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Special Event Tomato Dinner at Cafe Bink in Carefree AZ was Worth a Fork!


Cafe Bink is a less formal version of Binkley’s Restaurant. Binkley’s Restaurant is very formal – created by James Beard Nominated Chef Binkley who has formerly worked at Chef Thomas Keller’s famous Restaurant – The French Laundry in Napa California. Talented Chef and Partner Chef Justin Olsen leads the kitchen at Cafe Bink in beautiful Carefree Arizona.

Cafe Bink is a small sort of classic looking restaurant with an outdoor patio that overlooks mountains and the desert.

View from window

Cafe Bink offers a small but quality menu whatever time of day you visit them. They are also well know for their legendary Belgium Fries that are twice cooked and come with three dipping sauces.

I got an email about the Tomato Dinner and I knew it would be something special so I made my reservation and went.

They started us off with a Welcoming Snack of Tomato Tartare , Beef Tartare, Toasted Bread  and Commanderie Bargemone Rose 2015.

The Tomatoes are amazing. My photo does NOT do justice.

The finest local small sized tomatoes painstakingly have had their skin and seeds removed and are cut into the smallest cubes. The cubes are about the size of pencil points.Who does such a thing? Even if I try I doubt I can make micro tomato cubes from tiny skinned and de-seeded tomatoes. You gotta have some serious knife chops and craziness to do such a loving dish for a dining room of strangers to just gobble it up.  The very tiny tomato cubes are simply dressed with balsamic, basil and cheese but are powerful with delicious flavor. The beef tartare was nothing to sneeze at either but the tomatoes were more special.

The next course was Heirloom Tomato Salad.

The Heirloom Tomatoes were combined with avocado, pickled ginger, Thai Basil, coconut milk, cashews, jalapeños, lotus root and tomato yuzu granite. Ooooh this plate was magical….every bite was a different flavor. I don’t know what they did to every thing to make it taste that good. It’s like they did something to every ingredient to make it taste better……than it really is……Just magical….I wish this could be on the menu…even if it was only a special once in a while. Very VERY first rate…..this dish would fit in at the finest restaurant anywhere. This plate was served with Unparalled Sauvignon Blanc 2015.

The next course was called Confit Tomatoes and came with a tuna lasagna, haircut vert and olives.

The tomatoes look almost like strawberries garnishing the plate but for sure are no garnish and are delicious slow roasted and are very naturally sweet and very rich with concentrated tomato flavor. We also received a small but enough rich and creamy Tuna Lasagna. the lasagna is served cold…..but seems right that way. The olives and haricot vert marry together well with everything and Spanish Paprika just adds a finishing touch and completes the dish. Chateau Campuget Red Blend 2015 was served with this plate.

Next we get Tomato and Leek Tart paired with Grilled Beef Tenderloin, Parmesan, Broccolini and Smoked Tomato Bernaise.


The Tenderloin is simple, succulent, juicy and cooked to a perfect medium rare and topped with a piece of broccolini.  The Tart contains Tomatoes Cheese and Leeks and has a delicate thin tasty crust. On top of the tart is this very flavorful smoked tomato bernaise sauce.  The sauce is very rich, smooth as silk and flavorful. The careful amount of smoke shows the restraint and skills the chef has. The tart had a careful balance of flavors. It was a joy to devour as it was so delicious! Offering Red Blend 2014

Dessert was Vanilla – Tomato Cheesecake with basil -lime sorbet, pine nut crust and chantilly cream.

It’s odd and different but works and really was delicious….It creamy, rich, flavorful and tasty… It taste like cheesecake……I also really like the basil – lime sorbet because it’s light as air and is the flavor my mouth is craving.

They finished up the evening with Bing’s Coffee (with Irish Cream) Nut Froth.

It was an amazing dinner to remember…The Food, The Expert Wine Parings and the incredible service. I sure hope that magical Heirloom Tomato Salad and the Incredible Tomato and Leek Tart become some sort of summer special on the Cafe Bink Menu sometime again.

The Special Event – Tomato Dinner at Cafe Pink was CERTAINLY Worth a FORK!

Worth a Fork! You will travel across town to go here!

Everything is subject to change and your experience may or may not differ.

