My Forking Thoughts on Lay’s Garden Tomato and Asiago Potato Chips


I saw the new Lay’s Kettle Cooked Garden Tomato and Asiago Flavored Chips and thought the flavor seems appealing so I thought I’d give these a try.

I do note that these new edition potato chips run much more expensive than a regular large bag of Lay’s Potato Chips. This is a smaller bag and it cost $4.29 (8 1/2 oz) and a regular bag of Lay’s cost around $3.50 for 14 3/4 ¬†ounces.

I open the bag and it does smell like Italian Cheese possibly of an Asiago Variety.

I notice the chips seem to be on the smaller side and not all but most of them are folded and the chips are flecked with what looks like seasoning.

I taste one chip. It has a very sharp crisp crunch and does have some potato flavor. The dominate flavor I taste is sort of buttery asiago cheese followed by a little Italian Seasoning. It sort of taste like a frozen pizza.

I eat more and I sort of forget about the Italian Seasoning and I get more sort of buttery asiago kind of taste.

I hardly get any fresh tomato taste…it sort of blurs with the Italian seasoning.

My rating due to my taste….

1/2 a Fork….OK at best…and not the worst.

I have to give Lay’s credit for improving the taste of a Kettle Chip. Other Kettle Chips I’ve taste usually lack potato flavor and these Kettle Chips actually contain potato flavor. For me the asiago taste is believable but I’m not sure why they made it buttery.

I would be more excited about the chips if the Garden Tomato taste was more part of the equation to this flavor formula.

You taste and opinion may differ from mine.

The Forking Truth

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