Forking Thoughts on Ecuadorian Kiwa Native Andean Potato Chips


I have a special interest in unusual produce and flavors so when I came across these South American Potato Chips I was very excited to try them. South America is known for countess varieties of potatoes and these black hearts and red heart potatoes for sure are one I’ve never heard of or came across before.

I start by opening the bag and take a whiff.

The chips are pretty but I don’t smell much of anything. If I keep trying I can detect a fried kind of smell. Like anything that’s fried.

I spill some chips out of the bag.

The chips are very small and must come from tiny potatoes.

They are very light or delicate in texture. Half-way between a real potato chip and a formed Pringles kind of potato chip-like product.

The flavor is natural but not real strong. They taste sort of like instant potato flakes and are almost sweet. There is another taste like a slight bitterness in the background…… Like the way east coast wet fall leaves smell…….It’s the same in taste in these chips….. These chips almost lack salt….maybe if more salt was used I wouldn’t be able to taste the flavor of the chips?

Very interesting layers of flavors here. Delicate natural sweet potato flavor that’s edgy with a delicate earthy bitterness.

They do leave an oily taste and greasy finish in the mouth.

But for sure are a far better chip than most I’ve tried.

Your experience may or may not differ.

The Forking Truth


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