The Forking Truth

Spicy Potato Salad with Fennel, Calabrian Chili Peppers and Pine Nuts Recipe


Spicy Potato Salad with Fennel, Calabrain Chili Peppers and Toasted Pine Nuts

This no-mayo Potato Salad recipe is easy to prepare and is delicious with great flavor and a little heat from Calabrian Chili peppers. If you don’t like heat I doubt you will make this recipe. I thought fennel, fresh marjoram and toasted pine nuts rounded out the salad in a vinaigrette. I do note I started with about 3 pounds of potatoes but after I peeled and trimmed off the spots I bet I had maybe 1/2 a pound less. I do also recommend to let the salad sit at least half a day before trying it out as the flavors will change and to pull it out of the refrigerator and warm to at least room temperature to serve.

Ingredients for about 8 servings

3 lbs potatoes – peeled, cut in halves, in a pot of cold water with a Tablespoon of salt

1/4 large sweet onion – to boil with potatoes to infuse flavor and toss out when potatoes are boiled.

1 garlic clove – to boil with potatoes to infuse flavor and discard when potatoes are boiled

1 hot pepper – to boil with potatoes to infuse flavor and discard when potatoes are boiled

1/3 cup sweet onion – very thinly sliced

1 baby fennel with some of the fronds – remove core – slice very thin. (bigger fennel will need a peel) Save some of the fronds

2 Calabrian Chili Peppers – stem removed and chop very fine

1 teaspoon of oil from Calabrian Chili Peppers

2 sprigs fresh marjoram

1/4 cup toasted pinenuts (I put in a 350 degree F oven and they took a little over 5 minutes to get color)

4 Tablespoon extra virgin olive oil

4 Tablespoons lemon juice – fresh squeezed

4 Tablespoons red wine vinegar

1 Tablespoon sugar

1 Tablespoon dijon mustard

1 garlic clove – ground to paste

1 Tablespoon course sea salt

1/2 teaspoon black pepper


Set your oven to 350 degrees and set a timer for 5 minutes and put your pine nuts in the oven. They will be done in 5-10 minutes. After that they burn.

Get your potatoes in a pot with the hot pepper, 1/4 onion, 1 T salt and one clove of garlic. Put the pot on to boil (a little under high so it doesn’t boil over). Depending on the size of your potatoes they should take between 10-15 minutes. You want them to be fork tender. When done drain and set to the side. (Throw out the onion, pepper and garlic clove..they were used only to infuse flavor and they are garbage now)

While your potatoes are cooking you can prepare the vinaigrette. In a small bowl add olive oil, lemon juice, vinegar, sugar, dijon, garlic (ground to paste), 1 T sea salt, 1/2 t black pepper. Mix well.

By now your potatoes are done and should be cool enough to handle. You want the potatoes in   bigger than bite size pieces because they will break some as you stir them. When the potatoes are the size you want put them in a large bowl. Pour the dressing over the warm potatoes and let it soak in.

Top the bowl with the onion, fennel, use about 1/3 of the fronds ( just pull them off in small pieces) Calabrian peppers, Calabrian oil, marjoram. Gently toss.

I suggest to put away the potato for at least a half day or over night because the flavors will change. If you wait till overnight the salad develops a slight creamiest from the potatoes.

Spicy Potato Salad with Fennel, Calabrain Chili Peppers and Toasted Pine Nuts

When ready to use either serve warm or room temperature and add top with fresh roasted pine nuts. It’s Delicious! If you can do a little spicy you will love it!

The Forking Truth









NEW DifFERent Weird and Special Edition Foods out there July 2017


There is ALWAYS something New, Weird, Different or Special Edition out there in the world of foods. I never know what I’ll see when I go to a store. Here are some of the foods I’ve seen recently. Here is FORKING Cookie Dough in a Forking jar. I know most people enjoy eating raw cookie dough but this is nuts…….cookie dough is not food to me…Cookies are food…(sort of)…..How the fork would you feel about pizza dough in a jar……

Pre – portioned Cookie Dough for people who are nuts about cookie dough………..note package reads nut free….

Cinnamon Bun Protein Bars seem strange to me and makes me crave an actual cinnamon bun.

Now here are Cinnabon Buns that you can bake at home in your own oven…….Confusing to me because it reads on the package Pillsbury….Um Pillsbury doesn’t make Cinnabon Brand……..or… they?

Here’s another odd one. Cake Batter Cookies. Aren’t cookies made from cookie batter? Not cake batter??????

The weird doesn’t stop. Who the FORK would dream up Wedding Cake Gum?

Blood Orange and Coconut Lime Velamints. I don’t know about blood orange mint? Coconut lime mint might taste sort of Asian?

