My Visit to Seoul BBQ & Sushi of Phoenix AZ


Seoul BBQ & Sushi recently opened in Phoenix. This is a large Korean Restaurant that also offers some Japanese offerings. On the menu are appetizers, Asian Salads, sushi, Korean Soups & Stews, I saw house made tofu somewhere, fried rice dishes, 5 varieties of grilled fish, house made sweet potato cold noodle dishes, wok fried dishes and of course all the Korean BBQ choices and combos.

The atmosphere is upscale with attractive granite tables and walls in modern designed rooms. This is a BIG place that also offers a large private dining for entertaining and more dining rooms. I almost got lost here.

Each table has a burner and shiny hood for doing BBQ.

It is unusual to find such a restaurant outside of Mesa (the Asian capital of metro Phoenix). So we ordered and they start us off with many small side dishes called Banchan.

Some of the side dishes are pickled egg, garlic spinach, seaweed salad, kimchi, I think he said bell flower, pickled radish, Korean potato salad, crispy shrimp, carrot radish salad, Japanese Sweet Potato, Sweet Lotus Root, Korean Cucumbers and fish cakes.

I think this one was called bellflower? It was very tasty and among my favorites.

Fishcakes came out after the other side plates

It seemed like this Korean Restaurant put more effort into the side dishes than other Korean Restaurants I’ve dined at. I don’t eat Korean Food often but these were the most enjoyable Banchan I ever had. We were offered refills several times on the banchan.

Then we were asked if we’d like to try some miso soup. (I said I only wanted a small amount)

Then my husband’s Bibimbap with Bulgogi comes out on a very heavy hot skillet.

They cut up the egg and mix it up. The rice got a nice crisp bottom like Paella Rice. I got a small taste and the beef was so tender and delicious. It had all kinds of good flavors going on. Gochujang (a sort of Korean pepper ketchup) was available on the table as a condiment.

Next my  Jogi-Gui (A fish called broiled yellow croaker that is similar to corvina) comes out.

I got two small but perfectly prepared juicy tender fish with mild sweet flesh and crispy skin.

Service was very friendly and efficient. The owners or management also were very welcoming to us.

Our first visit was very enjoyable.

My second visit did differ.

Only received 8 side dishes instead of 17. Salad served was brown and the rib meat wasn’t the best.

Well any who…..?

The FORKING TRUTH is that EVERY FORKING thing is subject to change and YOUR experience may or MAY NOT differ.

The Forking Truth


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