My Trip to the Great Wall Dim Sum Restaurant in Phoenix AZ


The Great Wall Restaurant in Phoenix AZ is considered to be the best for Dim Sum in Arizona. In case your not familiar with the term Dim Sum it sort of translates to a lingering Chinese Brunch. Many different carts of foods get pushed around the dining room and some of them stopped at our table. The server says to you, “do you want something?” I admit I’m not the most familiar with dim sum and had to ask what they had on the cart.

The first plate we try are the familiar looking Sesame Balls.

I had sesame balls before but these were different. Instead of being filled with sweetened bean paste these were stuffed with fruit.

Not what I was expecting but still tasty.

The only chicken they offered us were chicken feet and fried chicken so we went with the fried chicken.

What was special about this chicken was the ultra crispy coating that was amazing and delicious. This chicken had many good flavors going on.

We also enjoyed the Chinese Broccoli. This vegetable looks like the Yu Choy my local Asian Market sells.

It taste better than broccoli and is more like spinach on tender not bitter stems.

We took a chance with Bean and Mushroom Stuffed Tofu Skins and Sticky Rice. We’ve had these before at other Chinese Restaurants…..but these items prepared from Great Wall are for an acquired taste.

The check came out to around $27.00…not bad for all we tried.

I saw the fresh fish tanks in the restaurant and asked the cashier what time they start serving the menu. She just recited the opening hours so I figure that English is her second language and she didn’t understand me.

Great Wall doesn’t have a website but you can find Great Wall in Phoenix AZ on Facebook

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