Bacon Buttermilk Pancake English Muffins????? Pancake/Muffin..?????? I don’t know????? Would  you still put bacon on it???? Or would that be oink kill?

Imitation Abalone in a can….Who the Fork knew this existed.

Pollock Burgers! I never came across a Pollock Burger Before! Pollock is an extra light almost tasteless fish that is very inexpensive. I would expect that these burgers might have little flavor of any kind and should be the lightest protein you ever had. I guess you can flavor them anyway you desire.

Famous American Candy Flavored Hot Cocoa…Um…Junior Mint might be good but Tootsie Roll doesn’t even taste like Chocolate…WTFork

It’s possible I might have had Kellogg’s Smorz Cereal here before but I blocked this one out….

Triscuit Crackers in new Fig and Honey and Ginger and Lemongrass Flavors….???

Good Thins Beet, Balsamic Vinegar & Sea Salt and also Wheat with Ancient Grains. Umm sounds tasty.

Bacon Habanero Pretzel Crisps…?

Cracker Barrel Brand Cheese….Macaroni and Cheese Dinners..?

Duncan Hines Microwave Cup Sized Cakes…….Mix that you prepare in your microwave..?

Hope Brand Thai Coconut Curry Hummus is pretty FORKING Different and possibly WEIRD! …..I hope it taste good…..

Who the Fork would ever think I’d come across Sriracha Hot Chili Sauce Croutons….What salad dressing do I Forking use with these croutons????

Here’s Seafood Mushrooms….I purchased these. They actually smell and taste like sweet seafood. I actually like them very much!

That was the New, Weird, Different and Special Edition items out there for July 2017. I don’t know WTFork I’ll come across next month.

The Forking Truth

Dining With Dogs and the Dogs Non-Safe and Safe Foods to Eat!


“It’s too Forking HOT to dine out with dogs in Metro Phoenix!” “Oh FORK!”

Normally I have a story and cute photos of my dogs to share from Dining out with Dogs in Metro Phoenix. We are having another brutal summer and we’ve already had record breaking heat that made it around up to 120 degrees F in Metro Phoenix. Even if we cool down a bit it’s still too hot to walk a dog across a hot pavement in the sun during most of the day. We’ve been able to take the dogs on a few rides out early in the morning to walk around Petsmart ( a dog superstore and market.)  They also got a few rides to a few burger drives.

During these times with high heat it’s a good idea to give dogs extra chewing treats and dog puzzles to keep them busy. Other things that help keep dogs keep busy inside are Natural long lasting treats like bully sticks and antler horns are some of what is suggested. Some dogs do choke on rawhide so rawhide isn’t suggested.

It is recommended to get the latest list of the safe and the non-safe food list for dogs from your veterinarian. The list I posted may or may not contain the latest or complete information……but at least it’s something….

Here’s the List of Foods for Dogs to avoid.


Xylitol (usually but not always in sugar free candy and gum)



Onions & Garlic

Coffee, Tea, Caffeine

Grapes & Raisins (all grape products, wine, jelly, vinegar, gummies)

Milk and Dairy (some dogs don’t have lactase to break down lactose)

Macadamia Nuts (I read somewhere that dogs can’t eat most nuts) (only can eat peanuts & cashews)


Fat and Bones

Persimmons, Peaches and Plums

Raw Eggs, Raw Meat & Raw Fish


Sugary Foods and Drinks

Yeast Dough

Your Medicine

Baking Powder, Baking Soda, Nutmeg, Other Spices

No Heavily Seasoned Foods

I also went to a second site – here are a few extra things they had on their list.


baby food

cat food

Jimson Weed



Here is the SAFE DOG FOOD LIST (from

Lean Meats

Some Fresh Fruits like – Apple, Orange, Banana, Watermelon (Cleaned with Skin seeds and stems removed)

Some Vegetables like – carrot, green beans, cucumber, zucchini and Skinless Baked Potatoes

We are wishing all of you a safe happy summer and we hope to dine out with dogs again soon!


“We are Forking looking forward to dine out in Metro Phoenix Again!”

The Forking Truth

In Memory of Louie 5-5-2001 – 3-3-2017


Return to Doughbird Phoenix AZ – Still Worth a Fork


DoughBird Restaurant in Phoenix AZ specializes in free range rotisserie chicken and organic pizza….get it ?….doughbird. The decor is farmhouse modern and sort of similar to my local Ikea Store.

This time we started with a pizza. We picked a pizza with Swiss Chard, Mushrooms and  Black Truffle.

