First Taste at Camp Social Restaurant in Phoenix AZ



A Camping Themed Restaurant has opened in Phoenix AZ called Camp Social. You walk in and see the hostess coming out of a camper to greet you. You see some nostalgia all over related to camping.

One of the booths is IN A FORKING CAMPER.

In the bar you can sit on tire swings.

The menu is pretty casual American and some unusual pizzas with lots of variety.

My husband got the house made sausage and crispy potato salad.

I got the Walleye Sandwich on Tin baked Bread.

The Fish was moist mild and meaty. Crust was crispy and seemed free of oil. The fresh baked bread was really light in a good way. The bread was sturdy enough to hold the sandwich and tasted light and natural. I’m not a big fan of crinkle fries but they certainly fit in with the camping theme because after all you’d take crinkle fries with you for camping.

Cute casual Restaurant with a fun camping theme.

Most people might leave as happy campers.

The restroom was rustic with tree trunk sinks but I was hoping for bushes so I could say I peed behind a bush at Camp Social.

Fun atmosphere!

The Forking Truth is that EVERY FORKING THING is subject to change and your Forking experience may or may not differ.

The Forking Truth

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