The $4.99 Lunch at Ocean One Las Vegas NV is A-OK


Ocean One Bar and Grill is located on the Las Vegas Strip in the Miracle Mile Mall.I’ve discovered the $4.99 lunch by accident. I’ve planned to go to Todai Korean Buffet that I enjoy but sadly to my surprise all the Todai Buffets in the United States are closed for remodeling according to their website. 🙁        🙁      🙁

Back tracking a bit…..

We just landed in Las Vegas and were very tired and hungry after our 41 minute flight from Phoenix. We just walked over to where Todai was and….


I was standing there in disbelief. Here Todai gone tomarrow. Well it was time to move on and go someplace else and Ocean One is only two restaurants down from were Todai was. I’ve passed this restaurant by for at least ten – fifteen years now every time I came to Las Vegas. I was thinking how good can a $4.99 lunch be? But the place was packed and on a wait………Still I’m a little upset…I just don’t think a $4.99 lunch can be good?  I’m thinking the portions must be tiny. The meats might be all dry and nasty…..I doubt anything will taste good….but I don’t have the time to go somewhere else as it’s getting late for lunch and I don’t want to miss my dinner plans.

Here’s the menu……what do you think? The menu states all sauces and dressing are made in house…???? Drinks are cheap too…?

Well we decided to give Ocean One a try and got seated on the patio in the mall.

Thinking the portions had to be tiny we started by sharing an order of wings.


This plate won’t win a beauty contest but the Glazed Wings were super moist and flavorful. I thought they tasted sort of Teriyaki like. They really were pretty good. This dish wasn’t so tiny either.

I ordered the Island Salmon Salad. After I ordered it the waiter runs out from the kitchen and alerts me that they ran out of salmon and suggest substituting chicken so I did.

To my surprise it’s a pretty nice Forking Salad for only $4.99. The grilled chicken is moist and nicely seasoned. The mixed greens are fresh. The salad contains delicious pistachios, orange supremes, pickled onions and a delicious house made mango vinaigrette ties the whole thing together. Good and Cheap never happen.  Am I dreaming?  This is good and also Forking cheap! This salad is FORKING CHEAPER than from a Forking Fast Food Drive Threw.

WOW! That’s a WTFork!

Not too long back I had a Chicken Salad that I paid about THREE FORKING TIME MORE FOR and This $4.99 salad is a MILLION Times better than this salad I had someplace in Phoenix.

$13.99 Salad from a Mexican Restaurant in Phoenix AZ

My husband ordered the Orecchiette.

The pasta is cooked nice and is in a lemon garlic sauce tossed with parmesan cheese. The dish also contains artichokes and a small amount of spinach. Not bad…and certainly pretty good for $4.99…

The $4.99 Lunch at Ocean One Bar and Grille in Las Vegas NV is A-OK in my book!

Remember…Everything is subject to change and your experience may or may not differ.

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