My Trip to Zinburger in Phoenix AZ


I would be wrong to say Zinburger is a small local chain….Zinburger is a Fox Concept Restaurant who is Arizona based but I see that Zinburger is a growing chain that is in many locations across the country. I recently went to the Biltmore Fashion Plaza Location in Phoenix. This is a very casual restaurant with a full bar. This restaurant specializes in Burgers. The standard burger on the menu is a 6.5 ounce certified angus beef patty that is ground in house daily. You can upgrade to grass-fed or choose vegetarian, chicken, tuna or turkey burgers. They also offer salads, sides and milkshakes.

I am picky about the beef I ate…since the beef is ground in house I feel I can eat it. (I gave up supermarket ground beef for the unwanted additive it contains)

BUT…….that pretty picture with cows makes me feel sort of Forking guilty about ordering beef. I almost change my mind.

They have some sort of Burger Battle every year and last years winner was Zinburger’s Bruce Lee Burger so that is the one I want to try.

Zinburger – Bruce Lee Burger

I start with the pickle chips. The pickles are crunchy, garlic dill and obviously fresh made.

Then I attempt the burger.

For me it’s impossible to take a complete bite. The bun is too big for this burger.

The burger is very messy and drippy. My plate is filling up with juice and sauces.

I must remove the top bun and lose some Sriracha Mayonnaise and eat with a knife and fork.

I have a very juicy caramelized burger that’s topped with Asian BBQ sauce, napa cabbage slaw, cucumbers, rice wine vinegar, avocado and jalapeƱos. It really IS FORKING DELICIOUS! It taste like maybe the most delicious potsticker I ever tried. I got all kinds of textures and creamy to spicy and blasts of flavors in-between. It’s really good…but not something you want to eat around other people because it’s very messy. You can only eat this burger around someone that you can fart with.

My husband Tried the El Diablo Burger.

Zinburger’s El Diablo Burger

This Burger is topped with pepper jack cheese, jalapeƱos, caramelized onions and lettuce. It is suppose to have Chipotle Mayonnaise but if you read my reviews you know my husband avoids mayonnaise as much as possible. Somehow he is able to cram the burger in his mouth. He is actually happy. It’s the best burger he had out in a while…………

The burgers seemed very above the average……..

Service was only average. We were going to share a salad that didn’t come out of the kitchen. So we just ate our burgers. It turned out to be more than enough food anyway. We informed our waiter about the salad we didn’t receive and the manager did generously offer to let us take out the salad for free but we declined.

Everything is subject to change and your experience may or may not differ.

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