A Fiery Hot and Numbing Taste of China in Mesa AZ at Miu’s Bistro


Miu’s Bistro serves authentic style Chinese Foods that includes the hot and spicy mouth numbing Sichuan Style. This is a very small restaurant with only a few tables and a three booths that isn’t fancy. They also seem unaware or don’t care about looking like Christmas to all in March. Miu’s Bistro has an outdoor banner with Christmas trees and the inside Christmas garland and lights. If you’ve visited the former Miu’s Cuisine Restaurant then you know they had a Christmas Tree set up in the middle of the restaurant all year long. They also didn’t purchase a new sign yet and the sign out side at the time of my visit 3-17 reads Ding Hao Shanghai.

The menu isn’t for everyone that thinks they love Chinese Food.

One page of menu that may be in the process of change.

We start out out cucumbers in Spicy Sauce.

It’s not for the faint of hard or people with delicate stomachs. It’s mouth numbing fire carried by oil on crispy light cucumbers, freshened up with a little cilantro. It makes you feel like you ran a mile without getting tired. It’s a legal rush.

I wanted to try something new that I wasn’t familiar with so I tried Spicy Chicken on the bone with Vine Pepper. I don’t know what kind of pepper is the Vine Pepper but I did spot jalape├▒os floating on the top.

Large Bowl in the middle is Spicy Chicken on Bone with Vine Peppers

This dish, the Spicy Chicken with Vine Peppers is another fiery, mouth numbing dish. It’s soup-like but it’s not a soup. The flavors are unusual to me but start with a very developed tasting chicken stock, I taste cumin and something very citrus. They really give the chicken the chop here that’s very flavorful and moist but almost impossible to eat to me. This might be a half of a small chicken that’s chopped in very small pieces and contains soft skin and shards of broken bone everywhere. Actually I’m afraid I’ll choke on bone. I’ve had a similar dish at a Taiwanese Restaurant where they prepared the chicken the same way so this way of preparing chicken in Asian Cookery. I watched someone else in the restaurant having the same or similar dish and that person was constantly spitting out bones like it was nothing. It seems that some people are used to this kind of dish.

My husband gets the Flour Steamed Pork that our waitress told us was the most requested dish in the restaurant. She said most people order two orders each. One for now and one for latter. I’m guessing this is a Chinese Comfort Food I never heard of.

The Flour Steamed Pork is surrounded by potatoes. My husband said it was different and almost like eating an Asian Tamale.

Miu’s Bistro ┬ácertainly was like a Taste of China in Mesa AZ.

Currently Miu’s Bistro website is not up and running but you can find them on Facebook.

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