NEW WEIRD DifferRent and Special Edition Foods out There May 2017


There is ALWAYS something New, Weird, Different or Special Edition in the world of foods out there. I never know what I’ll see when I go to a store. Here are NEW Cinnamon Pebbles Cereal. Sounds good…I’d try it if I ate boxed cereal.

Limited Edition Strawberry Cheerios….?

New Carrot Cake Creation Yogurt……Don’t know????????????

Here are Cauliflower Puffs, Brussels Sprouts Puffs and….

Asparagus Chips….I was going to try one of them but I noticed they have similar nutrition to potato chips so I changed my mind …..but they sound healthy.

Pesto Potato Chips from Italy…Sounds yummy.


Real Truffle Potato Chips from Italy…Yes I did!

Gold Fish Crackers have been around forever…..I don’t recall the Saltine version…..or maybe I just forgot it?

WOW! Spaced Out Goldfish Crackers!

Pizza Bagels….these do have an appealing aroma. They made me hungry in the store.

Pop-tarts toaster pastry in Dunkin Donuts Flavors of Chocolate Mocha and Vanilla Latte.

More Pop-tarts in Chocolatey Caramel and Blue Raspberry.

Girl Scouts Cookies made into Cereal in the Caramel Crunch Flavor.

Chocolate Strawberry Oreo’s

Limited Edition Hostess Cup Cakes Ice Cream….

Buddy is famous for his family bakery called Carlo’s Bakery and his TV Show called Cake Boss where the losing contestants are told, “Off to the box truck baby” Now The Cake Boss commercially sells Dog Treats….I actually went to purchase the dog biscotti or the dog cannoli but all they had left were the biscuits.

NEW! Habanero Lime Topper….Sounds delicious but noticed many chemicals and weird things in the ingredients…… 🙁

Chick Peas are flavored snacks these days. Here are Bombay flavored and Falafel flavored Chick Peas.

Here’s Korean BBQ Chick Peas. I never imagined coming across Korean BBQ Chick Peas.

I think it’s odd to flavor Walnuts with Honey Mustard but these honey mustard walnuts might be tasty in a salad?

The FORKING Weirdest thing I came across was just Forked up.


I came across these bags marked bananas……

Well that was the New, Weird, Different and Special Edition for May 2017. Who knows WTFork I’ll see next month.

The Forking Truth

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