A Revisit to Mora Italian Restaurant in Phoenix AZ


My view of the patio at Mora Italian Restaurant

We enjoyed the food very much on our last visit to Mora Italian Restaurant so we decided to try Mora again. This is newly opened restaurant co-owned by Celebrity Chef Scott Conant. The atmosphere is hip, interesting, rich, masculine and energetic. The menu is creative Italian style.

This time we started with Ricotta Fritters.

The fritters were filled with fresh milky cheesy goodness. It was like hitting treasure when I tasted little hidden delicate pops of lemon and chili. The crust was thin but sturdy and seemed oil free. Not too sweet honey peperonata and shredded cheese garnished the tasty fritters.

This time we shared the Fettuccine with mushrooms, roasted garlic and escarole.

1/2 portion of fettuccine

Not too much and just enough perfectly cooked pasta in the perfect amount of sauce. The mushrooms and escarole went really well together in this dish.

For dinner I tried the Chicken in Potacchio. (Chicken and Fennel with Slow Cooked Tomatoes)

The 1/2 Chicken was expertly prepared and melt in your mouth tender and sat in a pan sauce. I enjoyed the chicken but what blew me away was the fennel. I never tasted fennel that was that good before….What kind of magic cookery did they do? The fennel had this amazing texture and flavor.

My husband order the Grilled Scaloppine of Beef Short Rib again.

It had a slightly different presentation and preparation from last visit. (see photo below)

I don’t know if the recipe was changed or if each chef puts his or her own spin on things? Both were good but one was awesome.

I planned ahead to save room for dessert to try the Apple Crostata.

The dessert was decadent and delicious and sat in a pool of creamy caramel mascarpone cheese. The crust was flavorful and was filled with seasoned apples, ribbons of not too sweet caramel and a scoop of toasted almond gelato. It was a perfect ending to a nice meal.

Mora Italian Restaurant in Phoenix AZ is Worth a Fork!

Worth a Fork! You’d drive across town for this one.


The Forking Truth is that EVERYTHING is subject to change and your experience may or may not differ.

The Forking Truth

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