup at the beginning of recipe – 3 cups soon) Plus extra flour for your dough to rest in.

2 XL eggs beaten

2 hatch chiles – roasted, peeled, seeds and stem removed, then chopped

5 oz extra sharp aged cheddar cheese

2 teaspoons kosher salt or sea salt

1/4 cup corn meal – for resting the bread on

non – stick spray canola or vegetable


In large bowl add the sugar, yeast, water, and one cup of bread flour, combine and put in a warm place till it looks foamy.


Get out your stand mixer and put on the dough hook.

Everything goes in your mixing bowl expect for the nonstick spray and the corn meal that’s used to rest the bread loaf on.

Turn your mixer on to stir and as soon as everything is mixed then turn the mixer up to medium-high for about 5 minutes.

It should look like this.


The dough should be nice and elastic like. Your bowl should be mostly clean and the dough shouldn’t stick to your hands.

In a large mixing bowl add extra flour and make your dough into a dough ball and let it rest in the flour in the bowl. Cover the bowl with plastic wrap and leave the dough in a warm spot until it doubles in size…an hour or so….

Then punch in down and knead it a bit. Make the dough into a loaf shape and place in in a non-stick sprayed pan that’s topped with a layer of cornmeal. The cornmeal will add a nice nutty crust to the bottom of the bread.


Leave the dough in a warm place for about an hour.


I set my oven to 350 degrees F…I note I had a casserole in the oven at the same time so I don’t know if that effected the timing but after 45 minutes the bread looked like this.


It looks done but it’s not…I knocked on the top and sides and it made a sound like I knocked on a watermelon and seemed done but when I knocked on the bottom I didn’t get the sound so I flipped the bread upside down and put it back in the oven for another 1/2 hour and that’s what it took.


The texture of the bread is fine and moist. Crust is a little thick. I get the hatch chile taste but not too much.

My husband said this bread would be good for any sandwich.

Hatch Chile Cheese Bread

Hatch Chile Cheese Bread

Came out very tasty. The interior of the bread has a very delicate light moist texture. The Hatch Chiles gives this bread a kick!

 The Forking Truth

The Forking Truth

New, Different, WEIRD and Special Edition Food Out There September 2016


There is a whole world of new, different, WEIRD and special edition foods out there. I never know what I’ll come across when I hit the stores. Here is Next of Kin Wine by Xanadu. What an unusual name for a bottle of wine. Maybe these would make great Holiday Gifts for my Next of Kin?


Pillsbury Cheesy Spicy Buffalo Bread. This might actually be tasty but I haven’t tried it so I don’t know. It says it’s made with real cheese on the package. That is whey forking better than artificial fake cheese product isn’t it?


Buttered Popcorn Mike and Ike Jelly Candy….? Might be fun to eat in the movies if you can still handle all that sugar and if your teeth are still in good shape.


I came across Crispy Tangerines that are 100% just fruit. I love tangerines so I thought I’d enjoy this healthy treat. WOW they are sour….ICK!……They somehow managed to suck out all the sweetness from tangerines. Glad I didn’t buy the large multi pack.


Chips Ahoy Cookies are Thin Now. Great! Same price and less forking cookie.


Now Tuna Fish comes in forking weird flavors. How about Hot Buffalo Tuna, Sweet Honey BBQ Tuna and Forking Bacon Ranch. Package says Kid’s Creations…did kids actually come up with these flavors…I don’t know.


This wine is called “If you see Kay” say that four times real fast and your spelling out a naughty word.


Blue Corn Taco Shells. Pretty cool…I bought these……..


Here’s Buck Wild Korean BBQ Tortilla Chips. This is when Fusion becomes confusion for me. WTFork do I put on these chips? Korean  BBQ Tortilla Chips with Salsa? Korean BBQ Chips with Guacamole and Sour Cream? Korean BBQ Tortilla Chips with Kimchi? Oh I know what to use….That Sriracha Salsa from last month’s Weird Foods Out There.


