Korean Style Pickled Cauliflower Recipe



Korean Style Pickled Cauliflower

I was reading a recipe about Korean Style Pickles and I thought I could do my spin on Korean Style Pickled Cauliflower. It’s very easy to prepare. Simply wash and break down the cauliflower in bite size pieces and place in a gallon zip lock bag. Then mix together the ingredients for the sauce and pour over the cauliflower. Shake the bag to coat the cauliflower, Place in the refrigerator. A few times distribute the sauce around the cauliflower let it sit over night in the refrigerator. The next day dress with a little scallion and a small amount of Korean Shredded red pepper. Overnight a lot of liquid comes out of the cauliflower and it shrinks and gets tender crisp and sucks up the flavor from the sauce. If you are a fan of Korean Food you should be a fan of this cauliflower. I thought of the cauliflower as a light but flavorful vegetable dish but my husband would prefer the Korean Style Cauliflower paired with rice, eggs and Korean style beef.

Ingredients for about 6 servings

1 medium cauliflower – cleaned up and broken down into bite size pieces

1 Tablespoons rice wine vinegar

1 Tablespoon gochujang

2 Tablespoons sugar

2 Tablespoons kosher salt

1 teaspoon sesame oil

2 garlic cloves – ground to paste

1 Tablespoon black vinegar

1/4 teaspoon ground ginger

pinch red pepper flakes

one scallion – to use next day – sliced thin

pinch Korean red pepper threads


Broken down cauliflower goes in a gallon ziplock plastic bag. Set a side.

In a small bowl combine everything remaining except for the scallions and Korean Red Pepper Threads.

Pour mixture in bowl into the bag of cauliflower and work the liquid all around.

Let it sit on the counter for a half hour to get the juices flowing.

Now place in the refrigerator. Turn the bag over every few hours during the day.

Leave in the refrigerator over night and the next day the cauliflower is ready to serve.

When ready to serve dress with some scallions and some Korean red pepper threads.

Korean Style Pickled Cauliflower

Serve with Korean Style Beef, rice and some soft eggs if you like!

Very flavorful and tasty!

Korean Style Pickled Cauliflower

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