NEW WEirD DiFfereNT Special and Limited Edition Foods December 2017




There is ALWAYS something New, Weird, Different and Special or Limited Edition out there in the wonderful world of food. I never know WTFork I’ll come across when I go to any store. Here in the frozen section of a local supermarket is a spin off of  Cinnamon Toast Crunch Cereal. The spin off looks like Cinnamon Crunch Cereal doughnuts with filling. Ummmm?

Limited Edition Apple Cider Yogurt Pretzels….sounds yummy don’t know if they are!

Here is Breyer’s Brand Ice Cream in New Butterscotch Blondie Flavor. I was going to purchase this ice cream…Sounds yummy and it’s finally something without caramel or cheap chocolate….but look…..It’s Forking melted already….Bah…guess I’m not going to try it.

Here’s FORKING Artificially Flavored Oreo’s in Apple Pie with Graham Cookies. Sounds like something I’d skip. Why the Fork would I eat Artificially Flavored Apple Pie when I can eat a real apple pie?

Lookie here! CHIPS called Kraut Krisp made with SAUERKRAUT… Sea salt and Smoked Jalapeño flavors. Now THAT is pretty different…Isn’t it?

Pop chips Galaxy potato puffs in aged white flavor….? Not sure about these…They sure do look and sound cool but I once had some terrible Pop chips in a different flavor………maybe it was just was a defective bag?

Turkey & Gravy flavored Potato Chips…ummmmmm Are you going to gobble them up?

Here are Lay’s Potato Chips in three different flavors- Cheddar Bacon Mac & Cheese, Cheesy Garlic Bread and Bacon Wrapped Jalapeño Popper….? What do you think?

I guess someone wanted to Ham it up with these potato chips?    How often have you come across Serrano Ham Artificially Flavored Potato Chips?

Za’tar Chèvre….Now we’re talking!

Sriracha Baked Tofu…..Why-TFork not?

Noosa Yogurt…I really like some of the fruit flavored Noosa Yogurts but have never till this day have ever spotted a plain version of Noosa Yogurt anywhere. Here is Mexican Chocolate Noosa yoghurt…(spelled yoghurt) Chocolate and yogurt seems strange to me together……..I would rather just eat chocolate or have chocolate in ice cream. Chocolate in yogurt is an unappealing waste to me.

Speaking of unappealing waste……….. New Oreo O’s…..the nightmare continues……………(just my opinion…I note yours might differ.

I can’t say how these P.F. Chang’s assorted Asian Sauces are but I can tell you that this nation wide chain hasn’t impressed me…….so far…..

Assorted sipping vinegars..? I know vinegar is suppose to be very heathy for us but I can’t imagine sipping vinegar.

Snickerdoodle Almonds and Kashmiri Curry Cashews..? Are either of them for you? The cashews sound yummy though…..

These last two are the most FORKED Up!

Bottled Pasta in sauce……..How good can this be? ……..Maybe it’s emergency food for like when all your power is out? ……Or maybe it’s camping food…? ……..Or maybe needed for when your having a dental emergency?


And here it is…maybe the most FORKED up thing ever….


Mystery Oreos! with artificial flavor……….BLECH!

Look at the package!

It reads Mystery Flavor Cream ARTIFICIALLY FLAVORED. (like that sounds appetizing?)

Who knows what kind of flavor they are trying to chemically create here….

It might as well be FORKING Dog Poop or Cat Vomit!


Slight UPDATE! I since found out the Mystery Flavor was something really FORKED UP! No it wasn’t a normal flavor like cherry, rosemary, strawberry, garlic, root beer, peanut or anchovy…….The Mystery Oreo Flavor is Fruity Pebbles…….dang.

That was New Weird Different Special and Limited Edition Foods for December 2017. Who knows WTFork I’ll come across next year!

Happy Holidays and Happy New Year to all!

The Forking Truth

2 thoughts on “NEW WEirD DiFfereNT Special and Limited Edition Foods December 2017

  1. Brian

    I so want to try the Kraut Krisps. I always buy a raw probiotic sauerkraut at Natural Grocers. But I will take a huge pass on the Cinnamon Toast Crunch donuts. Blechhhh! I don’t want that as a cereal either. Did have the shot by the same name… Fireball and Rumchata. As you can imagine. Blech as well! Lol!

    1. Laura A. Post author

      Agree PASS on the Cinnamon Crunch Doughnuts…ICK… frozen cereal doughnuts…..Sorry I didn’t pick up Kraut Chips….Pretty sure I saw them at Sprouts..I’ll have to get them next time…There sure is some cool but also a lot of blech out there and they keep making more! It’s Forking Amazing!


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