Oreo is trying to push forking Swedish Fish Flavored Oreos on us now.


S’More’s should be fire roasted marshmallows with chocolate and graham crackers…I just hope they don’t taste like coffee.


Klondike the Eskimo Pie people are now making candy….looks like flavored chewy candy that forking sticks to your teeth.

IMG_4929 IMG_4930 IMG_4931

Speaking of Fish…….Some new different weird and strange Goldfish Crackers are out now. Chocolate Mint Pretzel, Strawberry Shortcake, and Pink Cheddar. …….Excuse me…


The New Goldfish Crackers might seem appealing to some but honestly my stomach is upset now just thinking about these flavors.

I think the next one is pretty FORKED UP!

This one is....FORKED UP!

This one is….FORKED UP!


WTFork kind of Chocolate is this?


Does this chocolate give you the Shtix?

Is looks like exploding chocolate…..

Will it give me exploding problems if I eat it?

It FORKING made from Shtix?

Is it a weapon?


The Shtix doesn’t sound appetizing or fun 🙁

Is this a joke candy for Halloween?

That was the New, Weird , Different and Special Editions for September.

I don’t know what I’ll see next but hold on to your seat…..The Reign of Pumpkin Spice might be on it’s Way!

 The Forking Truth

The Forking Truth

Christopher’s and Crush Lounge in Phoenix AZ is WORTH a FORK


Christopher’s and Crush Lounge Restaurant is located in the Biltmore Out- Door Fashion Mall located near Macy’s in Phoenix Arizona. This is a contemporary restaurant with a French Accent. The Chef/Owner was formally trained in France and has earned a James Beard Award. The atmosphere is a mix of sophisticated and classic. Tables are dressed in linen with heavy silverware.

They started us out with crusty baked in-house baguette and some salted butter. The butter taste usually good to me and is studded with flakes of salt. It’s unlike any butter I had before and I just want to keep eating it with that crusty baguette but I stopped at one serving so I could enjoy dinner.

My first course of three was Salad of House Smoked Salmon with Squid Ink Brioche and Edible Cheese Spoon. (YES the SPOON is Edible)


The Salmon was sliced razor thin with expert precision and just melted in my mouth. A fun and whimsey masterfully made cheese spoon also adorned my plate. Everything went together well. This plate was so elegant.

My husband had the Cassolette of Mushrooms with Port Wine Sauce.


I had a little taste of the mushroom and it seemed special. It was different than I was expecting. The Mushroom picked up an unexpected flavors that were very good.

Sole with Chive Sauce and Radishes were highly recommended from out waiter so I went with that.


The Sole was prepared to perfection as it was moist light and flakey. The fish reminded me of Sole Meuniere but was lighter and with a Chive Twist. The cooked radishes are also a nice light vegetable that you don’t get too often with dinners. They are almost sweet and not so peppery like a raw radish. This was a great plate and reminded me of dinners I’d have in California Wine Country or a nicer restaurant in Las Vegas.

My husband had the Sautéed Duck Breast with Sherry Sauce.


He said it was really great and more delicious duck than from the last several places we had duck at.

We shared the dessert plates.

A yummy cheese plate served with a basket of toast.


And This AMZING Lemon Tart Plate


The Lemon Tart had that PERFECT lemon bite in a very light but rich tart base held together with a thin and tasty crust in berry sauce. This was really great. The Lemony Ice was eye-opening with flavor and presented in a detailed edible light shell. This is among the best desserts I had anywhere.

Service was professional.

Wine pairings were PHENOMENAL.

Everything exceeded my expectations and the Chef thanked us for coming.

Christopher’s and Crush Lounge in Phoenix AZ is certainly WORTH A FORK!

You might travel across town to dine here. Extensive Wine List, Famous Stetson Salad and Mushroom Pan Fry and more in the Touristy Arts District

You would travel across town to dine here.

