Pars Persian Cuisine of Scottsdale AZ – Worth a Fork


Pars Persian Cuisine offers a wide variety of Persian Foods. This is a full service restaurant with easy close parking. The atmosphere is sort of formal but you can come as you are. Nothing we tried was spicy. Nothing was flavored weird. The food was just flavorful and good. I think Persian Food would appeal to most people.

They start you out with hot pita bread, creamy butter and sweet sliced onions.

It was very hard to decide on what to try because they offer so many interesting sounding dishes I never seen at other Persian Restaurants I’ve been to.

One of the plates we shared was Zereshk Polo with Chicken.

We received two nice meaty chicken legs that were falling off the bone tender. The meat was flavorful and delicious. It was balanced and no particular flavor stood out. The legs have been slow cooked with apple, carrots, garlic, onions and seasonings. The plate also came with a very generous portion of fluffy basmati rice that was mixed with tart barberries, almonds and saffron. The tart barberries make the rice sort of sparkle and made the flavors more interesting.

The other dish we shared was a Stew called Fessenjan and a special upgraded rice called Shirin Polo.

The Shirin Polo is a specialty Basmati Rice dish. It does run sweet because it’s made with candied orange peels, carrots, almonds, pistachios, a sweet syrup and saffron. It’s a tasty rice…I think it would be fit in on most American dinner tables for Thanksgiving or Christmas. Behind the rice is the Fessenjan. Here Fessenjen is made from fried walnuts, pomegranate sauce with chicken that’s slow cooked in the sweet and sour fruity sauce. The plate doesn’t look pretty but the chicken is tender and tasty.

We got some of the food boxed up so we could try the Saffron Pistachio Ice Cream.

The ice cream is wonderfully creamy and was served in a chilled glass. It’s not too strong in flavor and is delicious!

Our server was really welcoming, helpful and efficient.

I’d say Pars Persian Cuisine is Worth a Fork!

Worth a Fork! Great variety of Persian foods that you won’t find at most places. Grade “A” from Maricopa posted in window. Tender tasty fresh food, nice atmosphere, great service.

Everything is subject to change and your experience may or may not differ!

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