Lay’s Mango Salsa Potato Chips are many things!


Real Mango Salsa is Delicious as it’s Sweet, Savory and Herbaceous and Lay’s Mango Salsa Potato Chips are also sweet and savory BUT ARE NOT delicious to me and also to everyone I know who forking tried them.

This is Forked Up!

This is Forked Up!

They tasted like something oddly fruity when you first try them and then the flavor turns into a forking indescribable unpleasantness of confusion. They taste sort of like Forking Fruity Pebbles and then the flavor changes in an unpleasant way.  It sort of turns to something like Salty Ranch Potato Chips Mixed Together but not as good and actually really horrible leaving a sort of FORKING Chewing gum aftertaste. This is the kind of food you feed to criminals in jail not the public! These Chips tasted like punishment.


I was disappointed with the Lay’s Wasabi Ginger Chips.


But these Mango Salsa Chips made me want to Forking vomit and now my trash can is full of FORKING Lay’s Mango Salsa Chips.

I don’t understand how these Forkers made it out of the Lab.

I also feel forking bad for the poor sap Julia who came up with this flavor because I KNOW her Mango Salsa Idea wasn’t FORKING THIS!



Two of the Four Flavors Down (sort of) and the other two I think I might avoid. This has been a bumpy ride.



Forking Truth

Forking Truth

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