For more information please visit

 The Forking Truth

The Forking Truth

No Dairy Italian Style Beef Meatballs Recipe

No Dairy Italian Inspired Meatballs

No Dairy Italian Style Meatballs

These are your basic meatballs that come out juicy and tasty and are very easy to prepare. I didn’t add milk or cheese to the meatballs because you don’t have to. I used mostly dry spices because that is what I usually have but I feel you always need at least one fresh herb so I used fresh parsley. I do also note that it seems odd to use granulated garlic instead of fresh when fresh is better but when you are only using a very small amount granulated is better in a big batch because it spreads out more evenly. I also prefer not to fry the onions and leave them raw so the onions add their flavor to the beef and help to make the meatballs juicy.

Ingredients for about 14 servings

3 lb ground beef

6 XL eggs – beaten

3 cup whole wheat panko

3 Tablespoons kosher salt – or sea salt

1 Tablespoon black pepper

1/2 sweet onion – chopped fine

1 1/2 cup water

1/2 cup fresh parsley – chopped well

2 Tablespoons basil (dried)

1 Tablespoon oregano (dried)

1/4 teaspoon garlic (granulated)

1/4 teaspoon crushed red pepper

Non-stick cooking spray


Set your oven to 350 degrees F and spray your baking sheets with non-stick spray.

it’s easier to add the meat to a large mixing bowl.

Add onions and mix.

Then add all the spices to the liquids and mix.

Lastly add the panko and mix.

You might want to do a sample meatball. Make one meatball and cook it in the oven till it’s cooked threw (about 10 minutes) when it’s cool enough to taste then taste it and then make any necessary adjustments.

Get a small scoop and your sprayed baking sheet and  make your meatballs till you run out of meatball mixture.

Put your pans in a 350 degree oven till the meatballs are cooked threw.

(about 12 minutes)

Enjoy them however you like. Leftovers freeze well.

No Dairy Italian Inspired Meatballs

No Dairy Italian Style Meatballs

 The Forking Truth

The Forking Truth




Sriracha Tasting



Sriracha is a tangy garlic chili sauce used to add flavor to foods.

We have many brands out there and they all taste different. After watching Chef Jamie Oliver on TV I found out that many British People use Cholula Hot sauce on their cottage cheese. I started trying different hot sauces including Sriracha sauces and discovered that I liked the Ninja Squirrel Brand on Cottage Cheese. It just made cottage cheese far more interesting and fun for me. I also like some Sriracha Sauces on radishes, in soups, salads and in other things. I started collecting Sriracha Sauces so I could compare them and find out what I like.


Just like wine tasting you have to pair the Sriracha Sauce with Food so I decided to try the Sriracha sauces first with cottage cheese and then for a second tasting on a radish slice.

The next day I thought maybe tasting the Sriracha Sauces with Seaweed and Rice Cakes would bring something different to the tasting so I tried that too.


Shark Brand the biggest bottle at 1:00 o’clock on the plate does not taste great on cottage cheese to me but turns suddenly delicious on radish. I get the garlic, tang and sweet. I think this also was the cheapest of the Sriracha Sauces. It also is the thinnest sauce.The next day I also thought Shark Brand tasted just as good on Seaweed and the Rice Cake. Maybe it turned slightly sweeter on the rice cake. I like the way the ingredients are listed just like a recipe. 35% chili, 25% water, 20% sugar, 10% garlic, 6% salt and 5% vinegar. This BIG 750ml only coast around $2.50 and was less money than most of the smaller bottles. Made in Thailand.

Grand Mountain at 11:00 o’clock on the plate is delicious on cottage cheese. Seems more tangy on radish than Shark Brand. Maybe it’s slightly spicier.It’s thinner than most Sriracha Sauces but much thicker than Shark Brand. Grand Mountain is also delicious on both Seaweed and the Rice Cake. I think instead of making the rice cake sweeter Grand Mountain seems more garlic and maybe a slightly more heat. Grand Mountain doesn’t have added water and the ingredients are Chili, sugar, vinegar, garlic and salt. Made in Thailand.

