2017 Halloween Candy Count


How much candy will I use in 2017?

2014 I gave out 92 full sized candies

2015 I gave out 121 full sized candies

2016 I gave out 124 full sized candies

I have found children today don’t enjoy the candy and treats I used to enjoy. I used to give out M&M’s, Reeses’s Cups, Peppermint Patties, Snickers Bars and more healthy Cracker Jack Popcorn treats…I’ve found todays kids mostly just prefer plain Hershey Bars or Sugary Pixi Stix.

This year I’m offering

Pixy Stix (big favorite for Halloween last year kids cried when I ran out)

Hershey Bars

A few Seaweeds and one can of sardines (just for fun)

I have enough treats for 161 kids!

This year I had close to 130 Halloween Trick or Treaters. (I gave out 130 treats I know a few took two). I was surprised that I saw many more Baby Trick or Treaters than ever before. Got a lot of older kids too. I don’t recall seeing any home made outfits this year. I saw many Army Guys and many of the girls were little Princesses. Maybe the most interesting Trick or Treater was a little boy dressed as a jar of Peanut Butter or the little boy as a big sumo wrestler?

In 2017 I gave out-

66 Pixi Stixs (Giant Straws of flavored sugar)

61 Hershey Bars

3 Packs of Seaweed


Sadly this is the first Halloween without my Halloween Best Friend.

He used to enjoy giving out the candy with me every year but since moving to Arizona I stopped dressing him up because it’s too hot to dress up a dog here.

We have other Furbabys and they are special too but different….

“I don’t do Halloween and I FORKING HATE KIDS! I can scare everyone the Fork away! “Grrrrrrrrrrrrrr!”

“Halloween ….?” “WTFork is Halloween?” “I’m only one year old and I don’t Forking know what Halloween is?” “And WTFork is this thing on my head?”  “I am small but I have a deep loud BAY that I do and I sound like a very large dog…..I just very excited and make lot of noise when people pass by.” “I hear I have potential to celebrate Halloween……maybe next year?”

“I was Forking perfect!” “Maybe I attended Halloween in Spirit!”

That was 2017 Halloween with a 130 count on Candy.

The Forking Truth

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    1. Laura A. Post author

      Yes lots of kids but what you said is so funny! I would have liked the sardines too! That could be a yummy lunch with some bread!That made me laugh!


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