WTFork “K” means Pork ?



I saw this forking unflavored Gelatin at the Super Market. The “K” on it really caught my eye and I was forking hoping I found a plant based Gelatin.

So I went to forking read the ingredients.


All I see is Gelatin.


Next I contacted the store that sells this Gelatin and they assured me it was Kosher and Made from Pork Skin.



In my Head I’m thinking WTFork. How can somebody be so misguided. Everybody knows Pig can never be Kosher.

This is Forked Up!

This is Forked Up!

In my research I learned Copyright Laws don’t apply to single letters so any company can put a “V” or “K” on their product.

Copyrighted Symbols are

Vegan and Vegetarian Symbols

Vegan and Vegetarian Symbols

Kosher Symbols

Kosher Symbols

There is a forking lot of processing that goes into the manufacturing of Gelatin. Collagen is extracted from Skin and Bones, it’s soaked, cooked, filtered and evaporated. During the process it becomes inedible so much so even a starving dog won’t eat it. Food that a starving dog won’t eat loses it’s status as food and becomes the same as eating forking dirt.

Here is how the manufacturer explained it.



People who still consider this kind of product Kosher are in the extreme minority.

Every reliable Kosher Certifying agency does not consider such a product Kosher.

In the United States almost all Kashrut Organizations do NOT endorse Gelatin made from Non-Kosher Sources.


“K” doesn’t necessarily mean Kosher it might mean Pork.

Forking Truth

Forking Truth


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