Huy Fong at 9 o’clock on the plate taste awful on cottage cheese and actually is painful with radish. After tasting Shark and Grand Mountain Huy Fong is very flat with noting going on. It’s just flat on the seaweed and weird tasting on the rice cake. Ingredients are chili, sugar, salt, garlic, distilled vinegar, potassium sorbate, sodium bisulfite, xanthan gum. Made in the USA.

3-Mien at 7 o’clock on the plate taste just ok on cottage cheese but taste sweet and garlicy on radish. This one seemed slightly fish like. This one also isn’t as bright and clean tasting as the first two.. It’s pretty much just tangy on the seaweed but has a better taste on the rice cake. It’s also a little thick. The ingredients are chili, garlic, sugar, salt vinegar, potassium sorbate, and sodium metabisulfite. Made in Vietnam.

Ninja Squirrel at 5 o’clock on the plate. Taste sweet on cottage cheese and almost honey-like on radishes with mild heat.  Oddly sweet on the seaweed but tasty on the rice cake. Ingredients are red jalapeños puree, salt, citric acid, red chili puree, salt citric acid, water, sugar, organic white vinegar, garlic puree (garlic, water, citric acid) salt, garlic, habanero pepper powder, xanthin gum. Made in the USA.

Lee Kum Kee is at 3 o’clock on the plate. OOOOwwwweeee. this is inedible on cottage cheese. I think it’s just weird tasting with a weird lumpy texture and really tangy. Maybe metallic……..Very spicy. mouth and is ..too acidic…for me both on cottage cheese and the radish. Just horrible on the seaweed and on the rice cake. Ingredients red chili, sugar, salt, garlic, anchovy extract, acetic acid, ascorbic acid and anchovies. Made in the USA.

My conclusion

#1…… Grand Mountain – good complexity, bold, bright tasting, spicy but not too spicy- tasty on everything I tried.

#2……. Shark – Very thin sauce, good complexity, bright tasting,  a little sweet tomato-like, great value – Close you eyes and taste it….It has something refreshing to it like apple and mint……tasty on most everything…best tasting of the Sriracha’s when you try it straight.

#3……. Ninja Squirrel – oddly sweet on some things but also brings out some delicious flavors on other things. Smooth and maybe fruity….with some fun heat.

#4……. 3 Misn – lots of tang, a little too thick, OK..sauce but.a little flat….Not the best and not the worst.

Not recommended

#5……Huy Fong – flat tasting…it has heat…taste like chemicals after tasting the other Sriracha’s.

#6….Lee Kum Kee – WOW this tasted really harsh on everything. This sauce was the hardest for me to stomach. It had too much funk and too much acidity and some strange different taste going on. The thick lumpy texture was also unappetizing. Burns my mouth and it’s just too acidic for me to handle. I know that Lee Kum Kee is well known for making better packaged items. I don’t know if something was wrong with my bottle or I just don’t like for this one at all……

My Huy Fong and Lee Kum Kee will be living in the land fill this week.

Of what I tried the very best Sriracha’s were Grand Mountain and Shark Brand those will be the only Sriracha Sauces that I will purchase in the future unless I’m in the mood for some Sweet Ninja Squirrel.

Your taste may differ from mine…so you should see what you’d like.

 The Forking Truth

The Forking Truth

Spicy Asian Inspired Radish Apple Salad Recipe

Korean Inspired Radish Apple Salad

Spicy Asian Inspired Radish Apple Salad

This salad is very light, spicy and a little sweet. It’s easy to prepare and is also very flavorful. I used a mild Korean Radish but really any radish will do.

Ingredients for about 4 servings

3 Tablespoons soy sauce

1 Tablespoon black vinegar

2 Tablespoons rice wine vinegar

1 Tablespoon shaoltsing rice wine

1 Tablespoon garlic – minced

2 Tablespoon gochujang

1 teaspoon red pepper flakes

1 Tablespoon fresh ginger – minced

1 Tablespoon honey

2 Tablespoon dark brown sugar

1 teaspoon hoisin sauce

1/2 teaspoon sesame oil

1 Korean Radish – peeled and shredded (about 4 cups)

1 carrot – peeled – shredded

1 apple – shredded

4 scallion – sliced on a diagonal

2 Tablespoon sesame seeds – toasted


In a small mixing bowl combine soy sauce, black vinegar, rice wine vinegar, shaoltsing rice cooking wine, garlic, gochujang, chile flakes, ginger, honey, sugar, hoisin, sesame oil and mix well and set to the side.

