Dining out with Dogs in Metro Phoenix AZ October 2017


“Hi there!” #We are on our way to Bpttega Pizzeria Ristorante in Glendale AZ”

Dining out with dogs in Metro Phoenix is just a “Fluff” story of my dining adventure out with dogs. Dining out with dogs stories are not restaurant reviews just stories about taking my dogs out to eat. Not all but many restaurants in Metro Phoenix do have patios but not all patios are dog friendly. It’s always a great idea to call a restaurant just before your about show up with your dog because you never know if the patio is booked up for a party or if the restaurant suddenly stopped allowing dogs on the patio. It is also a good idea to dine at off times to try to avoid other people and other people’s dogs because you could be asked to leave if something goes wrong. (like dog barking or if a customer is allergic to dogs) There are some rules for dining with dogs. Dogs are never to eat off restaurant dishes. Dogs must stay close to your side and dogs are not allowed to sit on restaurant furniture. Other things that you must be aware of are that most foods and drink you consume might be harmful or toxic to your dog. To be on the safe side feed your dog plain lean meat.

October here in Phoenix was mostly hot…mostly too hot to dine out with dogs…. 🙁 But we just had a cool day so we went off to Bottega Pizzeria Ristorante in Glendale.

They were offering a special seasonal menu today along with the regular menu so I decided to try the Butternut Squash Pizza with some pancetta on the side for my dogs. (I know pancetta is fatty but I am very careful with the amounts I give to the dogs)

The Butternut Squash Pizza is really different. Instead of a tomato base we have cooked pureed Butternut Squash with crispy sage and melted cheese. Very different. Don’t know if I want some sweet or spice or heat for my taste…It does have an excellent chewy blistered crust. It’s not a wet center like from some of the other pizzas I had here.

“Ummmm Butternut Squash Pizza….I Forking want some!”

“Hey Runt move the Fork over I’m getting some Butternut Squash Pizza!” Both dogs get to try small tastes of Butternut Squash Pizza. Then they get to try some of my husband’s pizza.

My husband got a Spicy Salami Pizza….Not sure if it was made with the same salami as last time?


“Let’s Forking move in on the Butternut Squash Pizza.”


Both dogs decide they want more of the Butternut Squash Pizza.


That was Dining out with Dogs in Metro Phoenix for October 2017. We hope to see you next month!

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