Forking Worst Chip I’ve Tried…Crazy Awful


I found these Pop Chips potato chips in Crazy Hot Flavor.  I like chips sometimes and I like crazy hot so I thought I might like these chips. These Chips are lower in calories than most chips. low fat and contain fiber. They aren’t fried and are made with healthier oils. I don’t think they actually contain any chili because I didn’t notice any chili listed in the ingredients.

I open the bag and they smell tasty. They smell just like cayenne pepper and maybe something sort of cheesy like cheese curls.

I go to taste one.


It’s like someone poured extra tart acidic lemon juice in my mouth.

It’s tart…..It’s tangy and it’s sour.

I do get a lingering cayenne pepper taste and the chips are powdery weird.

Doesn’t seem spicy…just is awful.

I can’t finish one chip.

They are in the trash now because even my husband can’t eat them.

I note I might have purchased a defective bag of Pop Chips because I can’t imagine any company would make a chip that taste like this.

The Forking Truth

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