My Visit to Famous 48 Restaurant in Scottsdale AZ……… Newly Opened!


Famous 48 Restaurant recently opened in Old Town Scottsdale. This is a small but full service restaurant with a Patio. They offer a casual menu of mostly American Comfort Food.

The main dining room is filled with a large bar and mainly high top tables but they do have a few booths and also do offer some regular seating indoors and out.

The atmosphere is loud, a little dark and quite a variety of music was blaring out. The music varied from a Johnnie Cash to the Beastie Boys.

We started out by sharing the Signature Appetizer The Waffle Mac-N-Cheese. It is described as a three cheese blend with noodles “Smashed” in a waffle maker.

I think this one might be great to some people but for me it’s just not for my taste. While I didn’t expect anything light or healthy here I found the waffle much heavier than I thought it would be and surprisingly not as cheesy tasting as I expected. However it did have some good seasonings and a little fun heat to it. I wasn’t sure if I tasted bacon…I did ask the server if it contained bacon and she said it didn’t contain bacon but had a smokey cheese was in the blend. I think it would have tasted better without the smoke. It’s possible that the smoke over powered the cheese taste for me. I note that I’m sensitive about smoky flavors and don’t always like smoke in my foods.  I’m not sure if this waffle was made correctly.

For my main I tried the Nashville Hot Chicken Sandwich. I was suppose to get my choice of side between cole slaw, house fries and Asian green beans but my server ran off and said your getting the fries right……so I said ok………because I interpreted that as meaning I should order the fries……Was it was a recommendation?….. Or maybe she taught I looked like a fries person?……Or she just tells everyone to get the fries?….

Well any who…I soon receive my order.

This is a Nashville Inspired crispy Chicken Sandwich as real Nashville Chicken is only made in Nashville Tennessee and doesn’t have a wet sauce on it or on the side. Real Nashville Chicken is coated with a paste of cayenne pepper and oil or fat that soaks into the bread. The Famous 48 variation does have an intense heat from the buffalo sauce and a tasty flavor. The buffalo sauce is nose running HOT  and is also delicious with a good tang. For my taste the eggy rich bun is too thick for this sandwich and I prefer it open faced. I WARN YOU that this sandwich is only for heat loving folk and is not suitable for the wimpy masses. I have to be blunt and have to say I wouldn’t recommend the house fries. The skinny fries did arrive hot but seem to get cold in moments. The fries had very little potato flavor and remind me of fast food fries. BUT the sandwich was DELICIOUS! We both liked the sandwich!

My husband ordered the Slow roasted Pork Dip.

We aren’t sure but we think he was served the Sort Rib Melt. I didn’t taste his meal. I asked him about the Pork Jus and he said it taste like watery beef….? He was a bit displeased with the sandwich because he was expecting slices of pork but received minced meat without the caramelized onions he thought that he would be receiving. He said the meat had little flavor and he couldn’t tell if it was beef or pork. (I guess he got the bottom of the batch of whatever meat it was….all the little ends)….He said after he finished the sandwich he said that he would have been happy if he ordered the Hot Chicken Sandwich because that one had lots of flavor and tasted great!

At the time of this review Famous 48 has been open just a few days………

Newly opened!

The Forking Truth is THAT EVERYTHING is subject to change and YOUR experience may or may NOT differ.

The Forking Truth

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