My Trip to La Santisma Gourmet Taco Shop – Old Town Glendale AZ


La Santisima Gourmet Taco Shop is located in Old Town Glendale AZ. They offer a very long menu of various tacos. They also offer the largest salsa bar I’ve ever seen and some hard to find Mexican foods that you don’t come by often like the “Quesa” that I can only describe as a sort of Mexican calzone. The building is interesting inside and out. It’s detailed with Mexican crafts and artwork there is a Day of the Dead Theme going on.

We ordered and start by taking a trip to the salsa bar.

All kinds of salsas there…What to pick? They offer strawberry salsa, peanut salsa, pecan salsa, sesame salsa, cactus salsa, chipotle salsa, avocado salsa, Mexican salsa and many others.

We tried a variety of salsas. (Pecan, Peanut, Sesame, Mexican,  and others)

I had to go back to try a few more! Here is Strawberry, Chipotle and Tomatillo Salsas. Some of my favorites were the strawberry, Mexican, chipotle and  peanut.

My tacos arrive!

I received two double shelled very packed tacos. They have so much food in them that I have to eat some with a fork first before I attempt to pick them up. On the left is smoked marlin fish and on the right is battered white fish. Both tacos are topped with shredded crisp cabbage and cilantro dressing. The whitefish is fresh tasting and has a nice crispy coating. This taco needs some condiments. A squirt of fresh lime, A little cilantro salsa and a touch of strawberry salsa and good flavors are going on. The marlin taco was really delicious the last time I was here so I ordered it again. Today it’s good but not delicious like last time. They didn’t smoke the marlin like they did last time and the fish taste like tuna today. This taco also needs to be kicked up some so I added some chipotle for a little smoke and a touch of peanut for heat. Still tasty.

These are the tacos I had on a previous visit.

Smoked Marlin and a Chicken Mole.

My husband got a three taco platter with rice and beans.

He got Pork, Chicken Tinga, and a Brisket Tacos that was grilled. The favorite was the chicken tinga. It was developed with delicious flavors and was made with a generous amount of moist dark chicken meat.

I learned from previous visits that two tacos is my limit here as they are very filling but on my first visit I discovered the Vegetable Stuffed Quesa.

It’s similar to an Italian Calzone but the dough taste like corn tortilla so I guess I’m tasting masa flour. The dough seems like it’s fried and it’s very tasty. Inside it’s packed with vegetables……I remembered I thought this was really delicious so we ordered one to go to have latter.

This quesa seemed to differ. It wasn’t squirted with the avocado cream and it was filled with mostly onions with a tiny bit of spinach and a few mushrooms. Oh well! I guess a different cook was working today. Still tasty. If vegetables aren’t what you fancy feel free to try a meat quesa. You might find it to be a tasty treat!

Everything is subject to change and your experience may or may not differ.

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