Dining with Dogs March 2017


I’m off to Sardella’s Pizza in Peoria AZ

Dining with Dogs is just a “Fluff” Story about taking my dog(s) out to eat. There are a bunch of rules and things you should consider when dining out with dogs. We have many restaurant patios in Arizona but not all restaurants are dog friendly. It’s always best to call any restaurant the day you plan to visit to make sure it’s ok to dine with your furry friend. Dogs are to dine close to your side. Dogs are NOT to sit on restaurant furniture and dogs are not to eat off of restaurant plates. you NEED to be aware that most of the food you eat can be harmful or toxic to your dog and you need to review a dog friendly food list from your veterinarian. Basically small pieces of sauce free plain meat and certain vegetables are safe. It is also a good idea to visit restaurants with your furry friends at off times because sometimes you come across people that don’t like dogs there and it’s good to avoid non-pet friendly people.

We had a very tough month because we lost our beloved Louie to cancer. We thought for our first dining out with Dogs without Louie that it would be best for a new memory.

We picked a family owned business called Sardella’s. It isn’t fancy but they offer a comfortable patio and they serve pizzas, pastas, wings, salads and calzones.

We started out by sharing a generously sized salad made with romaine, spinach and artichokes.

This is only part of the salad.

I kept her busy with plain romaine and spinach.

Then they brought us garlic knots for dining in.

The complimentary garlic knots are tasty….Then our pizzas arrive….


We have a sausage pizza and a pomodoro pizza (cheese pizzas with garlic, tomato, ricotta cheese, basil and Italian seasoning)

I do note that Bread, Cheese and Garlic can be very harmful to dogs. My dog is over 90 pounds and can digest cheese. I am very careful and only give her a very small amount of mostly cheese to taste the pizza.

“Oh that was so tasty!”

“All three of us really like the Pomodoro Pizza Best!”  “It’s special and has the most going on with it.” “The Pomodoro is a nicely seasoned pizza accented with mounds of milky creamy ricotta and slices of sweet roma tomatoes that cut threw the richness.”

“The Forking Truth is that I enjoyed my fist visit to Sardella’s.”


“We are on our way to Lamp Cafe.”

We were on our way to Lamp Cafe but all the patio seats were taken so we went next door to Lamp Pizzeria.

Both Lamp Cafe and Lamp Pizzeria have small but comfortable patios with umbrellas that face each other.

We started by sharing a salad called a Union Salad that was great for sharing.

Two pieces of delicious charred crusty bread, fresh romaine, onions, sweet tomatoes, white beans, provolone cheese and toasted pine nuts.

“I got to eat some romaine lettuce and some beans!”

Then we shared a Neapolitan Style Pizza named the Grandma Pizza.

This is a very flavorful pizza made with provolone cheese, garlic tomatoes, onion and chiles. This pizza was very thin but also was foldable …..if you should desire to fold……with good flavor and the perfect amount of char. It’s a nice light pizza that doesn’t weigh you down. Although it wasn’t needed….. but just for fun we had to have a side of Calabrian Chile Oil that was delicious.

I really enjoyed myself at Lamp Pizzeria!


I’m on my way to Cucina Tagliani in Glendale AZ

Cucina Tagliani is a family friendly type of restaurant that serves American Style Italian Food. We had the Grilled Salmon with Asparagus and Spaghetti Squash and the Spicy Sausage Rigatoni.

Everything is tasty and all is ok!

“I got some rigatoni”

“I really enjoyed spaghetti squash and salmon!”

“I did alright at Cucina Tagliani”


That was dining with dogs for March 2017. We hope to see you next month!

The Forking Truth

In Memory of Louie 5-5-2001 – 3-3-2017



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