My Visit to The Horney Toad Restaurant in Cave Creek Arizona


The Horney Toad Restaurant in Cave Creek has been in business for over FOURTY years. Because of the rustic charm this restaurant has it’s been used in many movies and photo shoots. When you walk in you see autographs from celebrities and you hear cowboy music. It seems like the Old Wild West really does live here.

View of patio from the booth I sat at.

The offerings aren’t fancy but they are very well known for very good fried chicken and Strawberry Shortcake. They serve SIMPLE BASIC American Food. NOTHING here is fancy.

The menu is sort of humorous in spots. Here’s the home made salad dressings.

Eye-tallion, 999 Island! LOL 🙂

I had to go with the 1/2 Chicken.

Sounds great! Fresh not frozen.

It came to me like this. (I did ask for no gravy on the potatoes because I don’t care for the gravy most places serve) Here get a better look. I think the dish that sat on top of the chicken damaged the coating slightly.

The 1/2 chicken is a really big portion……BUT FORKING DELICIOUS! The breast is so flavorful and juicy with crispy tasty coating! YES! Winner winner chicken dinner! I’m a good eater but I only need to eat the breast as it’s plenty of food and I’m taking the rest of the chicken home. Cole slaw is fresh made and creamy. Potatoes seem like they were riced because they are so fluffy…then I hit one potato lump. The potatoes are seasoned pretty well too.

My husband had the Tijuana Torpedo. (A BIG BURGER stuffed with a green chile and cheese.

They prepared the burger to my husband’s request. My husband said the meat had a good flavor to it and picked up flavor from the mesquite it was cooked with. We could tell the green chile pepper came from a can but still it was a tasty BIG burger on a good bun. The fries are a blast from the past and seemed like batter dipped fries. I think they are the same exact fries Chi-Chi’s used to serve but at Chi-ChiChi’s they added cajun seasoning to the fries.

I’m full I’ll have to try the Strawberry Shortcake next time!

Service was friendly and efficient.

We enjoyed our visit to the Horney Toad. 🙂

If you happen to find yourself in Cave Creek you might want to stop into The Horney Toad for Delicious Fried Chicken or a decent Burger.

The Forking Truth is that EVERYTHING is subject to change and your experience may or may NOT differ.

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