In a large mixing bowl combine the radish, carrot, apple, scallions, and then pour in the contents from the small bowl to dress the vegetables.

Chill in the refrigerator for about a half hour and top with sesame seeds to serve.

Korean Inspired Radish Apple Salad

Spicy Asian Inspired Radish Apple Salad

Top with a little bit of fresh cilantro if you happen to have any.

It easy, it’s light and full of flavor and spice.

 The Forking Truth

The Forking Truth



Some Scoop on some of the Ice-Cream Parlors in Metro Phoenix Arizona

Fatty Daddy's Scottsdale AZ

Fatty Daddy’s Scottsdale AZ

There is a new wave of Artisan Small Batch and other Ice Cream Parlors churning out ice-cream  mostly around central Phoenix and Scottsdale. Fatty Daddy makes the Fatty Daddy Cookie Cup. They prepare an assortment of small batch hand crafted ice-creams and sherbets. The small Cookie Cup is a scoop of ice-cream topped with a Macaron and a flame torched house made marshmallow. I tried the cantaloupe sorbet with a coconut macaron. The Cantaloupe Sorbet was natural tasting and tasted exactly like a ripe sweet cantaloupe and the coconut macaron added a chewy texture and a yummy coconut flavor to the sorbet. I didn’t sample my husband’s Cinnamon Crunch Cereal Ice-Cream.

For more information


The Creamistry has opened several locations in Metro Phoenix. This is ice-cream that’s made fresh to order with Liquid Nitrogen. You pick your size, formula, premium, organic, coconut or sorbet base. Then your pick your flavor and optional add ons. They measure out all the ingredients that go into your personal ice-cream made just for you.


I picked a premium base with peanut butter and peanut butter cups. This was dense in a good way and sinfully rich. The chocolate seemed to have a slightly different texture. I thought it was sort of taffy like. The ice cream had a little pull to it. Chocolate tasted like Milk Chocolate that you drink when your a kid.

For more information


Mighty Moo Ice-Cream is a small batch hand crafted Ice-Cream Parlor that offers around 30 flavors of Ice-cream located in the very small town of Youngtown AZ that is sort of in-between Sun City and Surprise AZ. I’ve been here a few times and the ice-cream is always delicious. I recently had Peanut Butter Cup here and my husband usually orders chocolate.

For more information


Churn is located in Central Phoenix AZ. They are a candy store and offer all natural Ice-creams of many different flavors that rotate. I had the Toasted Coconut. The Ice-cream had a nice creamy texture and was served at the perfect eating temperature. The ice-cream had a good amount of toasted coconut in it.

For more information

In Scottsdale is Sweet Republic Ice Cream.


I’ve tried several of Sweet Republic’s creations at several Metro Phoenix Restaurants, Whole Foods Grocery Store and another location at the airport. Today I tried the Banana Foster Ice-Cream.


The ice-cream tasted very natural. Just like you made it with sweetened cream whipped with ripe natural bananas. My husband had the chocolate. I tasted it and it had the perfect amount of chocolate in it. It will please any chocolate lover.

For more information

Kwality Ice-Cream has many locations but recently opened in North Phoenix AZ. They serve up mostly Indian Flavors of quality Ice-cream.


They offer many interesting flavors of Ice-Cream. I wasn’t sure what to try here and tasted an unusual flavor that wasn’t on the board. My gosh….the sample was too intense for me but WOW it was interesting. Too many flavors for my brain to process at once and ending with strong fennel flavor. I will try that flavor again sometime when I’m ready for it. This time I went with a straight flavor of Lychee.


