Be a GOOD Guest and not a FORKING Turkey at Thanksgiving


Some people have been raised by wolves and don’t know how to act like normal people at Thanksgiving. Here are just a few things some people need to know.

Be a good guest and if you came down with a bug BE CONSIDERATE to others and politely decline Thanksgiving. DON’t FORKING be a TURKEY and make other people sick!

If you are bringing kids with you don’t be a TURKEY and let the kids walk in like Zombies totally ignoring the host that are generously feeding you and yours Thanksgiving Dinner.

Don’t be a TURKEY and set the alarm on the washer and dryer at the house of your host.

Don’t start screaming something like, “I HATE Profiteroles!” at the table if you see some there. Only a Turkey would be that rude.

YOU are a Forking TURKEY when you bring your host something that you already ate and put back and refilled and re-gifted to your Thanksgiving host that isn’t good. (What kind of person does this?……)

If you make a mess or break something in someone’s home you should let your host know. Only a TURKEY doesn’t say anything.

Only a FORKING TURKEY would stand up and say, “I would rate Your Thanksgiving ┬áDinner at TWO STARS!”

Don’t act like you are trying to be helpful and offer to clean up and then just throw out the serving ware. Only a Turkey does such a thing.

Be a Good Guest and DON’T BE A FORKING TURKEY on Thanksgiving.

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone! Gobble gobble.

I hope the only turkey at your table is the one you eat!

The Forking Truth

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