My Lunch at the Canyon Cafe in Phoenix AZ


The Canyon Cafe is located in Downtown Phoenix Arizona. They serve Tex-Mex -Spanish Inspired Food. The weather was nice so we choose to be seated on the lovely large patio.

Soon a waitress drops off a generously sized basket of assorted chips and some house made salsa while we’re deciding on what to order.

The chips are very interesting, colorful and fun. The basket contains sweet potato chips and several varieties of crisp corn tortillas. Some are savory, some are sweet and some are plain with different textures. The salsa is very heavily laced with lime.

I ordered a Blacken Salmon Caesar Salad.

The greens were slightly warm and wilted. The salmon was ok but the salad tasted quite bland. Perhaps the kitchen must have been very busy and ran out of anchovy, Worcestershire and black pepper because the only things the dressing tasted like were watered down mayonnaise with lots of  lemon.  I gave a piece of lettuce to my husband to try the dressing and he said he couldn’t taste anything but the cheese on the romaine. I didn’t want to complain or send it back because you never know what kind of person is working in the kitchen.

My husband had the Chile Relleno stuffed with Fajita Steak and a side Paella Rice.

The beef inside was tender and flavorful. The Paella Style Rice was fluffy like regular rice and was infused with a great amount of smoke.

With the check they present a complimentary sweet ending of white chocolate pecan Tamale.

Lunch wasn’t perfect but there were some good things going on.

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I note that everything is subject to change and your experience may or may not differ.

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