Halloween SPECIAL EDITION – Frightful Horrifying Food Served to me in Metro Phoenix AZ


The Forking Truth is not every dining experience will be a great one. I am pleased to say most experiences are ok and many exceeded expectations. But some are downright Frightful! Here is THE FORKING TRUTH…… a collection of the most terrible food that was served to me in Metro Phoenix in the past few years.

I do note that it’s not my intention to bring ¬†negative attention about restaurants that are still open for business. I can only reveal the names of the businesses that are closed. The restaurant business is a very difficult business to be in. For that reason there will be no name mention of restaurants that are still open for business because everything is subject to change. At least I hope so….


This polenta tower came from a well known restaurant in the Biltmore Area of Phoenix. It looks absurd and was the worst polenta I ever had in my life. I do know the Chef has been replaced since.

Taco Haus Scottsdale AZ (wow that was really bad) Closed for business

The worst taco I ever had in my life came from Taco Haus (long closed for business) The tortilla fell apart and the chicken was the most driest most flavorless chicken I ever tasted anywhere. I’m still choking when I think about it.

Seared Tuna Nicoise ($16.) from The Local, PHX AZ

This didn’t’ taste awful….This plate came from The Local (closed for business) The food was very good but overly sparse…………

$16.00 for a lunch platter that doesn’t even meet HALF of Weight Watcher Standards. I was FORKING STAVING after this lunch. WTFork was I suppose to buy two lunches? WTFork was that chef thinking ……..It’s not even enough food to feed a gerbil…. and where the Fork was the other half of egg?……I could have used it.

Glendale AZ

Sushi that isn’t fresh is always horrifying…….Still open today in Glendale.

I went to an interesting restaurant that is now closed for business called Indy Fusion. It really wasn’t a bad restaurant at all but whoever the chef was didn’t write the menu I’m sure. He had zero understanding of what a Fondant is. Indy Fusion had a Fondant on the menu for dessert. Instead of a molten chocolate cake that’s known as a Fondant I received a lump of Fondant frosting on a plate. Instead of Indy Fusion I received Indy confusion.

Fondant from Indy Fusion

I went to a certain Asian Restaurant with a Bakery in either Glendale or Phoenix. My meal was good but the dessert was inedible. It was hard like a rock. We couldn’t cut threw it. It could not be penetrated by a Fork. My husband felt the need to bust it apart with his hands.

This restaurant is located in the far west valley. I came across a few problems with the food and I tried a dessert here hoping for redemption. Instead of redemption it turned out to be a nail in the coffin as I pulled out a silicone-like object from my mouth. The waiter acted like nothing was wrong with that and he told me that it was part of the gelatin in the dessert.

Everything I tried at this restaurant in Surprise Az had problems. I actually informed the waiter and management about the multiple short comings I experienced at this restaurant. They didn’t say they were sorry or anything like that….They said they were newly opened and that is just how it was….SURPRISE!

These falafels did have a nice crunchy texture but were dry and lacked typical falafel flavors. But  a few food critics have raved about this place. Maybe this place in Glendale improved since my visit?

Old re-heated over cooked fish is never good. This came from a beautiful resort in Scottsdale. The fish came to me slightly warmed up and sat on top of a salad that was missing most of the ingredients the menu listed.

Over Cooked and over salted fish was served to me from one of the finest restaurants in Phoenix.

Over Cooked and Over Salted Phoenix AZ

Tried a personal size Chicago Style Pizza from some place on the west side and it was re-heated and not fresh made and came with a burnt crust and so much cheese I felt sick.

The fish wasn’t so great and the Couscous tasted like salt….Just another bad dinner out! Somewhere in Peoria.

Had a chicken sandwich somewhere in Scottsdale. The bun was hard like a rock. The chicken slightly burnt with a weird snappy texture. The sandwich also had a canned green chile pepper that tasted like the tin can it came from….not to mention the horrible potato salad it came with….All the potatoes were over cooked and I basically got a dish with mashed potatoes, some chopped egg and mayonnaise.

A grilled chicken sandwich from somewhere in Scottsdale AZ and the potato salad is pictured below.

Went to a Mexican Restaurant in North Phoenix. Got served the most tasteless, uninspired taco salad I ever had anywhere on warm iceberg lettuce. The chips and salsas were also the worst I ever tasted anywhere.

$13.99 Salad from a Mexican Restaurant in Phoenix AZ

Went to a place in Scottsdale and was served Old Tasting Fish topped with Salty Sour Tomato paste, Lousy sides of corn that looks like vomit and gooey pierogis.

We were driving back from Vegas a while back and stopped in Sun City for a bite. Should have kept going…..Mediocre fish, less than mediocre warmed up frozen vegetables and the most disgusting mashed potatoes I’ve ever seen in my Forking life. “I asked the waiter why are the potatoes were greenish?” He said, “The Chef said that black pepper makes the potatoes green.”

– Sun City

I seriously think food this bad is a violation and they should have their food license pulled.

Well that was a little stroll by not all but some of the most Frightful Food served to me in Metro Phoenix. I hope I didn’t frighten you too much!

And this is my rating to these places.


Most food experiences in Metro Phoenix are better.

This was a Halloween Special Edition of The Most Frightening Horrifying Foods that were Served to Me in Metro Phoenix in the past few years.

Remember that everything is subject to change and your experience may or may NOT Differ.

Good Luck and Happy Halloween!

The Forking Truth


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