The texture of the crust is similar in texture to Neapolitan Pizzas. It’s thin and wet in the middle. The pizza is topped with a  generous amount of toppings that have great flavors. It’s a tasty pizza. We also took home half the pizza for latter so we’d have room for the chicken.

We order a whole chicken again because it’s a better value than the 1/2 chicken. The whole chicken is only a few dollars more than the half chicken.

Again they gave us a very large chicken….we ate a big portion each and took home enough for two dinners each. (WIN…..Winner winner Chicken Dinner) The chicken was moist, meaty and very flavorful. Again we both really liked the spicy buffalo sauce and the chicken. The Spicy Buffalo Sauce is really super delicious! It’s like crack…really addicting.

One side is included with the whole chicken but we ordered a second side just like last time. We ordered different sides this time.

Potatoes Puree and Fresh Asparagus with Broccolini. The potatoes are a smaller portion but are enough for the two of us. the potatoes are tasty but have something different in them…..I’m not sure if it’s a different kind of butter…..or a dash of something rich added to them..? The vegetables are firm and crisp but cold….the vegetable are really good and very fresh but I don’t think the vegetable should be cold..?

Didn’t go for dessert this time but the butterscotch cake I tried last time was good. I think a deluxe fruit plate would be nice after a meal like this…

The leftover chicken I brought home was really good and enough to make our meal out a great value.

Yep! ….Winner Winner Chicken Dinner!

Doughbird is still Worth a Fork!

On most (but not all) holidays this restaurant is open and usually offers a 25% SPECIAL (if you sign up on their website) !

Worth a Fork! Good service, nice atmosphere, good chicken and sides!

EVERYTHING is subject to change and your experience may or may not differ.

The Forking Truth


My Visit to Bobby Q’s in Phoenix AZ – Worth a Fork!


Bobby Q’s is unlike any restaurant I’ve been to in Metro Phoenix. It has old fashioned charm and character. The building is accented with mature plantings and real old trees that you seldom see in Phoenix. This place looks like it’s always been here. It’s like stepping back in time…..or maybe being transported to another place. Your asking well what do they serve? They serve barbecue.

Here’s my latest trip to Bobby Q’s.

We hopped on the highway and at around 70MPH (or more or less…I got these photos. I see the sign…getting excited!

Now I see the other side of the building.

Now we are pulling in.

You see this on the side of the building.

They are full early in the evening and we get sat at a table in the bar. (***There is a man at the bar with a sweater????? WTFork is a FORKING 118 degrees F (FORK) today! WTFORK needs a FORKING Sweater?)

I turn around and snap a photo of the dining room.

The room is much larger than my photo shows and there are many antiques all around. Vintage signs, fans, fixtures and all kinds of stuff.

They start us off with tasty slightly sweet Johnny Cakes with soft creamy butter.

I’ve been here a bunch of times so I know what most of the food usually taste like. They are pretty famous for the tender falling apart brisket but I am not carnivore enough to appreciate the succulence….and I do know that is the texture that BBQ Brisket is suppose to have but It’s too fatty for me but a JOY to most people. I actually enjoy the super succulent buttery salmon here the most.

The salmon is brushed with something a little sweet and has these delicious caramelized grill marks. The fish is cooked all the way but is so moist and succulent. You can only achieve these results from a slow cook or water bath. It’s simple but it doesn’t really need anything when the fish is prepared this well. I had many choices of sides but went simple all the way with grilled fresh seasonal vegetables and a plain baked potato. The vegetables are nothing fancy and are just fresh grilled. The baked potato has a salted skin and is big and fluffy and soaks up the melted butter like a sponge. You might not be able to tell by my photo but this is a very large portion of food….I eat half the salmon and half the potato and I take home a meal for latter. This plate might not be a win over with professional food critics but I admit I am humble and can enjoy a good plain piece of salmon and a plain fluffy baked potato. I don’t always mention pricing but a similar tasting salmon at the seafood restaurant sort of  across the highway cost nearly twice as much.

My husband went for the Two Meat Plate.

Here’s Pulled Pork, Hot Links, Macaroni and Cheese and Meaty Baked Beans. All the meat was tender and it was abundant! I didn’t try the macaroni and cheese today but in the past it tasted like Velveta to me….My husband was a happy camper with this plate and that’s all that matters.

I never ordered dessert here before so I thought we might try the apple cobbler as it seemed like a safe choice.

