Forking Weird Food News of this Week 4-20-2017 Frankenfood and Oy Caramba


This is FORKED UP!

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This week in the world of food news two stories caught my attention the most. One is that Del Monte Fresh Produce Co. has genetically engineered the Pink Pineapple and it’s been approved by the FDA. They promise a sweeter, less acidic and just as nutritious pineapple. I can’t help but wonder if the almighty would approve?…….. What would he say?…… “You screwed up my pineapple?”

The other story is that Tony Boloney’s $80.00 Taco Pizza ($10.00 a slice) is a sensation! It’s a pizza that’s loaded up with a variety of tacos and a big pile of dip of sour cream and guacamole.

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Tony Boloney Pizza has only two locations in New Jersey. One is in Hoboken (North New Jersey) the other is in Atlantic City (South New Jersey). They said on the news that people are driving from all over the country and as far as Mexico to try this pizza………..

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Frankenfood and Oy Caramba……. not Amore……..Oh My!

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