It was creamy and tasted like Lychee. It also had chunks of real lychee fruit in it. It was very good. Even my husband’s Butterscotch Ice-cream was very good. WOW what a great new find not so far from me that opened recently!

For more information

While it’s not exactly Ice-Cream ……It’s close….In Metro Phoenix we have several Artisan Gelato Shops and one of the best is That’s Amore Gelato in North Scottsdale AZ. Gelato is similar to Ice-Cream but it has less air and it so smooth and seems less fatty than ice cream. All the Gelato I tried from here is  awesome. I always order a small cup and I get the two flavor request. I do note I’m usually displeased with most chocolate desserts and only eat them if they are outstanding. I’ve never been displeased with any of the chocolate flavors from here. The spicy deep chocolate is among my many  favorites from here.


It’s always hard to decide on what to order because they offer so many interesting flavors that nobody else offers like bacio, bianco & nero, cornetto Italiano, malaga, tartufo, ace and limoncello.

Today I got a small size of Fig Marscapone and White Chocolate Nutella.


The flavors are amazing. How could fig and marscapone not be amazing? The White chocolate nutella taste like melted quality white chocolate and just the right amount of nutella to make it interesting. I never need to taste a flavor to decide. I just pick what sounds interesting and know it will be delicious.

For more information

Another not exactly ice-cream but frozen Chinese/Taiwanese kind of dessert that is Snoh Ice Shavery. It’s light and fluffy like real snow! It’s described as like shaved ice mixed with ice-cream but the flavors I tried were more like ice.


The way it works is that you pick a flavor, then a topping or two and a sauce…I picked coconut with pineapple and coconut topping and butterscotch for my sauce.

It was light,  airy the coconut flavor was very delicate. It seemed very large but it was fluffy like snow and doesn’t fill you up.

My husband had….chocolate with just chocolate sauce.


The chocolate is more delicate and delicate with flavor than it looks. It’s different!

Shame I wasn’t able to photo the inside…It was very busy when I was there so  I couldn’t photo the walls with the interesting pop-culture decorations. It was like visiting a museum and eating something different I never experienced before.

For more information on Snoh Ice Shavery please visit

And that was some Scoop on some of the Ice-Cream Parlors  in Metro Phoenix

 The Forking Truth

The Forking Truth

My Visit to Quiessence Restaurant in Phoenix AZ


Quiescence Restaurant is located in Phoenix Arizona and is considered among the best restaurants the metro Phoenix Area has to offer. This is a high end special occasion type of restaurant that serves farm to table kinds of foods. Many of these are grown on these grounds that once were a pecan farm from about a 100 years ago. What ever isn’t grown here are mostly locally sourced. They do try to source the highest quality foods possible presented in an stylish way. At Quiescence you dine in one of the farm houses that is from around 1920. The building’s air conditioning doesn’t function as well as it should in spots so be prepared for perspiration. I also should mention again that this is a farm and you walk across a gravel lot to make it to the restaurant so it might be hazardous to wear heels. Outdoor dining is available and a special lone table with a wood burning stove is available for extra special secluded dining.




You order either a la carte, 5 and 6 course tasting. If you pick the tasting then it’s up to the chef on what you’ll get. We went with 5 course tasting because we’ve done that a number of times before and always enjoyed it.

First they present us with baked in-house bread, local olive oil and an herbed butter.


One bread was crusty ciabatta and the other is focaccia with zucchini chips.

Next an amuse bouche comes our way.


House cured steelhead trout with herbed cheese and dill. Just delicious. I could have eaten three of these and considered it a meal.

First of the five courses is Chef’s pick- Corn and House Made Miso Soup with Caramelized Eggplant, Squash Blossom and Basil.


The soup was served table side. This soup was so silky and smooth. The flavors in it were amazing.

Second Chef’s Pick course for me was the Hamachi Crudo.