It’s just like a relative or neighbor made the dessert…………and it’s topped with economy tasting ice cream.

It’s best to filler-up on the BBQ and Sides here!

We get the bill and they give us complimentary Thank “Q” Doughnuts.

The doughnuts are hot and tasty….

Bobby Q’s is Worth a Fork for the tender tasty BBQ!

Great Old Fashioned Atmosphere. Tender Meats with a slightly sweet BBQ. Old fashioned good service. Reasonable pricing and great big portions!

EVERY FORKING THING is subject to change and your experience may or may NOT differ!

The Forking Truth


Easy Asian Inspired Spicy Meatball Stuffed Wontons Recipe


Asian Inspired Spicy Meatball Stuffed Wontons

I whipped up these Asian Inspired Meatballs that came out really FORKING delicious but I didn’t publish the recipe because they were not the correct texture for a meatball. My husband brilliantly said the meatballs would be really great stuffed into wonton wrappers so that is what I did. It’s really easy to stuff a meatball into wonton wrappers. You just wet with water both sides of the wonton wrapper, insert meatball, apply top wrapper, Just clench your hand and everything is wrapped up tight. You can serve the Wontons a variety of ways. As a dumpling in soup, you can make them like potstickers or serve with a variety of dipping sauces. The brown sauce I whipped up pictured in the left hand bottom corner was really FORKING Delicious….I didn’t write down exactly how I made it but I know I used basically all the same flavoring I put into the meatballs…but with a few adjustments……I know I went heavier with the hoisin sauce and I think I went heavier with the garlic…..but it was pretty close to what I put in the meatballs.

Ingredients for about 8 servings

1 lb beef (mine was fresh ground sirloin, chuck, brisket and rib in about equal amounts)

1/2 cup onion – chopped fine

1 carrot shredded

3 Tablespoons soy sauce

2 Tablespoon rice wine vinegar

1 Tablespoon shaohsing rice wine

1 Tablespoon garlic that was ground to a paste

2 Tablespoons gochujang

1 teaspoon red chili flakes

1 Tablespoon ginger – fresh grated

1 Tablespoon honey

1 Tablespoon dark brown sugar

1 teaspoon hoisen sauce

1/2 teaspoon sesame oil

3 XL eggs – slightly beaten

1 cup millet – cooked (next time I’ll try rice…..)

1 Tablespoon (scant) sea salt

1/2 teaspoon black pepper

1 cup panko

1/4 cup fresh cilantro

non-stick spray – canola or vegetable

a package of wonton wrappers

1 Tablespoon salt to boil wontons in.


Set oven to 350 degrees F.

Spray baking sheets with nonstick spray.

In a large bowl mix together all the ingredients.

Use a small scoop and make your meatballs.

If you have the same size scoop as mine you might get around 41 balls.

Leave in oven until done.

In my oven they got done in 15 minutes.

When the meatballs are done let them cool on the counter. When cool portion the meatballs. Freeze some if you want to and leave out what you want.

You need two wonton wrappers per meatball.

Get a small dish of water and quickly dip the top side of the wrapper.

Place meatball in the middle of the wrapper.

Get another wrapper and wet one side of the wrapper and place over the meatball.

Put it in your hand and squeeze it shut.

Get a pot of boiling water on and add a little salt.

Boil them about a minute or two and serve with assorted sauces or in a broth based soup.

Asian Inspired Spicy Meatball Stuffed Wontons

Forking DELICIOUS….!

The Forking Truth





You aren’t always going to agree with Food Critics……………. Falafels


Falafels are deep fried patties or balls made from chickpeas, fava beans or both. They usually are flavored with fresh parsley, scallions, garlic, cumin and coriander. The best falafels are said to have a crispy exterior and a moist flavorful interior.

Recently a professional food critic from a local magazine wrote that the above falafel was the best falafel in all of Metro Phoenix. I kept reading this over and over because I thought I was seeing things….because………My experience did differ to say it mildly as possible…..While I found that the falafel pictured above had a desirable crispy exterior the interior although fluffy and slightly dry was mostly tasteless and totally lacked fresh herbs and any flavors a falafel traditionally has. The falafels I tried only tasted like  sesame seeds. Honestly I thought these Falafels were among the worst I ever tried anywhere.

I’ve had not all the Metro Valley has to offer in falafels but I tried more than a few so it’s not like I’m a falafel virgin.

