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The Covenant recently opened in Phoenix. This is a bold, Gorgeous, Glamorous but casual restaurant. There are chandeliers, artsy mirrors, a great BIG beautiful wine tower that channels the look of Charlie Palmer’s Fine Dining Restaurant Aureole in Las Vegas NV. There is also open shelving of fine whiskeys and bourbons on display to wet your whistle. The restaurant has an open kitchen. Dinners can view the 900 degree wood oven.

The Covenant also offers a large bar.


The restaurant seems very large but once inside I counted a few booths and not so many high top deuce banquets for couples. The atmosphere is energetic, a bit loud. the air is slightly humid.

We started out by sharing a Melon and Feta Salad.

The Salad was very generous in size. They graciously split the salad in two large bowls for us. We received a variety of fresh cut melon, tangy feta, a little creamy avocado, peppery arugula and some Korean Red Pepper Threads. The salad was free of dressing and was nice and light but sort of dull. I did speak to the manager about the salad and he agreed with me and informed me that the kitchen is working on a delicious sounding dressing for this salad. So you might not have the experience I had if you order this salad ……….. (?)

For Dinner I wanted to order the Fish of the Day. It sounded so good En Papillote in citrus butter, teardrop peppers, potatoes, lemon preserves, haricot verts and fresh herbs. I was told they were all sold out of them before dinner……

So I went with my 2nd choice The Chicken Dinner.

The Chicken Dinner was a Stunner! Mouthwatering tender flavorful succulent chicken thigh to die for……and also a tender delicious breast. Bathed in flavorful, yummy chicken essence. Extra Fancy baby vegetables and smashed and crisped creamy fingerling potatoes. It was a really good chicken dinner.

My husband had what they called The Chef’s Cheddar Mac.

It’s a big bowl of macaroni and cheese with three shrimp and some andouille sausage. My husband said the andouille sausage was really delicious but there was very little of it in this dish and the shrimp were over cooked. But it was a little different with the tasty relish in the middle an when you mixed it up the macaroni wasn’t dry anymore.

The Covenant is a beautiful nice gorgeous restaurant but since it’s newly opened it might be slightly hit and miss as most any new restaurant usually is.

EVERYTHING is subject to change and your experience may or may NOT differ.

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