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DoughBird Restaurant in Phoenix AZ specializes in free range rotisserie chicken and organic pizza….get it ?….doughbird. The decor is farmhouse modern and sort of similar to my local Ikea Store.

This time we started with a pizza. We picked a pizza with Swiss Chard, Mushrooms and  Black Truffle.

The texture of the crust is similar in texture to Neapolitan Pizzas. It’s thin and wet in the middle. The pizza is topped with a  generous amount of toppings that have great flavors. It’s a tasty pizza. We also took home half the pizza for latter so we’d have room for the chicken.

We order a whole chicken again because it’s a better value than the 1/2 chicken. The whole chicken is only a few dollars more than the half chicken.

Again they gave us a very large chicken….we ate a big portion each and took home enough for two dinners each. (WIN…..Winner winner Chicken Dinner) The chicken was moist, meaty and very flavorful. Again we both really liked the spicy buffalo sauce and the chicken. The Spicy Buffalo Sauce is really super delicious! It’s like crack…really addicting.

One side is included with the whole chicken but we ordered a second side just like last time. We ordered different sides this time.

Potatoes Puree and Fresh Asparagus with Broccolini. The potatoes are a smaller portion but are enough for the two of us. the potatoes are tasty but have something different in them…..I’m not sure if it’s a different kind of butter…..or a dash of something rich added to them..? The vegetables are firm and crisp but cold….the vegetable are really good and very fresh but I don’t think the vegetable should be cold..?

Didn’t go for dessert this time but the butterscotch cake I tried last time was good. I think a deluxe fruit plate would be nice after a meal like this…

The leftover chicken I brought home was really good and enough to make our meal out a great value.

Yep! ….Winner Winner Chicken Dinner!

Doughbird is still Worth a Fork!

On most (but not all) holidays this restaurant is open and usually offers a 25% SPECIAL (if you sign up on their website) !

Worth a Fork! Good service, nice atmosphere, good chicken and sides!

EVERYTHING is subject to change and your experience may or may not differ.

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