My Trip to the SW Veg Fest Phoenix AZ 2017


The SW Veg Fest took place November 19th at Steele Indian School Park in Phoenix AZ. This was a FREE family friendly event. Besides FOOD Vendors they also had merchandise venders, think tank discussions and live music. I found that the festival was vegan from what I saw….

The discussion panels were all ran by Vegans and it seemed almost religious to me. Some of the discussion topics were-

How to raise a Vegan child in a non Vegan world.

How to transfer to a Vegan lifestyle.

Vegans of Color Group.

Veganisim in politics.

Well now to the FOOD! Here’s not everything but a lot of what I saw and I did a little tasting.

Vegan Jerkee Vendor was offering all kinds of Vegan Jerky to try.

La Pupusarita offered some sort of Jack Fruit filling and a Chorizo-Like filling on Columbian Corn Meal Cakes.

Simons Hot Dogs were offering a small menu of a couple of Vegan Hot Dogs and sides. I actually had them on my long list of places to visit so I wanted to give them a try because I wondered what a Columbian Style Hot Dog was.

We decided to try a Columbian Vegan Calafornian Plant Based Hot Dog and Potato Salad.

The Columbian Hot Dog is topped with Pineapple, Vegan Mozzarella, Ketchup mixed with homemade Veganaise and crushed potato chips.

We both really liked the Potato Salad. It really was better than most Potato salad you get at places.

The Vegan Hot Dog really wasn’t bad. It had a nice texture similar to a real hotdog. It was somewhat on the mild side and could have used a little char for my taste. The rest I wasn’t too found of but the long line of fans there would disagree.

I went on to a Vendor where I have been a customer many times before…..but at their Brick and Mortar Store in Tempe. Hummus Xpress.

I found that the Food Truck version of Humus Xpress differs some from their Brick and Mortar store.

We shared a Spicy Falafel Pita Plate. The Falafel was very good and was just like from their restaurant. Tahini was good….JalapeƱo Hummus was unusually thin and watery. It tasted similar but MORE spicy than the way it normally does but the hummus isn’t normally watery from the restaurant. The loose texture grossed out my husband and he wouldn’t eat it. I think they thinned it down because they accidentally made it too spicy. They garnished the pita chips with some chopped vegetables and used a hot chili sauce instead of the spicy green herby Shrug sauce they normally offer in their restaurant.

Then we walked around a bit and considered trying more food. This is some of what I came across.

Freak Brother Pizza had a sign that they will be opening a brick and mortar restaurant soon.

This was the first year of the SW Veg Fest.

Parking was somewhat difficult. Signs were not posted for the event and I feared I was in the wrong place. We were very early and got the last available parking space. If you plan to attend next year your best bet is to arrive extra early. Also free water was available but you needed to bring your own sipping container.

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