The Forking Truth is that some Dining Experiences are NOT Worth a Fork!


A grilled chicken sandwich from somewhere in Scottsdale AZ

The Forking Truth is that not every dining experience will be drool worthy.Actually some dining experiences are NOT Worth a Fork! Recently I had a grilled chicken sandwich from somewhere in Scottsdale. The bun was squashed and hard…maybe stale? The chicken also seemed like it had all the life in it squashed out and had a weird texture… the snap of a hot dog and also had a burnt taste too. Even the pepper didn’t taste good because nobody rinsed off the can flavoring. I was hoping I’d enjoy the side dish from this particular place….

Well I almost enjoyed the side dish of potato salad…..It did have a nice flavor but the potatoes were very over cooked and mostly got all mashed. I had maybe 4 marble sized pieces of potato in this salad with a few hard lumps of egg. It was like a cup of cold mashed potatoes with a few lumps.


In the same week I went to a small sushi restaurant in Peoria. The sushi was very average so it didn’t seem blog worthy. This particular sushi restaurant offered Korean Style Fried Chicken. Ummm you sure don’t come by that all the time! We ordered some Korean Style Fried Chicken and when it arrived I thought it looked Scrumptious and Amazing!

It DID look scrumptious and amazing. But when I took a bite I found that under the very crispy crust was almost cold chicken that was oddly very dry and chewy….WTFork! How the Fork did they come up with that? Cold dried up chicken with a nice crispy crust….

Here is another non-drool worthy plate I had in beautiful Carefree AZ. Chewy meat, SOUR ¬†onions and what looked like pond slime….This plate I couldn’t stomach and I was afraid this food for myself and I thought it could make my dogs ill.

This was not drool worthy. It was more like Forking Puke Worthy.

Early this year I had a pizza from somewhere in Peoria. The Crust was burnt tasting and also was hard like a rock. You can see the burnt threw the crust. This was not drool worthy either. I actually felt sick after this………

I ordered a fried fish somewhere in Phoenix.

My fish was fried to a crisp and most of the flesh was crunchy. My crunchy fish was topped with a couple fistfuls of salt with what seemed like a 1/2 a jar of jarred garlic mixed with some mushrooms. I also was blessed with a slice of unripe tomato, oily lettuce, porridge like rice and oily soggy fries. Nobody asked me how it was as they did the usual drop and run.

We took out some food from a new Fast Food Restaurant in Glendale…is it is Peoria? The Chicken was almost good but it was my luck that who someone careless salted the chicken lost the lid on the salt container and the chicken was coated in enough salt to melt a snow covered driveway. The rolls were pillowy and might have been mixed with yoga mats. The Mac -N- Cheese tasted like margarine and chemicals. WTFork knows what they did to the potatoes. The potatoes were very ¬†heavy and tasted like they have might have contained wall plaster……..Well it’s fast food….you get what you get….my bad.

I guess the least drool worthy food I tried came from a food truck….Look at the picture…No words are needed. My apologies should you have nightmares or gain a fear of food trucks. Only God knows what stories the grease that roll was fried in can tell…….

Close up of Corned Beef Wild Buckeye Roll

The above were all….


The Forking Truth is that some Dining Experiences are NOT Worth a Fork!

Your experience may or may not differ and everything is subject to change.

The Forking Truth



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