Lamp Cafe in Scottsdale AZ is Worth a Fork!


Lamp Cafe recently opened in North Scottsdale AZ. This is a small casual restaurant with wait service, a full bar and an outside patio. This is a soup, salad and sandwich place with an Italian or Sicilian accent. The decor is clean and neat looking with interesting Lamps.

On the menu is something called Mignulata. I never heard of Mignulata so we had to ask what it was……We were told Mignulata is a rolled stuffed Sicilian Bread. They serve a variety of Mignulata that all are made with sausage and more. They serve you three slices with a side of your choice and a goat cheese stuffed pepadew pepper. The Mignulata sounds like it is very similar to Sicilian Scaccia Bread (also called lasagna bread) and to Savory Jewish Babka (also called spaghetti bread).

As interesting as the Mignulata sounds we both decided to order sandwiches called Fofo. One vegetarian with a tasty Zucchini Cakes and the other with House Made Sicilian Style Sausage.

The sandwiches were made with fresh tasting bread that looked similar to ciabatta bread but tasted more like olive oil laced focaccia. Spicy Picked Vegetables, Sweet Roasted Red Peppers, Peppery Wild Arugula and Sharp Provolone were a balanced EXPLOSION of delicious flavors against the fillings. This sandwich had everything going on with it in the right way and was very bold with FORKING delicious flavors! Our sides of bean salad and barley salad were also delicious and to top that off was a little treat of a small pepadew pepper stuffed with creamy goat cheese.

I was too full to try dessert….  🙁 … time 🙂

Lamp Cafe is Worth a Fork!

Worth a Fork!

I note that Forking Everything is subject to change and your experience may or may not differ.

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