Tacos Jalisco in Scottsdale AZ – Worth a Fork!


Tacos Jalisco is located in South Scottsdale and serves mostly Jalisco Style Mexican Food. This is not a fancy place. I can tell you the food is legit and you don’t have to “peso much” here. (excuse the bad pun) But honestly speaking your dollar truly stretches very far here and the food is good..The two rarely happen together.

This is what it looks like when you walk in.

It’s busy and it’s hard to take pictures.

Here’s the dining room.

Tacos are only $1.51 EACH and are made with in-house made tortillas and slow roasted meat. I thought for $1.51 how big can they be? I thought they would be bite size with very little meat but boy was I wrong.

4 chicken tacos were $6.04 and 4 carne asada tacos were also $6.04 (at this time 7-17)

Just like in Mexico they double shell the tacos and they are generously packed with seasoned meat, cilantro, sauce and onions. They also gave us chips and we picked up some house made condiments from the salsa bar.

The tacos were both moist and flavorful. I still can’t get over the $1.51 price for each taco. It seems a BOATLOAD of blue-eyed taco restaurants have mushroomed all over metro Phoenix and not all but many of them sell much smaller lesser filled not as tasty tacos for around $5.00 each!

Since we didn’t imagine getting so much food we also decided to share a Chile Relleno Plate ($7.78)

Not one but TWO stuffed mild but tasty battered poblano peppers stuffed with mild milky gooey Mexican Cheese. The hefty platter also came with house made creamy refried beans, flavorful rice, salad, creamy avocado sauce, chips and house made tortillas. These Chile Rellenos were a lot tastier than some others I’ve tried at other places that cost much more! Tastier real roasted poblano instead of a canned chili like some places do and the real cheese not a pre-shredded blend that doesn’t taste as good.

Much Cheaper and much better than not all but a lot of places!

No website you just have to visit them at 3060 N 68th St Scottsdale AZ open 7 days a week starting early at 8am and open not all but some holidays.


Tacos Jalisco is Worth a Fork!

Worth a Fork! If you find yourself in South Scottsdale maybe at the Zoo or near Tempe you might want to give this place a try if your in the mood for Jalisco Style Tacos.

Everything is subject to change and your experience may or may not differ.

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