The above fresh herb falafel is green inside and is fresh with flavor. This one didn’t have the crispy exterior but it had great flavors and didn’t leave any grease in my mouth. A few I tried not pictured here were greasy. This came from a place no longer open for business in Scottsdale.

The Falafel pictured above rates very high on a popular review site. I don’t remember if this one had any crunch but I remembered that it lacked flavors. You can see this one lacks herbs. I remembered I never wanted to go back. This one came from the Arrowhead area…not sure if this place is in Peoria or Glendale.

The above Falafels were seasoned well and were herby with a great crisp exterior. These were among the best that I tried in Metro Phoenix because of the flavorful interior and the crispy exterior.

Solid good crunchy Falafels from my favorite falafel fast food kind of place in Tempe.

This Falafel hasn’t won over any love from Professional Food Critics yet but it is among the better with a crisp exterior, and a moist fresh herb flavorful interior. Also the Eggplant dip from here was delicious with lemon and smoke. Got this one in Scottsdale.

Here’s another Falafel from a newer restaurant in Phoenix. It’s an decent Falafel….Not my favorite but not bad and OK.

Here are falafels from a newly opened place in Scottsdale. They have the correct flavors but have like a really weird soft wet meatball texture.

Back to the professional Food Critic’s pick…”Best in Metro Phoenix”….(????????????)

It’s a fact that I don’t know if the Food Critic got the same thing I tried pictured above from this same place. (As you know experiences may differ…..) The Professional Food Critic wrote for all of Metro Phoenix to see that the above Falafels are the BEST that Metro Phoenix has to offer…….

Is it possible that the recipe has changed????? ……..Is it possible that almost tasteless dry falafels are the best?????

I don’t FORKING know!

The Forking Truth is……..You aren’t always going to agree with food critics.

REMEMBER EVERY FORKING THING IS SUBJECT TO CHANGE and your experience (or my Forking experience) may or MAY NOT differ.

The Forking Truth

Bonus Edition * Forking Weird FOOD Related News


Photo via

Over the past few weeks we had a bunch of Forking Weird Food Related News Stories.

In the beginning of the month we had the Nathan’s Hot Dog Eating contest where 70 Hot Dogs and buns were inhaled by Hot Dog Eating Champion Joey Chestnut.

A $10,000. Edible Pizza Bikini can be made for you from the Villa Italian Kitchen. (I don’t know if any where sold?)..

The Phoenix New Times reported a story about Cream Cheese Topped Tea and Fruit Drinks that are a thing in parts of Asia and are found here in Mesa AZ.

I saw on TV Watermelon Selfies…you balance a wedge of watermelon and try to place it under someone’s face so it looks like they are wearing a watermelon wedge.

I think I came across at least three different pizza related sneaker stories. One was a phone sneaker that dialed Pizza Hut and the others were Pizza decorated sneakers.

But the one story that’s burnt in my head is the Guy Fieri (Food Network Host and Restauranteur) Swimsuit. It can’t Forking be unseen.

Guy Fieri’s Face printed on a $49.00 Swim Suit.

Photo via

It can’t Forking be unseen.

Forking Weird Food Related News.

The Forking Truth




Blistered Serrano Chilies Recipe from The Brokeass Gourmet


Blistered Serrano Chiles

I got a bunch of serrano chiles and I already got a big jar of them that I pickled that are tasty. I searched the web to come up with another idea. I read from the Brokeass Gourmet that the serrano chiles get sweet when you fry them in olive oil. The brokeass Gourmet said something like you can keep eating them like shishito peppers but the serranos are even more delicious so I thought I’d give it a try since I got a bunch of serranos here.

Blistered Serrano Chiles

Ingredients for about 20 servings

1 lb serrano chiles – with a small slit in the bottom tip of each chili

1/4 cup extra virgin olive oil

sea salt to finish (I used Pink Australian Flake Salt)


In a big heavy bottomed fry pan add the oil and put on medium heat. When the oil is hot add the peppers and cook till blistered and charred. Serve right away!

“Can I taste what you are making?”

“He is such a Forking suck up”

Blistered Serrano Chiles

My peppers came out hot and spicy! I think the blistered serranos would be delicious on a sandwich or tacos, maybe in a potato salad…..

Thank You Brokeass Gourmet for a different way to do serrano chilies. Although mine are too spicy for me to just eat however they still came out delicious! I froze most of mine so I can use them as needed.

The Forking Truth is that for most people the serranos are too hot to just eat.

Maybe different times of the year the peppers are mild enough to just eat????

The Forking Truth