Scream Halla or is it Challah?

On mindless forking TV Shows I sometimes watch I hear many people almost screaming “Halla”.  I know Challah Bread taste good are they screaming for Challah? It’s almost like a forking greeting. “Halla” “halla”…..

Every time I hear that “Halla” I think of Challah Bread that braided egg bread made from white flour, eggs, water, sugar, yeast and salt. If I was a forking manufacturer of bread I might name my bread “Halla Bread”.  Is that a million dollar idea$ ?

To try to understand the meaning of Halla I looked it up on the Urban Dictionary and to my surprise this is what I forking found.


Halla has forking nothing to do with bread and only Douche Bags use this greeting.

Guess I won’t name my bread Halla.

So I made an egg bread.


I just winged it making it similar to the way I make pizza dough but I added eggs and a little honey and brushed it with an egg.  It’s not braided so it’s not a Challah.

Next time you hear someone screaming “Halla” just forking stuff some bread in his face.

Forking Truth

Forking Truth



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