Dining with Dogs in Metro Phoenix AZ May 2017


“I’m off to Humble Pie Near Glendale AZ

Dining with dogs is just a “Fluff” story about taking my dogs out to eat. We usually go to very casual places that aren’t too far away from home. There are some rules to dine with dogs. Dogs are to be kept near your side. Dogs are not to sit on restaurant furniture and dogs are not to eat off restaurant plates. It’s usually a good idea to dine with dogs on off times to avoid diners that don’t want to eat with dogs. In Metro Phoenix most restaurants do have patios but NOT ALL patios are dog friendly. It’s recommended to call a restaurant first before you dine there with your furry friend because on occasion dog friendly patios sometimes turn non-dog friendly and sometimes the patio might be already booked for a party.

This week we have unseasonably hot temperatures in Phoenix so we needed to dine as early as possible to avoid the screaming high temperatures. We decided to dine at Humble Pie. They have a covered patio with fans and it’s quite comfortable. The pizzas are thin and sort of crisp the cheese is hand pulled. Humble Pie also offers one of the best Lunch Deals in Town. Choice one of several salads and a generous lunch size pizza for just under $10.00. You get BOTH a NICE Salad and a PIZZA for only $10.00!

“Ummmmm what am I getting here”

We both got lunch specials and we started with a chopped salad and a gorgonzola and strawberry salad. The both salads are very good. At many places in Scottsdale these salads alone would cost more than what we are paying for that includes a good pizza.

“The Strawberries taste sweet and fresh farm picked and not like those cardboard strawberries from the supermarket.”

Soon our pizzas arrive.

Crust is thin with a nice crisp. The sauce is concentrated and sweet. The hand pulled cheese is melty and milky and the fresh basil is the perfect accent.

“I did alright at Humble Pie!.”


“I’m off to Pita Kitchen in Glendale AZ”

“My folks and me like the salads from Pita Kitchen” Pita Kitchen is a small casual Greek Style Restaurant.”

“I got to try Chicken and Gyro.”

“All was tasty to me.” “I did alright and it was great getting away from that Forking little runt that now lives in my house.” “I think I hate him.” I wish my old man was still here…..as he was perfect.” “I loved him.”…..”even if he didn’t show love back to me he still was perfect and a perfect gentleman at all times……I really miss him.”

This is the one that she called a “runt.”……….”Not ready for the Dining with Dogs team yet.”

“I’m off to Oscar’s Pier 83 in Glendale AZ” “Woo hoo without the Forking Runt.”

Oscar’s Pier 83 serves up a variety of fried fish and some other items. Today I went with the Ahi Tuna Salad. They gave me a large tomato, hard boiled eggs, crisp romaine a few other veggies and a generous portion of Ahi Tuna.

My husband had the Battered Cod Platter.

“It’s not fancy food but I enjoyed everything my folks would let me eat.”


“I’m on my way to Leo’s Island BBQ in Peoria AZ.” “Again without the Forking runt…WOO…HOO!”

Leo’s Island BBQ specializes in the Hawaiian Plate Lunch. The typical Hawaiian Plate Lunch is lots of meat, a double serving of rice and creamy macaroni salad served in a styrofoam container. They offer around 30 choices and pricing runs on average less than $10.00.

I had a non-typical order today and got the BBQ Chicken Salad.

It isn’t fancy but does contain lots of chicken for sharing. It’s really only fast food priced and far better than what I’d get from a fast food joint.

My husband got the BBQ Pork and Chicken Lunch Plate.

“Whoa, lots of meat here…I’m not leaving hungry.”


Hopefully our newest arrival will be able to join the Dining with Dogs Team Soon.

He’s just now learning how to ride in the car.

“Don’t worry folks I got this down.”  “I’ll be Forking Dining with Dogs in no Time!” “I’ll be Forking dining out next week!” “I had this down a month ago but nobody knew yet!”

That was Dining with Dogs in May 2017. We hope to see you next month!

The Forking Truth

In Memory of Louie 5-5-2001 – 3-3-2017


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