My Visit to Bobby Q’s in Phoenix AZ – Worth a Fork!


Bobby Q’s is unlike any restaurant I’ve been to in Metro Phoenix. It has old fashioned charm and character. The building is accented with mature plantings and real old trees that you seldom see in Phoenix. This place looks like it’s always been here. It’s like stepping back in time…..or maybe being transported to another place. Your asking well what do they serve? They serve barbecue.

Here’s my latest trip to Bobby Q’s.

We hopped on the highway and at around 70MPH (or more or less…I got these photos. I see the sign…getting excited!

Now I see the other side of the building.

Now we are pulling in.

You see this on the side of the building.

They are full early in the evening and we get sat at a table in the bar. (***There is a man at the bar with a sweater????? WTFork is a FORKING 118 degrees F (FORK) today! WTFORK needs a FORKING Sweater?)

I turn around and snap a photo of the dining room.

The room is much larger than my photo shows and there are many antiques all around. Vintage signs, fans, fixtures and all kinds of stuff.

They start us off with tasty slightly sweet Johnny Cakes with soft creamy butter.

I’ve been here a bunch of times so I know what most of the food usually taste like. They are pretty famous for the tender falling apart brisket but I am not carnivore enough to appreciate the succulence….and I do know that is the texture that BBQ Brisket is suppose to have but It’s too fatty for me but a JOY to most people. I actually enjoy the super succulent buttery salmon here the most.

The salmon is brushed with something a little sweet and has these delicious caramelized grill marks. The fish is cooked all the way but is so moist and succulent. You can only achieve these results from a slow cook or water bath. It’s simple but it doesn’t really need anything when the fish is prepared this well. I had many choices of sides but went simple all the way with grilled fresh seasonal vegetables and a plain baked potato. The vegetables are nothing fancy and are just fresh grilled. The baked potato has a salted skin and is big and fluffy and soaks up the melted butter like a sponge. You might not be able to tell by my photo but this is a very large portion of food….I eat half the salmon and half the potato and I take home a meal for latter. This plate might not be a win over with professional food critics but I admit I am humble and can enjoy a good plain piece of salmon and a plain fluffy baked potato. I don’t always mention pricing but a similar tasting salmon at the seafood restaurant sort of ¬†across the highway cost nearly twice as much.

My husband went for the Two Meat Plate.

Here’s Pulled Pork, Hot Links, Macaroni and Cheese and Meaty Baked Beans. All the meat was tender and it was abundant! I didn’t try the macaroni and cheese today but in the past it tasted like Velveta to me….My husband was a happy camper with this plate and that’s all that matters.

I never ordered dessert here before so I thought we might try the apple cobbler as it seemed like a safe choice.

It’s just like a relative or neighbor made the dessert…………and it’s topped with economy tasting ice cream.

It’s best to filler-up on the BBQ and Sides here!

We get the bill and they give us complimentary Thank “Q” Doughnuts.

The doughnuts are hot and tasty….

Bobby Q’s is Worth a Fork for the tender tasty BBQ!

Great Old Fashioned Atmosphere. Tender Meats with a slightly sweet BBQ. Old fashioned good service. Reasonable pricing and great big portions!

EVERY FORKING THING is subject to change and your experience may or may NOT differ!

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