Nagoya Sushi Peoria AZ – SUPERB Sushi Hits the West Side – Worth a Fork!


Nagoya Sushi is a casual sushi restaurant located in Peoria AZ ……a stone’s throw from Arrowhead Mall. This restaurant offers full service and does serve some beer, wine and Asian Liquor. The sushi chef/owner is well known in the area. He is an experienced sushi chef and his last restaurant was well received in the area.

The sushi I tried here was different. Everything I tried was delicious and I didn’t even realize how flat tasting sushi I tried elsewhere was until I tried this sushi again. It was like the taste was black and white and when I tried the sushi here everything turned to technicolor.

We started by sharing a Screaming “O” Roll that isn’t actually a roll but more of a salad called Tuna Tataki.

Lightly seared and pounded tuna that was dancing full of flavors and resting on fresh cut radish strings, sprouts and fresh greens. The tuna was carefully sauced and seasoned just so. It was very flavorful and delicious.

Then we went on and shared a variety of sushi that included Spicy Tuna Rolls and Nigiri Style Sushi (salmon, tuna, yellowtail).

The Spicy Tuna Rolls are really great! They have the correct rice to fish ratio. I like that they aren’t all mayo-ed up like many other places serve. Instead the fish is just full of pleasing flavors and it IS actually spicy. It is the most delicious spicy tuna roll I ever had.

The Nigiri Sushi was seasoned under the fish like better sushi places do and was topped with wasabi sauce. All three fish we tried were clean tasting and the rice underneath was delicious!

They serve wasabi sauce if you ask for it. (we like it more than the wasabi paste)

Service was warm, friendly and efficient.

Parking was easy as they are in a small newer strip mall with a lot.

I’m so happy they opened here as I can finally enjoy sushi in the area again!

Superb Sushi hits the West Side of Metro Phoenix AZ – Nagoya Sushi is Worth a Fork!

Worth a Fork! 

No website but you can find Nagoya Sushi Peoria AZ on Facebook

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