Most Memorable Food out in Metro Phoenix AZ so far this Year from January – April 2017


Memorable food stays in your mind. It’s either something you want to revisit or something you wish you’ve never tried. The foods I tried listed are in no particular order. Here is the Fofo Vegetarian Sandwich I had at Lamp Cafe in Scottsdale AZ. It was especially delicious. It was an explosion of flavors between spicy pickled vegetables, provolone cheese, arugula and zucchini cakes you’d never imagine such a satisfying ¬†and delicious sandwich.

6in Plain Stuffed Deep Dish from Giordano’s in Peoria AZ

The Giordano’s Plain 6in. Deep Dish Pizza was memorable. It was massive amounts of molten cheese in a very hard dried out burnt crust.

I must note that the owner of Giordano’s contacted me and said I would not have the same experience if I came back and ordered a larger size pizza…………

There was this hot smoked salmon from the Salty Sow in Phoenix AZ that was life changing. It was so silky and scrumptious. It melted in the mouth. It’s worthy of some kind of award.

Everything I tried at tried at Mora Italian in Scottsdale were amazing but the Boneless Sea Bream and the amazing Cheese Gnudi were over the top! The fish reminded me of the best fish I had at a pricy restaurant in Las Vegas and the Gnudi was dressed with concentrated tomatoes and were so delicate. You just have to try them to know. This was really high end and quality.

I’m usually not a fan of chicken wings but the chicken wings I tried from Great Wall in Phoenix were especially crispy and delicious.

Large Bowl in the middle is Spicy Chicken on Bone with Vine Peppers

Mius Bistro in Mesa AZ served me the spiciest most mouth numbing thing I tried in a long time. It had a unique good developed flavor but was very difficult to enjoy with fragments of chicken bones and skin all threw the dish. I do note that this is a method of Asian Cookery and other people are accustomed to enjoy this style of dish.

I got this from the Spotted Donkey Cantina in Scottsdale. I’m done talking about it but I’ll tell you that it was memorable.

The Saffron Chicken Bowl with Stone Bread from Saffron Jak in Phoenix was extremely delicious! I’ve had a similar plate from other restaurants but the tahini surprise under the chicken made it extra tasty and where else are you going to find stone bread….

Trofie with Pesto from Bottega Pizzeria Ristorante in Glendale was stunning. Really REALLY perfect pasta.

Doughbird a Pizza and Rotisserie Chicken Restaurant recently opened in Phoenix. The chicken was good, all the food was good but it is that Buffalo Sauce I used on the chicken that makes me want to return. Lip smacking and drool worthy. Like crack for the mouth.

It’s a little too soon to know for sure but I think I’m going to remember the Corned Beef and Cabbage Pierogi from the Twisted Italian in Peoria for a while. They were a yummy delight!

That’s what was most memorable to me this year so far.

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