My Lunch at Stock & Stable in Phoenix AZ


Stock & Stable is an American Gastropub located in Restaurant Row on North 7TH Street in Phoenix. The menu is mostly casual, with some elegant accents and a slight Italian slant. The interior is masculine with leather, wood and mostly pictures of cows. It looks like it could be a steakhouse to me. They have comfortable chairs and benches. They offer traditional table seating, a large bar, high tops and patio dining.

We shared the Fermented Beets.

A tasty mix of red, golden beets and carrots tossed in a fresh herb almond butter sauce with crunchy breaded goat cheese curds. It was delicious all together. The beets were tasty. There were a lot of very thin very crispy carrots that were the texture of the salad.The sauce was rich nutty and a little minty . I thought it was flavored nicely.

I had the tuna sandwich.

This is an ENORMOUS Sandwich. (be prepared to bring half home) I can see it’s made on local Noble Bread that’s Grilled. This sandwich isn’t for the faint of heart. It’s WILDLY Flavorful and SPICY and FORKING DELICIOUS!!!!!!! I don’t Forking care if the tuna came from a can or not…because it is eye-opening delicious! It’s a very elevated tuna salad. It got the gambit of flavors going on…..and it’s dressed with Calabrian Aioli and also has Muenster Cheese. My husband was raised not to eat mayonnaise but he took a bite anyway and he also was surprised that the sandwich was as delicious as it was. When I eat the other half I’ll have to try to figure out why it’s so yummy. Not only was the sandwich unusually delicious but the Calabrian Vinaigrette on my mixed green salad was killer too! So delicious! Not for everyone and not for the masses. Very delicious to those who enjoy bold flavors and heat.

My husband tried the No Baloney Mortadella Sandwich with Frites.

My husband asked for the sauces to be served on the side. The sauces on the side were an unusual combination that we weren’t sure about. One was maple mustard and the other was a herb chipotle. We both like the taste of the herb chipotle but neither of us thought it mixed with the maple mustard…who knows maybe it does with the sandwich????? ┬áThe mortadella wasn’t caramelized like we hoped it would be like and was more like lightly grilled and steamed lunch meat. Still an OK sandwich………with tasty fries. The Frites were nicely seasoned and had a little fresh chopped herbs and Italian grated cheese on them.

We decided to share a dessert and tried the Key Lime Pie.

The Key Lime Pie is a nicely made tart. The crust is a tasty tender graham crust. Not too sweet and not too heavy. It tasted very natural. The filling is nice and creamy and a little limey. The cream on top taste fresh made.

Like at most restaurants out there some things seemed better than other things.

That was my lunch experience at Stock & Stable.

Every Forking Thing is subject to change and your experience may or may not differ.

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