My Visit to Thao Sandwiches in Phoenix AZ


Thao Sandwiches is a small “hole in the wall” Vietnamese Eatery in Central Phoenix. This is not a fancy place. It looks a bit worn. They serve up a long menu of Vietnamese Soup, Rice, Noodle dishes, Banh Mi Vietnamese Sandwiches and more. I noticed they offer Penny Wort Beverages.

I went for a dish that is seldom offered on Vietnamese Menus. The Com Da Ga Roti (Red Rice Chicken) I was very curious about this dish. I found only two recipes for it on the internet. It sounds like it might be basically Spanish Rice (tomato based) but seasoned with Asian Flavors from the two recipes I read.

Here it is Red Rice Chicken.

I received a large portion of chewy orange rice that have lots of pieces of small carrot and some sweated onions. A small cup of Asian Smoky Spicy seasoning is on the side and a cup of Chicken Broth. The Chicken has a great crispy skin and tasty moist tender meat. The rice was very mild and had little flavor on it’s own so you use the smokey slightly spicy sauce to kick it up.

My husband got a Pork Bun Dish.

It was filled with noodles, herbs, sprouts, peanuts, scallions, fried pork rolls and pork slices and fish sauce for dipping.

That was my visit to Thao Sandwiches.

No website you just will have to visit them at 6025 N 27th Ave in Phoenix.

I do note that menus posted on popular review sites for this restaurant have changed.

EVERY Forking thing is subject to change and your experience may or may not differ.

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