Fish, Kimchi, Watermelon, Tomato Vinaigrette, Cilantro, Finger Lime, Garlic Chips to eat in three amazing bites. This dish was worth driving across town for as it was astoundingly amazing.  Just full of textures and all kinds flavor. Finger limes were like Exploding POP Rocks Candy. watermelon added the right balance of sweetness against the fish, vinaigrette and kimchi. This was my favorite dish of the evening.

My husband had the Octopus and Cannelloni Bean Salad with house made and grown pickled watermelon.


My husband said it was the best Octopus he’s ever had.

Chef’s Pick Course Three we both had.


More Corn Soup that they are calling a pasta dish…….?

Thy are calling this dish Ricotta Cavatelli. Anyway this dish is delicious so who cares. This is composed of smoked hatch chile, CORN, watercress, basil oil, parmesan cheese and few handmade micro-tiny pieces of delicate pasta. The pasta was so delicate and tiny it was doll house sized. I think the soup only contained about 8 pieces but I wasn’t counting. This pasta dish was like an Italian corn soup to me.

Chef’s pick dinner for me – Course Four-


Halibut with CORN TWO WAYS. Corn as a relish and CORN as a puree.  Corn was served to me two more times. As amazing as all the previous corn dishes were….and they WERE…… I didn’t plan on a corn themed dinner this evening and my dinner suddenly became slightly disappointing to me.

Then I go to taste the halibut.


Then I am next to speechless………..I would never imagine I’d get served a plate like this at such a fine restaurant……WOW I’m MORE disappointed. The FORKING TRUTH WAS that I can’t cut threw the fish. I need a steak knife. Oooh it’s dry and very salty. It more salty than a salted pretzel. It’s like sucking a spoonful of salt and it’s over cooked. The salt filled sea beans on top of the fish only add more forking salt…..BAH! Not sure what was worse Chewing on tough Halibut or all that salt…….This is forking disappointing.

I tell the waiter about the overcooked salty halibut. He did offer to have something else made for me. It might be hard for you to tell but this is a very tiny piece of fish. After I sawed off a small piece to taste I only had less than an ounce of fish left. Then I sawed off a small piece for my husband to sample.  It seemed ridiculous to send back such a small piece of fish and I didn’t want to hold up my husband from enjoying his meal so I just kept my plate.

My husband had the Chicken Scallopini Special.


It’s very good and made with outstanding farm raised chicken but this dish is not the type of dish we’d expect here…….

Last course is dessert.

Out come THREE FULL SIZE DESSERTS that seem out of place after all the small or tiny tasting plates.


My favorite of the Desserts was the Complimentary (given for Celebrating a special occasion) Non-Traditional Apple Cannoli. It had a whisper thin light shell and the light airy filling had a refreshing crisp apple taste.

The dessert that didn’t fare as well was…..


Bread Pudding. This dessert was very rich and heavy. I couldn’t eat it because it was just too rich and heavy for me but my husband ate it because he was still hungry.   (Forking Truth!)

The Sweet Potato Cake was the most attractive dessert and was GOOD.


Right amount of sweetness with balanced flavors. The cake had a nice light smooth texture.

The First three courses were Astonishing Amazing.

I loved all the plates before my main entree.

I can’t help that I’m still thinking of the main entree……..I note that I am surprised that they just didn’t replace both my dinner entree (since it was over-cooked and over salted and my husband’s entree plate because this is a high end restaurant. You don’t just eat here…you dine here. That’s the kind of thing fine restaurants do.

Would I return?

YES….. but I will only order a la carte and skip the tasting menu. I feel things would work out better than Chef’s Picks Tastings. Because after four rounds of corn and a tiny dried out salty dinner and getting stuffed with too much dessert ….all Chef’s Choice……I’ll take my chances making up my own tasting with ordering full size plates off the menu.

For more information on Quiessence please visit

Quiessence is still Worth a Fork……..It’s just not a perfect Fork!

NO..Your not going to drive across town to dine here...but if your in the area if they serve what I had most of the food is very tasty and fresh.

and YES I do drive across town to come here.

 The Forking Truth

The Forking Truth